BlackBerry PlayBook arrives in the UK

BlackBerry PlayBook UK
By DJ Reyes on 16 Jun 2011 11:15 am EDT

If you're in the UK, the wait is now over and you can finally get your hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook. I know you'll be eager to get the box opened and get started with your shiny new device, and to help you along the way we've got a whole host of BlackBerry PlayBook 101's, tips, tricks and how-to articles here on CrackBerry. Take a moment to check them out to get you on your way to become an expert on the PlayBook. And if you haven't already, be sure to check out our full BlackBerry PlayBook review.

Here's a few links on helping you to get started

BlackBerry PlayBook Setup
BlackBerry PlayBook Tips and Tricks
BlackBerry PlayBook Gestures and Navigation

You can also check out the BlackBerry PlayBook 101 articles as well as find lots of help in the CrackBerry forums from users and abusers.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is currently available from Carphone Warehouse, Currys, PC World and Amazon UK. Prices start at £399 for the 16GB model, £479 for the 32GB and £559 for the 64GB model. On Amazon however, the 16GB model can be purchased for £359.

If you have any tips and tricks of your own, sound off in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook arrives in the UK


These articles are sad and i rarely read articles regarding playbook or blackberry because very few are objective.

So many Carriers are selling the Playbook even though it's WI-FI and the bridge is there meaning they get no money off it because not much tethering.

Some just like AT&T who have not allowed the bridge to be downloaded are claiming user experience and all kinds of things of sort.

I use the PB and i love it and so many hate RIM simply because they are not another company. So they love it when they get one thing to back their stupidity.

I've been following the BB and PB scene for a long time and RIM and the things people say just baffles me.

When you point what is missing without pointing what it has over the competition it is clear that it is biased and that is 99% of all critics.

The price is the one I find funny when they say it is expensive or it is the same price but for the iPad to get the HDMI and other things it needs extra $$$ so it shows how enlightened they are and fair and knowledgeable.

Also for all those people complaining non stop they should switch and go to the competition. I have a Torch and love it, BB OS is amazing, the user experience and so many other things. I use an iPod Touch and i only use it to watch my iTunes movies.

When i read "i bought the Torch and sucked and complain after another and another not sure about what".

I'm cheap. And at the beginning, the main reason why I chose the storm over the iphone is because back then the blackberry phone plan was at least 10 dollars cheaper per month than the iphone specific one. People underestimate the importance of price.

I am really tired of people saying the PB is DOA where ever it pops up. I picked one up on lunch day and have used and loved it every day since. I work in news and it comes with me to every story I film. Carriers saying they will not carry it means nothing to me. I am a Verizion customer and have a storm 2. I use the bridge all the time. So shame on Verizion for not selling it. It is a amazing device and one not to miss.

Oh as a side note have you ever noticed that most places bashing the PB have a ton of ether iPad ads or Xoom ads. just thought you should think before you link to a obviously slanted site. Not that Crackberry is not slanted but this site is for Blackberry users and abusers.

I have a 16GB PlayBook from the US and today I had the chance to play with the UK version. They raised the power button a bit to be easier to push (though with the latest update you don't really need it any more...). Now all the buttons at the top are the same.

Does the UK version come with Slacker and Podcasts? It's just that neither seem to work over here and I wondered if they were left off.

Regarding the 1st comment and link: O2 would like to blame it on user exp but I'm sure it would be totally diFferent if they could get their hands on a 3g compatible playbook

Well, I contacted Vodafone UK about the lack of information from their corporate team - I had made getting a PB a condition of my future support of the carrier. I had a very interesting conversation with a customer service member.

I will list the issues that were touched upon:

- they are trying to heavy sell the PB as a extra device (new number / phone + PB)
- if you want one as part of your update then you have to buy it for £300+ separate of a new package
- they will not have any systems able to ship till end of week (think they meant Monday)
- they have not been briefed on the basics of the systems operation
- they try and force you to buy it as a new tariff deal (fudging the other options)
- very cagey about the 7 day return policy if unhappy (rushed to supervisor for help)

I was less than impressed - it smells like Voda has not embraced the system concept and were doing as little as possible to push it - I know its early days but that is my gutt from a 15min conversation. Was promised a email back with deal details... still waiting - think it will have to be a US system for me!

Just a thought - if the PB dose collapse could it take down RIM?

What to do ??? Do i get the 32gb Wifi PlayBook or hold out and see if the UK gets the 3g version ?? Any help would be gratefully appreciated