BlackBerry PlayBook automatically transfers saved Wi-Fi Networks from BlackBerry Smartphone to tablet when Bridged

BlackBerry PlayBook Saved Wi-Fi Networks
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2011 09:56 am EDT

So here's a neat little observation/tip that we didn't previously notice or mention here on the blogs about the BlackBerry PlayBook. It turns out that when you connect a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to a BlackBerry Smartphone via the BlackBerry Bridge, that the Saved WiFi networks stored on the smartphone automatically transfer over to the PlayBook's saved WiFi NetWorks.

You can easily view the PlayBook's saved WiFi Networks by heading to Settings > Wi-Fi and changing the Select a network menu option to Saved Networks.

While the BlackBerry Tablet OS does have some filling out to do, it's nice to come across a little surprise like this. It's a good example of how RIM is showing that devices like smartphones and tablets can play nice together. 

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BlackBerry PlayBook automatically transfers saved Wi-Fi Networks from BlackBerry Smartphone to tablet when Bridged


I noticed this as well. Just one more small thing I am impressed with in this device. I got home and connected to my security-enabled network automatically... was like magic!

I love mine so far. The reviews didn't do it justice.

I am able to log in to my gradebook (am a teacher) to input grades and attendance.

I can go on to and stream my videos.

I was able to go onto my facebook and play zynga poker.

Countless small things just add up to a great, great device... and they are still improving on it!

Edit: ... to include that I can go onto my textbook website and stream instructional videos via HDMI to my projector for my class.

ALSO, if you double-tap on a flash item(games/videos/apps) it will full screen that item...and a swipe down to exit.

That was a great feature to see yesterday as I went through my day. The one drawback is that it doesn't work in the reverse. I used WPS to connect my Playbook to a friends router last night and that router info did not transfer from the Playbook back to my Bold's Saved Wi-Fi Networks. It would be a nice little convenience and hopefully something that they consider adding to the next update of the Bridge software.

This is great to know as I've got a few different networks saved in my Berry now but I've got to wait a little while longer to pick up my Playbook (new house & new baby coming soon have taken priority) so when I FINALLY get mine it'll be one less hassel connecting to my different networks.

I spent 2hrs last night trying to figure out how the playbook was able to get on my wifi network at home with no passwords. I thought it was my router that lost its mind. Never thought the playbook was this smart. Totally awesome, a nice little easter egg that wasnt talked about.
Rims marketing needs to wake up they are missing the boat on all the cool stuff this thing does.
I wasnt going to buy one but after playing with it in BB I was hooked and had to have it.
Bye bye galaxy tab.(not a bad device just not a bb)

When I got home, I immediately when to the wifi control and attempted to add my home network but kept getting an error telling me SIDs needed to be unique and I got pissed thinking yet another setup issue. Then I noticed that my home network was already added :)

Nice job RIM. Playbook forever!! Hope you're working on a 10" but I want that too.

LOL - I wondered why I couldn't configure the wireless when I got into work this morning, just to discover it worked. It would have been nice if I didn't have to discover this on my own, but it is a nice feature.

Had the same issue...SID must be unique...then I looked and I was already connected to the very wifi network I was trying to configure!

This device is superb!

I am a loyal BlackBerry fan and I still use a BlackBerry. I got a hold of Playbook yesterday and got it home. But sorry to say though it looks sleek and nice, it doesn't have many apps as compared to what iPad 2 has.

I am sticking to my iPad 2 and its really great. Till the time Playbook gets all the different zillion types of Apps like iPad 2 does, Playbook is way behind the lead. I had to return my Playbook, sorry to say. I agree it has a good camera and Bridge works good too, but still it needs a lot of apps which I believe will take time to come.

Sorry RIM, we need more apps or else the Playbook is just another tablet!

Note: I used my BlackBerry as my only phone device and I love it, but I use iPad 2 for my tablet

Yet another nice little feature. Being an experienced BlackBerry user, its one of the things I love, the hundreds of little things BlackBerry does and can do for you that the competing devices do not. BlackBerry has MANY of these types of features that we simply take for granted. I've come to this conclusion though - RIM has awesome, innovative ideas, however they have a hard time bringing them to life sometimes, and ESPECIALLY on the software side of things.

I noticed it as well when I got home and as I took my PB out of my bag, i turned on the screen to turn off my music and I noticed I was connected to my wifi already lol. pretty slick

Wish I would have known this yesterday before I typed in all my keys last night...oh I know! Great feature!

Yea, I realized that, which was quite amazing!

I also realize the PB's Wifi is not just a/b/g/n, but also connects to 5GHz Wifi's :O! so its nice to be streaming stuff away from the congested 2.4GHz frequency

You did know that 802.11a is just 5GHz right? That's how I usually read it... b/g/n is 2.4GHz only.... a/b/g/n is both 2.4GHz and 5GHz... a/n would be 5GHz only but I've never seen one.

Word of advice cause this happened to me. On my Fios WiFi, I had to delete the saved network that came over from my phone and start over or else it wouldn't connect my Playbook.

I noticed that as well when I got home and assumed it was because of the Bridge. Just in time for a 'Easter Egg' ;)


anyone know the range of the blackberry bridge bluetooth connection. what if i left my phone in the basement and have my playbook with me in my bed on the 3rd floor.


Ouch!!! When I got my pb, I tested out the (att) bridge from my 9700 on the floor model @ bb to be sure it worked before i bought it, see how email/calander/bridge browser worked etc..

I guess THAT PB now has the key to my home and office computers! What a disappointment. No pop ups or anything!

My guess was not to worry because "nothing from your phone is stored on the playbook after you are done bridging".

Not happy about this.

This is awesome!! BUT it only saved some WiFi profiles not all of them,as it did not sync the one for my school!! Did anybody face the same problem?

The problem is that my school's WiFi has LEAP encryption which cannot be setup using the PB!!

Sorry I'm late to the party...wish there was a way to control which profiles are transferred. My wifi connection is sluggish most of the time but I learned that if I delete unneeded saved profiles performance improves but they keep coming back :(