BlackBerry PlayBook Color Availability - Which Color Would You Go For?

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Oct 2010 06:04 pm EDT
 BlackBerry PlayBook Colors

After the announcement of the BlackBerry PlayBook last week, RIM teased us by having a few pre-production units on display for us to drool over (see our hands-on glass first look video). One thing we noticed but somehow think we missed talking about here on the blogs was PlayBook color availability. Not only did RIM show off the typical black BlackBerry PlayBook, but they also had a bright blue one on hand. When it rains it pours, so based on the fact more than one color was displayed, I can't help but *hope* the PlayBook will be available in a variety of colors. 

This leads us to our last poll of the week... if RIM does make the BlackBerry PlayBook available in a variety of colors, which color would you go for? Cast your vote above and be sure to sound off in the comments. Oh, and we have some more PlayBook photos below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

BlackBerry PlayBook Photos

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Color Availability - Which Color Would You Go For?


lol. "white of course" is my standard answer for phones...  part of me thinks i wouldn't mind a different color on the playbook.  well, maybe white with a giant cb logo would be really hawt.  but maybe all orange would be cool.  or john deere green?  garrr. .i just want one period!

definitely the baby blue, my high school colours !! kevin do u have one of these yet ?!? I need this to complete my life.

Hmmm the North Carolina Blue looks cool - but I gotta stick w/ black. How how about a flat black, RIM?

Not that I care about the color but more so the pre-order date. Precious, weez like precious, weez buy it, weez has to have where did that come from?

I'm thinking it would look sexy in a deep red and gold paint job. My old high school colors. But also the Iron Man colors.

Just about anything but white, purple, or pink would be fine with me. Top three choices would probably be red, blue, and black, but I would prefer a darker blue than what is shown. and if red is an option, I would prefer that to be a deeper tone too.

Black would be my default choice after seeing what options where on the poll. BUT if they came out with a Burgundy color that would be it!


I would use a personal cover, Like my Marvel Iron Man Mac book, the apple lights up his chest area and its the coolest thing I still have ever seen (still).

This this THIS. I wanted an Iron Man cover, but the one I wanted sold out before I could get it :(

I'd probably get black though... would need to match my Blackberry, haha.

It'd have to be "Carbon Fibre". A nod or tribute to the strength and power of this thing (and the fact it's going to end up travelling all over the world so it needs a little protection).

I honestly believe black just looks more professional and more business-like. All the other colors are to draw in the kids and people who want to be able to customize their iPad

I have to go with pink or red but I have to go with any color long as its not black! If you got a playbook then you want people to notice it! make it pop with some color absolutely!

too little too late, none of the above. it really doesn't matter that this is a step in the right direction for RIM, because it's about 2 years too late. between iphone and android development at unbelievable heights, RIM is just left in the dust. it doesn't matter that this device has potential because that's all it is ever going to have. android tablets will saturate the market before this thing even takes off, and RIM will never have the developer support android and iphone have. this device, like it's phones will disappear, or maybe there will be 100 models of this that all just barely differentiate from the last. because well, that's all RIM does, follow the lead. there's no innovation from them anymore, it's a lost game of tag, and RIM is it.

pfft... You could apply the same logic to apple entering the smartphone market... and look where that finished. Apple of all people had no experience in that market and look what they did. Look what android did.

You don't get to the top of the smartphone market and still have a large chunk in there and think that they are no longer applicable. The iPad itself isn't something new either and it's not like android tablets are anything special. Its a mobile OS on a larger surface. Im surprised a windows 7 variant isn't taking over. Rim has an opportunity to engage not only consumers but the business market which still finds the iPad a novelty rather than a must-have.

how does RIM follow the lead when they have been the number 1 smartphone market for a few years up until recently. competition is great. Its funny how people seem to think RIM makes the same phones every year when really its phone that cover a spectrum with differentiation for a REASON. people who think a phone needs to look extremely different to cover another niche is sorely mistaken!

Why do you think a GSM iphone looks the same every year. Do you think CDMA iphone if one was ever made is suppose to look markedly different?
THe iphone 4 a mess with the advent of their weak glass backs now reporting as a problem... but yeah RIM must have horrible phones. thanks for your comment!

