BlackBerry PlayBook battery life looks to be 10 hours with continual use

By Adam Zeis on 23 Mar 2011 01:58 pm EDT

BlackBerry PlayBook battery life

Been wondering just how long the BlackBerry PlayBook battery will last when you're busy browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music, sending emails ... you get it - well we have too. Up until now we haven't really been informed of just what the PlayBook was packing as far as battery life. We know that the PlayBook will be sporting a 5300mAh battery (compare that to the awesome 1550mAh battery on the Bold 9700) so it definitely has some juice. Looking closely on the Staples pre-order page we can actually see the device listed as 10 hours with continual use. So, providing that isn't just a made up number and it actually came from RIM, that means you'll have plenty of go time on the PlayBook. If it's 10 hours with continual use, we can only image what the "down time" battery life will be. Of course we won't know for sure until we get our overly-ready hands on one, but it's totally promising as of now. What do you think? Will the PlayBook battery be just plain awesome or not get the job done? Sound off in the comments!

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BlackBerry PlayBook battery life looks to be 10 hours with continual use


10 Hrs is excellent.. I'm assuming standby time will be a lot longer.. I would not have expected any less from RIM. Great JoB!

Continual use of what?

If based on running a video.....then this is awesome news as moderate to light use users will get a ton of time.

If it is continual use of email and lighter tasks, then it is still ok news. But not great.

We'll see.....

jlb21 does have a valid point. Most tablet battery life numbers (from testers) are based on HD video playback.

Not great? Are you friggin kidding me? 10 hours, no matter what the use, is awesome! People constantly talk about how great the iPad's battery life is at 10 hours, and it can't do 1/5th of what the PlayBook can do!

If the PlayBook gets 10 hours of video playback (doubtful), then RIM has truly created something magical!

yeah hopefully with some reasonable work being done. RIM does battery life well so here's hoping they keep that crown in the tablet space and that this number is not inflated to make it look better like some companies tend to do - At least there is a solid number now.

QNX looks like a tight integrated mobile OS which RIM is known for, not unlike Nokia in regards to taking advantage of their hardware and battery - android OS could learn from this.

Looking forward to real tests under continuous wifi usage, 3g via tethering and movie watching.

Whats the world without a critic ! what amount of hours would you find pleasing exactly ?
compared to what device ?

The iPad he's had since last April while RIM was rushing this tablet out? That iPad? Or do you mean the iPad 2 Apple launched a couple weeks back? Please clarify.

10 hours that's awesome! And with continues use! That's freaking awesome and better as my torch i might just get one of those puppy's!l

RIM has been a leader as far as battery efficiency goes, so this is not surprising. Waiting patiently for my Gadgets of the year, playbook + bold touch!

Posted from my os 6'd out powerhorse 9700!

Let see, the iPad 2 has a confirmed 10 hours of battery life with 693 mAh per inch of screen (6930 mAh battery with 10" screen), the playbook comes out at 757 mAh per inch of screen (5300 mAh battery with a 7" screen), looks like 10+ hours is in the realm of possibilities for the Playbook!

10 hours good but what if the batterry of the BlackBerry that we use for tethering dies earlier? O_o (That will happen I know from my devices. Even without Bluetooth their battery life sucks.)

Wait, you are saying that your BlackBerry's battery life sucks? I don't know a single person that would say BlackBerry's have anything but the best battery life of any smartphone out there.

I have a Torch, a Bold, and a Droid X, and my fiance has an iPhone, and I can say for certain that the Bold and Torch have the best battery life. The Droid has the worst by far!

I2m using my torch with 7 mail accunts, 35-40 apps some using BIS, back light 0 time 20secs using with holyster and I have to charge it twice! Evn I got battery replacement from RIM UK and they send me test results that they dont find any problems.

have you upgraded the software on your Torch? or may be you need to find the corrupt app that is sucking your battery, I have a Torch and I make it close to 2 work days(36 hours) on a single charge with moderate usage, I run at 70% brightness, installed 15-20 apps and my daily usage is 20-30 minutes of talktime/day, 60 minutes browsing/day, reading/replying 30-40 emails/per day. Vlingo was one app which sucked up my battery like crazy and I had to do away with that app. In btwn I close the apps which I don't need in the background.

Well if ALL your BB devices have battery problems, we need to look for the common denominator. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

Nice! I canceled my ipad2 order yesterday. Crazy but true. I am not a blackberry user but the playbook blows the ipad2 out of the water.

This is great news but I really doubt it would pull 10 hrs with bluetooth and wifi both on. If it makes 7+ hrs with those on, I would be satisfied.

Even tho people are doubtfully about the 10 hours, would the 7 or 8 hours be that bad, most of my devices right now wont make it more than 4 hours if that of continues use. So to me to have it run over twice as long would be quite amazing to see! I would just love to test one out already and see first hand what it will do, videos are one thing but its so different when its right infront of you.

