BlackBerry PlayBook and Torch apps for youth workers in Surrey projected to save £100,000

BlackBerry Torch and PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 22 Mar 2012 01:14 pm EDT
Youth workers in Surrey county will soon be getting a BlackBerry PlayBook and Torch application to provide them with mobile access to the records of the young people they work with. The app is scheduled to be released in June, and is part of a drive to ensure that 16 - 19 year olds in the area are enrolled in education, training, or employment by 2015.
Paul Brocklehurst, head of information technology and management at Surrey county council, said they decided to make the application compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Torch smartphone because it seemed to be the most secure technology to transfer sensitive information and was fully GCSx compliant. "We looked at other technology as well, like iPads and so on, but this seemed like the best option for us due to the security aspect and it being encrypted," he said.
The ability to use a mobile app to update person details of the young people in the program is expected to save between £75,000 and £100,000 annually over the projected 40 youth workers that are part of the roll-out. This isn't the first time Surrey council has utilized mobile technology for cost saving efforts. Back in 2010 they initiated a program using a BlackBerry application to monitor waste being left at recycling centers.

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Source: The Guardian

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BlackBerry PlayBook and Torch apps for youth workers in Surrey projected to save £100,000


Nice one! Too bad they had to make 2 different applications. It will become a lot easier for things like this when BB10 phones come out.

Nice! I posted in the forums about how the combo (or just the pb) could be used in youth work to help improve programs. Glad to see it actually happening!

I've already written a couple of comments on the Guardian site and tweeted about it. Good news if it comes off.

And in other news, Surrey Police are looking at equipping officers with apps on PlayBook and BlackBerry as well...

Surrey clearly love the BlackBerry!

Good call.
At the current price, the Playbook is just a steal and for cash starved agencies around the world it would save money and improve productivity. Not to mention it is super portable and works great with BlackBerry phones.