I was going to comment, but after reading your response, all I would add is the current installation base RIM has. I'm a businessmen, yes I love blogging too, and the fact is RIM is the only phone for the business world. All other phones have appeal. My wife has an iphone and a lot of my family love the android base, but none of them offer the kind of security as blackberry does, as does no one else in my family work in my profession. No matter what argument anyone puts forward, RIM has a 50 million + customer base. If even a quarter of that purchases the playbook then that already matches the ipad. I seriously doubt that those people will purchase a tablet that does not offer the same reliability that RIM does. In all likeliness this may be a very good time for RIM. Android is a great multipurpose OS with a tried and tested UI but QNX is a game changer. When that OS ports out to the blackberry platform, well, it's going to be an exciting time. Competition always benefits the consumer.

as i've said before, RIM doesn't have better security than anyone else. in fact, there are countries that have banned RIM for not being secure enough. this image of blackberry being reliable is just nonsense. BIS has a larger downtime than google/apple combined, not to mention the fact that RIM devices have a higher return rate than 3 of the top android handset makers and all of apples iphones combined. where is this "reliability" everyone flaunts about these phones? i owned 12 different blackberry models, and 20 different blackberry phones, i upgraded multiple times every year, so that means that nearly every model i had to return before the next year. not very reliable if you ask me.qnx isn't a game changer, nobody is going to develop for that because nobody is going to buy it. RIM doesn't know how to market this thing well enough for it to sell. it will flop. and if they decide to port it to their phones, they'll lose the majority of their business partnerships.

The way I read the political discourse between RIM and those mentioned countries the issue was to much security. Not to mention the encription is decentralized, meaning RIM doesn't run it. The individual organization that maintains the BES server has that key. Alot of what we say here sometimes takes the position of subjective thinking, which is great, but I haven't had the issues that some have had with thier BBerrys, forturnate in the that regard. The mention of reliability is more focused on the battery life and UI. I'm not an app junky so I don't experience the OS issues. BES is not down due to RIM's involvement, that rest in the company that maintains the server and when they choose to do the updates. I know there is a truck load of frustration with the brand but even with that the issues aren't as bad as other companies are having. The truth is that RIMs appeal is to those that aren't apposed to the idea of consistency. I'd get into QNX but that'll make this post longer that it already is. Just trust that the OS will open doors. Its hard to believe I know but we'll see.

carriers have actually refused to order the storm 3 because it's too similar to the last model and thus it has been scrapped altogether. the torch has the same cpu as the 9700, and the list goes on and on. you see, they actually do just re-release stuff. it's not about looks, it's about experience, and the experience is shaped by developer support folks, RIM just doesn't have it.

nobody cares about making apps for blackberry because developers know that not only is it extremely difficult to do, but there isn't good hardware to do it with. i don't like the iphone personally, but it has a lower return rate than blackberry does. in fact, if you combine htc, samsung, and apple they still have a lower return rate than RIM devices.

i would like to see blackberry thrive more than anything but the writing is on the wall. the WSJ now even predicts that RIM will lose 30+% of it's customer base in the next year. how will they survive that?

Great! Black is great and all but I love the colour blue. If I could get the torch in blue straight up I would!!!

Beat the other companies to different colours for sure!

Black is okay but white... how conservative!

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Yeah, if someone offered one free I wouldn't say no! And I'd prefer it in black. Overall however, I'm of the school that wants and expects the hand-held device to begin to replace the laptop. And I mean hand-held in one hand! Of course many phone specs equal those of slightly older laptops and netbooks already. (OK BlackBerrys don't, but that is another gripe.) I want phones to catch up with these specs more and to make laptops a complete thing of the past. There's no doubt smartphones will do this, it's but a matter of time. Perhaps the standard screen size will have to become larger though. My 2 euro cents.

I've always kept my phones simple, black or grey, nothing flashy. I'd love a black Playbook with the hopes of maybe the ability to change themes / wallpaper so we can add a little bit of color / personality but nothing over the top.

Orange with a touch of black or the other way around. Can't wait to know more about the battery life

My skin is Black, my Bold 2 is black, my PC is black, my HDTV is black, my DVD player is black, my USB harddrives are black, nearly every electronic thing I have is black, I don't want another black device. PURPLE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!

Thats the first thought that popped into my head when i saw this. They could get some super-crazy tie-die stuff going on.

Black or white for me, but that blue isn't bad. If it was more of a duke blue or yankee blue, I would be all over it ;)