BlackBerry PlayBook Chargers

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 May 2011 01:06 pm EDT

An overview of the OEM charging solutions available for the BlackBerry PlayBook, including the PlayBook Travel Charger, PlayBook Charging Pod and PlayBook Rapid Charger.

The BlackBerry PlayBook may not come with a removable battery, but for Research In Motion's first tablet they have made available three charging solutions that give users plenty of choice as to how they can re-charge their PlayBook. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages, and we'll be following up with more in-depth reviews of each individually (a long with a chance to win one of each charger too!), but in the meantime wanted to do up a quick video with a high level look at the different BlackBerry PlayBook Chargers. Watch the video above for the hands-on, and keep on reading for some more insight.

BlackBerry PlayBook Chargers

1. BlackBerry PlayBook Travel Charger

BlackBerry PlayBook Travel Charger

This is the charger that ships with the PlayBook in the box. The great thing about this charger is that it's small and utilizes the microUSB charging connector. In addition to charging your PlayBook, you can actually use it as a rapid charger on your BlackBerry Smartphone or on other microUSB phones you may own (it's rated at 300mAh input, 5 volts at 1.8A output vs. the 200mAh input / 5 volts. 750ma output on a standard BlackBerry Smartphone charger). While a lot of other tablets on the market are using proprietary connectors on their tablets, it's great to see RIM maintain this MicroUSB standard and cross compatiblity function.

2. BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod

BlackBerry PlayBook Charging Pod

On BlackBerry Smartphones the OEM charging pod is always a must-have accessory, and it's the same thing with the BlackBerry PlayBook Charging pod. Rated at 600mAh input and 12 volt, 2amp output, it'll charge up a PlayBook about twice as fast as the standard travel charger (around 2.5 hours from a completely dead PlayBook to fully charged). The PlayBook Charging Pod holds the PlayBook at an ideal angle for viewing and video chatting and holds the tablet firm enough that you can easily swipe and use the PlayBook while its on the stand. The only downside to this one is that if you have your PlayBook protected in a case you're likely going to have to remove it to put it on the stand.

3. BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger

BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger

The BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger is a bit of a cross between the PlayBook Travel Charger and PlayBook Charging Pod. Like the Charging Pod, it utilizes the magnet three pin connector and rapid charges the PlayBook at 600mAh. However, the Rapid Charger features a long cable and like the MicroUSB connector on the Travel Charger, should work even when your PlayBook is protected by a case.

BlackBerry PlayBook Charger Pricing and Avallability at ShopCrackBerry

The BlackBerry PlayBook Travel Charger has an MSRP of $39.99 and the Rapid Charger and Charging Pod have MSRP's of $69.99, but you can get them all for less at (Rapid Charger coming soon). Keep in mind all of these chargers have been in high demand, so if you want one it's best to get your order in sooner than later (if on back order it's still worth ordering so you're first in the queue for shipping - we have lots more PlayBook accessory inventory en route). Keep in mind free shipping is available on all orders of $50 or more (shipping within continental US) and in our Canada store as well. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Chargers


Just got the charging pod this morning and so far definitely like it. Good if you're going to use it at a desk a lot, or as a digital picture frame. The other way I'd love to use it is to replace my clock but as far as I know there's no way to keep the display on all the time on the clock app.

Wow, what a waste of energy. I love gadgets as much as the next guy, but using a 7" PlayBook as a clock, running constantly, is a total waste. Get a clock or a watch if you really need to tell time that often. And if you're going to be looking at your PB more than you're going to be USING your PB, you don't need a PB. Sheesh.

It's the "convertible" case from RIM.  I got it with my review unit... haven't really seen them in stores and we don't have them in stock yet.  it's a good case, except for the power/volume buttons don't really work on it. think might be redoing them a bit before they relaunch them for sale.

Will the BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger work with different voltages? I will be traveling in Europe this fall. I like the 3 pin connector. Leaves the USB port free for other things.

I have all three, and have my PB in the OtterBox case. The charging pod cant be used without taking the PB out of the case. The rapid charger since it uses an angled connector to the PB only works if you hook up the connector with the cord covering the MicroUSB connector.

The rapid charger works through the OB case if you put it on the PB while leaving the USB connecter open. It doesn't look like it is seated all the way, but the PB shows that it is charging so the connection must be sufficient.

Now just put a HDMI output on the POD and i will be all over it. Then i can set the pod up in each room that has a TV, run an HDMI from the TV to POD and be set for streaming. I already put HDMI jacks next to my favorite seats in each of these room for connecting my portable equipment, this would just complete the process.

Too much. Seriously, $65 for a stand and a plug? $40 for just a plug? At half that, it's too much. This is beyond ridiculous.

I have the convertible case as well and will likely be returning it to Best Buy. It's nice, but at the end of the day, the power and volume buttons really do need to be reworked and it can't be used with the desktop rapid charger, so.... Might go with the envelope case instead, or might wait to see if a better version comes out later.

What are you saying dude! The volume buttons are GREAT but the power button needs to be made bigger and stick out more. Needs that tactile feel the volume has.

I'm more interested in some inexpensive charging microUSB-USB cables (not the data ones). Will carry these?

#4 plug a micro usb data cable into a PC and charge the PB with the latest DM loaded that supports the PB. It's extremely slow and not meant to charge from a depleted battery but good for maintaining the exisiting charge while at the office and will charge about 2% per hour.

Ok, we need a charging pod with an HDMI out, USB out and a Micro USB out.....that way I can Charge my Playbook, my BlackBerry, connect to my PC and send HDMI out! now thats worth $60 maybe $65....


I bought another travel one but the rest are just too expensive.
My laptop's charger doesn't cost that much.

I'll wait for some aftermarket ones.

RIM should have added audio and hdmi output on the charge POD!!!! Make it a charging/entertainment station!! Not just a nice pic frame!!

I want a dock with Full size USB, HDMI and SDHC card so I can transfer photos either thru USB or by SD card. Also, be able to connect and sync with the computer.

Help Req'd...

Purchasing on the CrackBerry site...Does the PlayBook charging pod include a cord? Can't seem to find that detail. One picture shows the cord and one picture shows no cord.

The white blackberry logo makes the first one stand out and the 2nd one is real nice,but the black logo is kinda hard to see,and the 3rd one is nice,only downfall is that is has to be naked to use it