10 HOURS of "continuous" use is marvelous......I wouldn't expect anything less from a high powered "portable" tablet

I'm curious as to what our friend Shawn Wu is doing right now... Is he gloating that he is right that RIM was not going to launch in Q1? Or hiding with this news of 10hrs battery life of continuous use...

actually, it launched yesterday, so technically, Q1 with orders coming in at the soonest of 1 week.

basically, he was wrong on both counts...what a tool

Shawn Wu should head to the Hall of Shame! He let his apple fanboy-ism creep into his work life. Shame on him! :D

Seriously folks unless you're traveling on a plane for 6+ hours... just plug it in and charge it. No big deal.
If your work/life conditions require knowing how the 10 hours might break down when actually using wifi, all the apps, sufring the net, making calls and playing music all at the same time.., you are a multitasking machine and you might just need to buy two.

This is great, after all, the only time I'll be using the PlayBook for more than 10 hours a day will be the first week ;) . After that I don't care about the battery life as long as it's at least 5-6 hours, and preferably able to record 4-5 hours of video on a single charge (though for that I could bring a charger...)

I just placed a pre-order on Best Buy. This was my last lingering doubt so I hope it's legit.

Any idea when RIM will be sending out review units??

Let's think for a second. Why would RIM release this 10-hour number to Staples, yet not place it on the PlayBook's own website? Does that make any sense at all, especially when all your other devices offer battery life quotes?

I completely agree with Jean-Luc_Picard, everyone will max out there new PB the first week and after the honeymoon wears off and people get back to there regular routine, most (85%) will not be on ANY device for 10+ continuous hours unless your flying across the pacific and your not sleeping. So when we all get back to the regular bump and grind of everyday life I think 10+ hours is more than sufficient even if it drops to 7 or 8+ hours, plus with all the accessories or extra chargers that we all will buy for the PB this seems more than adequate.
Besides I will bet nickels to dollars that if anyone has there phone tethered to the PB it will be stationery and be plugged in so why not plug in the PB as well and do what you do!
Still gonna wait for the 4G version, so you all let me know for sure what kind of batt life you get!

Yes you can all thank me and CB .. yesterday i was chatting with a staples rep. online and ask her what the battery life was.... it took me an hour of chatting but now you know ... :P Your all welcome...

Here's some food for thought. The Playbook will be $499 US and CDN (hey, RIM figured out the dollar is about par) So the way I see it the Ipad2 is $519CDN + $39 US for the A/V adaptor for a total of $558 (plus CDN markup up unless Apple learnt to convert currency).
So a savings before taxes of $59, thats 12% cheaper for the Playbook than Ipad2 (is it a new Ipad or just revised Ipad1? not really much different other than 1 ghz and bit more RAM).
And in case the battery doesn't last 10 hours or meet your needs, monoprice has a micro USB backup battery for $13.28 US. Good idea to have anyways for your smartphone and earpiece.
I am leaning towards Playbook, much more portable than 10" tablets and can hook up to HDTV for presentations, no need for my laptop on the road.
OH, and I assume since it has a micro USB port you can use a USB drive for portable storage, so buy the 16GB and get a drive with 16GB for $30-40 (just need a cheap USB to Micro USB adaptor or double female USB adaptor to use USB drive)


Sounds like a plan, but that USB dongle thing you're talking about is unlikely to work.

In order for that to work the Playbook would have to have USB host functionality. I'm not saying it doesn't, but RIM has been quiet on that issue, and USB host is one of those things that you can generally assume devices don't have unless their manufacturer says otherwise.

The USB assumption is a dangerous one.

As for whether the iPad 2 is a new iPad or a revised iPad 1, it's both. I think the point here is that Apple has actually released two iPads and sold millions, while RIM has been talking PlayBook for 7 months (during which time Apple has sold around 9 million iPads). RIM won't sell 9 million PlayBooks this year, much less in 7 months.

I'm not really into the Tablet PC thing... So I'm not very interested in the Playbook. However I would like to see the software come to the smartphones! :-D

Not sure how much weight it has but if you look at the picture, there's a messages, calendar, and contacts icons/apps in it and no sign of a BB synced to it.

i wouldnt place much on the pic, its one of the very first pics out - battery still white, no date below clock, no orientation lock, wifi`s in the wrong place and tab highlight is grey. i prob missed some too lol.

i'm leaning to BS on 10 hrs of use per charge... my buddy who works for rim in waterloo says the battery currently is horrendous and still working on it. software related issue but should be fixed up close to the deadline... 10hrs down the road after they release a few software updates! lol

That makes zero sense. I mean, if they know what the problem is, why wait to the deadline to fix it, especially as people are already suggesting battery life isn't so good? Any why has RIM been so unspecific on their battery life claims? Don't give me this "full days' work" line. . . let's have actual numbers.

The Playbook has the "bridge" option to access e-mail and BBM. I would like to know if we can use tethering for web browsing on the Playbook, specifically the tethering application sold on this site.

6 hours in standby without going into airplane mode.... watch what apps you install..I apparently have some app installed that kills my battery even when in standby unless I put it into airplane mode. And yes I have agreed to the terms and conditions for the native video chat app (which only seems to work if I have 95% or greater battery charge).... Ive had the PB for only a few months now and according to battery guru my battery health is already down to 86%.... at this rate i'll need to have the battery replaced / replace the whoel playbook I guess??? within the year. 200$ a year for a new playbook battery doesnt sound too cost efficient to me.