BlackBerry PlayBook to be sold at Staples, employee training in March?

BlackBerry PlayBook Staples
By Bla1ze on 8 Feb 2011 09:07 am EST

While Research In Motion has yet to give out the full details surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook launch, we do know that they've been working with a multitude of different retailers in order to get the PlayBook in as many locations as possible. They've also made mention of the fact that BlackBerry PlayBook will not just be a carrier released item and that you'll be able to pick it up in some non-traditional areas.

With that in mind we're now hearing that Staples may be one of those "non-traditional" places as employees have been put on notice for some BlackBerry PlayBook training in March. It's been suggested that Staples is looking to ditch their netbook selections and be gearing up to a stronger focus on the tablet market with the BlackBerry PlayBook being their first real go at it. Rumor as it may be, we would not be surprised if and when it turns out to be true.

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BlackBerry PlayBook to be sold at Staples, employee training in March?


Doesn't mean anything really. Staples could be getting it later than other retailers. It could be exclusive to one retailer at launch, and then spread out to others. It could be available online first. Lots of possibilities.

Well, considering it has the Xoom training for March 2nd when that Tab is being released on February 17th, I'd say its a good sign that the PlayBook training is set for March 16th. Obviously they are 2 different products from 2 different companies and could have different deals with Staples, but one can hope that the PB will be released approximately 13 days before Staples does their training!

One thing I did notice is that all the Staples training sessions fall on Wednesdays. If you think the PB will follow a similar pattern as the Xoom (and that a big IF), then that puts the release of the PB sometime in the first week of March! Let's hope!!

Very nice to see them going in the right direction here with hitting up a 'Business' retailer.

Now we just need a Staples employee to come on here and tell us what else they know. I do hope its out earlier than the 16th

Very well could be coming out earlier. On 3/2, its says "Motorola Tablets Training". That is 6 days after Best Buy releases the Xoom. Going by that logic (I know, completely and utterly useless), that means the Playbook will release on 3/10 and that is the day before my Birthday! What an amazing Birthday present that would be!

I hope that is not the real release date because that pushes me back from having it before end of March or even April. Come on RIM get the damn product out already, you are killing me here. Send it to Amazon first please. :)

My b-day is the 16th and I hoping for than but I guess I will be waiting as well. The funny thing about this post is that I am sure I sent in some info on other stores that will be (not rumored) selling the PB. Guess they are not wanting to say much because they may feel that its a rumor. Any who bring on the PB soon.

Now that stuff like this is leaking out I hope they'll just give us the date. It seems strange to keep that secret if indeed they know it is coming out. I do hope Amazon gets it. I want to put my order in today!

My only thought on keeping it secret is that they have a launch event date. I do hope they will have some things that will wow people at the event, although I'm getting it regardless. :-)

I was totally gonna leak this to CB today... Looks like someone beat me to it. In terms of Staples info about the PB, it's almost non-existant to folks in the retail stores. If I find any interesting nuggets of info I'll pass them along though. I'm like 90% positive that Staples is looking at a mid-March launch for our tablets. Time will tell though.

Hasn't this thing come out yet? Honestly, they've been talking about it for so long, it's just about time for the PlayBook 2 to be announced.

This sounds about right. The free playbook offer for developing an app is set to expire before the tablet is released. That expiry date is March 15. So this coming March 16 would be the earliest possible release date.

So: 3/2 - Monster Cable Sales Training

Also known as: How to gauge the customer for all of their hard-earned money for a measily cable that is not worth the price you pay.....

does this mean the playbook will be available via verizon wireless as well?

because the mobile phone department @ staples does not offer anything Sprint

only verizon, At&t, and t-mobile

The reason they do not offer Sprint is because they are actually outsourced by Wireless Advocates which also does Costco. That company does not have Sprint. Some locations were Go Wireless owned for a while but Wireless Advocates got the nod and Go Wireless was booted, Go Wireless is also an indirect Verizon Wireless agent. The few Staples locations that were actually ran by Staples employees are also being switched to Wireless Advocates.

Out store was one of the pilot sites from Go Wireless and we loved it! It's unfortunate to see them go, and also our full time Staples employee leave as well.

either way. im excited because i have about $200 in staples rewards that i can use to purchase the playbook when it becomes available.

This is completely true, Staples will be carrying the PlayBook and the price point is to be under $500 just like before. Nothing new here, the date for the training is typical for RIM since they try to hide everything the employees that do these trainings don't know anything until a week before and usually they are not trained on the product until the then or the day of launch of the product. Unfortunately, RIM does a suck ass job at getting associates as well as their own "employees" ready for launch of products. There is a lot of hype out there for this product right now and they are going to blow the load if they do what they usually do, it's sad to say that but they need to start training people on a product before it comes out, not after. People don't want to learn more about what is out, they always want to know more about what is to be coming out.

This is an interesting observation. When I go to staples I go to buy the products they have not the products they don't have. I'm not saying you shouldn't be trained before hand but if someone tells me about products that are not there it would be kind of a turn off for me. Have to say I'm not a shopper, for me it's get in and get out as quickly as possible.

I work at a Staples in Canada part time and we were informed at our staff meeting last week that we are indeed going to be carrying the PlayBook, as well as the Galaxy Tab.