First Look: BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod

BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 6 Jan 2011 03:01 pm EST

Aside from the BlackBerry PlayBook itself, the thing I was most excited to see (thus far) is definitely the BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod. We didn't get the greatest look at it since it's behind RIM's "don't touch me" glass, but seeing it up close is good enough for me. There isn't a lot to it obviously, but it still looks pretty sweet. It holds the PlayBook on a slight angle so it makes for a great "nightstand" device or for watching movies while in the charger. Very cool stuff. No word on pricing yet but we're pretty sure it will be available at launch of the PlayBook, which means you'll definitely be able to pick it up at

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First Look: BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod


The only thing that would make this stand better is if there were a decent set of speakers integrated into the stand somehow. I was actually wondering if something like this would be released - I always buy this set up for every BlackBerry I have ever owned.

The speakers are integrated with the actual playbook. I am sure you can hook up a sweet pair with the mini-HDMI connection...

Sweet! I always use the charging pod w/my BB! It's nice to know that I will be able to do so with my PB.

Like to see have it, but they don't offer the cradle for the 9670 Style so I hope they have it for the Playbook.

Let's hope to see, or let's push for a full physical QWERTY keyboard/charging pod. It's sort of synonymous with blackberry users, we tend to hold on to our full physical keyboards and not make the full leap into touch screens. It would be a great gesture to our non FULL touch screen converts!


I love that all of these things will be available on launch of the Playbook....i hate when I have to wait around for the right case like i did with my Torch....