BlackBerry PlayBook Calculator First Look!

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Mar 2011 09:36 pm EDT

I'm down in Orlando at CTIA 2011, and while it's a pretty quiet show for BlackBerry (so quiet that I was helping out Phil today on - check my posts here) I did get to spend some time with the BlackBerry PlayBook and caught a gander of some of the native apps that are polishing up nicely as we near the PlayBook's launch.

In this video I take a quick look at the native Calculator app that'll be on the PlayBook at launch. I know a calcluator app isn't something one would normally get excited about, but I was pumped to see it as it's already a totally new app compared to the one I saw at the PlayBook NYC media event just a few weeks ago (which actually lacked a button for deleting characters in case you messed up). The new calculator app totally ROCKS!

This new and improved calculator offers up four modes -- Standard, Scientific, Converter and Tip -- which makes the PlayBook's calculator ultra handy, and also makes it unnecessary to go hunting for third party apps to complete those tasks. I also like the history and clear all option on the standard calculator. VERY handy. Check out the video above to see it in action! 

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Calculator First Look!


cool, will they show you the gmail app? Will be sooooo nice to end the no native email without a blackberry stuff.

I know that. Do you cry every time you check gmail on your computer??

My point is to shut up the stupid bloggers that say there is no email or calendar on PB without a BB.

They have videos up on the crackberry youtube channel of facebook in the web browser, clock, and weather app.

oh no!! does this mean nobody will buy the scientific calculator app in appworld thats $5.99??

it must be said, the `ripping off the page` part of the app smells of TAT to me

but i really really hate the new camera icon :(
the other one was better! please RIM change them again!

May be there will be themes too for Playbook just like there is for BlackBerry, i dont like the same green background of menu in every video i have seen and some icons.

is it just me or would the app look better if the calculator was on the left side of the screen and the updates and stuff on the right side? seeing as how we read left to right, it would make sense to do our calculations on the left side of the screen and review our calculations on the right.

other than that, i think the app itself looks great and can't wait to pick up my playbook!

Are you left handed? Right handed people would use their right hand and wouldn't want to cover the running total/notes with their hand while working the calculator so it kinda makes sense. Maybe they could have an option to reverse sides.

I love how Kevin when reviewing phones over at Android Central, opens the browser and instantly starts typing. C-R-A-C-K-B.. and then the camera cuts off.. LMAO. Nice one Kevin!