BlackBerry PlayBook - All models now $300 off at Futureshop and Best Buy Canada

BlackBerry PlayBook - All models now $300 off at Futureshop!
By Bla1ze on 18 Nov 2011 04:09 am EST

Right then. As expected, Futureshop and Best Buy Canada have now dropped prices across the board for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now, you can pick up any version -- be it 16, 32 or 64GB and save yourself $300 off the suggested retail price. That said, while the ads and prices sure do look great for anyone looking to pick up a PlayBook, the real problem comes when you search for stock. Many stores have already sold through whatever is left or have very limited stock. So, happy hunting and good luck!

via: Futureshop, Best Buy

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BlackBerry PlayBook - All models now $300 off at Futureshop and Best Buy Canada


I wasn't gonna post it till later today but figured, if anyone woke up and saw it they might wanna check before heading off to work or whatever.. with stock being low, gotta get in on that action when ya can. :)

LOL I always catch bla1ze's strange time posts. Is Futureshop and Best Buy selling out their current inventory then restocking or is this the end of the Playbook at Futureshop and Best Buy

Don't know if it's a misprint but Futureshop as a limit of 50 per household at there and Bestbuy as limited quantities.

Walmart must be out of stock not showing up online anymore.
Only store not in the game seems to be The Source

The Source isn't $300 directly off, but they are giving $300 gift cards according to the flyer I got yesterday. So we have Futureshop, Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, The Source all as options.

These prices went live around 10pm EST last night.

Sears has also followed suit. Some thought a free accessory would be included but I don't see one on the website.

Looks like I'm going to get a 2nd PlayBook. This will either stop the kids fighting or increase it. I'm not sure which.

Picked up 2 yesterday at bestbuy going to get the difference back today are these any good for the kids mine are. 8 and 6 any games for them on app world ??? Having buyers remorse I guess

i have a 3 year old and a 20 month old who both know how to load and switch through different apps.
between videos, coloring, shapes instrumental apps there's a nice variety to keep occupied.

I'll be honest, it scares me to see all these price drops... they keep getting lower, and it aint even BlackFriday yet.
Although I'm not that worried, seeing how the first BBX phone will have the same apps. Meaning I'll still get new things, even if they discontinue this tablet.

There is really no Black Friday in Canada. Our deals here generally start before the "Thanksgiving" Week. (I only say "Thanksgiving" because the real one is in October ;)

Damn! I'm not seeing these kind of sales in the US, If anybody in Canada would like to help me get my hands on one it would be much appreciated. Even better yet I have a brand new never used bold 9930 I would consider trading for one. If interested contact me.

I wouldn't object to helping out a fellow BB lover regardless of the sweetened pot, but if you're willing to talk trade on a 9930, well then I'm definitely interested. E me at

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

Got mine last night at Staples, will return today to get the difference in return. I even got the managers name, and card with her word stating the same. I bought a 16GB for my wife for Xmas, and a 32GB for me, as that is all they had left at Staples in Moncton!

And there you have it... at a ridiculously low price these things are going to fly... because I also bought one now. It will site alongside my Xoom.

and this is our Black Friday here in Canada... usually always a week before the US sales I find. on my way to the store now for my $600 credit!

Agree but I'm not going to bite until there's USB host support... I would have snapped one up on day 1 had there been sd integration. I just need more space to store my photos/videos when I'm out.

I like the price at the same time feeling a little ripped off buying on day one. Oh well, I didn't regret paying full price at the time.


it also scares me to see that kind of fire sale on PB, especially since I paid mine 599+tx 6 months ago...:-(

what does that mean for RIM and PB?

death of PB? death of RIm? fire sale of remaining stocks for retailers, or simply a strategy to undercut Droid based tablets knowing that RIM will get some revenues out of app world and not Samsung, Acer, Moto,...?

any ideas?

You scare easily.

Getting more Playbooks into the hands of consumers is a good thing. It means RIM trades inventory for $$, and it hopefully it means there are more people out there telling their friends how great the Playbook is.

What's the risk these devices will become obsolete with BBX? I'm assuming this February OS update will be a software update for existing PB users that doesn't orphan existing PB hardware? Anyone know?

remember the more Playbooks RIM can say have been sold the more likely developers will build apps plus with Kindle under pricing RIM needs to compete

This is the best tablet in the world to me. The discount just takes it over the top. Flash still matters (you can't watch video from this website without it), it is secure, it is super portable, it allows bridge, it has and is getting a ton of content, it just rocks!
Good for you Canadians.

Just picked up one from They are on-back order but had 890 available to ship within 1 week.

Finished processing my order and now only 520 left!! Going to be sold out soon!!! Looks like the price drop should stick as it will build some momentum during the Holiday Season and then they can release 2.0 and get lots of buzz.

It's like a firesale! RIM didn't have to drop their pants completely. I think $299 would have been much, much better. You need to retain some self-respect. Folks are probably buying 3 or 4 for resale making it difficult for the average guy to find one. I cannot say this is a professional move by RIM. I agree that RIM needs to push the PlayBook, but I think they'll move well at $299 just before Christmas! At this $199 price, there may be riots outside Best Buy!

Don't get me wrong, it's a great product, but the $499 price tag was far too high. I hope it never returns to that price. I love the games I've been seeing, but I need someone to step up and offer Skype, Windows Live, Oovoo, PalTalk, Google? There needs to be a cross platform video chat capability.

RIM hasn't understood that killer apps are important! Apple used Garage Band with the iPad, FaceTime with the iPhone 4... What did the PlayBook have? Need For Speed? Where is that killer app? Video chat is doable but since the PlayBook doesn't have widespread saturation, your buddy probably doesn't have one to chat with. It would REALLY have helped if RIM put front facing cams on the new BB7 devices, but they totally dropped the ball on that one :(

Apparently $299 was too high too. They were on sale for a while a few weeks ago at $299 and in some cases included some free accessories and while they sold some, they didn't exactly fly off the shelves. At $199, it feels like a steal. Much like the Touchpad at $99 and the sales are showing. They're practically sold out everywhere already (at least around me). I know a few people who left empty handed at Walmart and FS this morning.
This can only be good for RIM and this platform - I hope!

competion from Amazon. I think this is actually great for them. Rim sells tablets at cost but this will drive customers to buy BBX phones next year. RIM will make money.

16GB sold out at almost all WalMarts, Future Shops, Best Buys, and The Sources in the Greater Vancouver Area. Going to try a few odd stores for the $32, but the $64 is way out of budget!

When is this happening in the u.s? If I can't get this deal in the states then I guess I'm gonna have to file for Canadian citizenship which sux cuz I can't stand hockey!

BestBuy in Burlington ON has the 32 and 64. Also, the BestBuy Mobile in the Burlington Mall has 16s, 32s and 64s left. Just picked up a 16 and 32 at 10:30 est!!!

Walmart South in Burlington only has the 64s left.

Sent out a BBM broadcast to friends, relatives and business contacts. I think I sold about 20 of them :). Ordered one for myself as well :)

A coworker bought a 16gig at a Toronto Best Buy this morning and is driving now to Keswick to pick it up. Awesome.

I picked up a 16 and a 64 for the regular price yesterday. Went back this morning to get the bill adjusted to the cut price. Guess what??? All sold out! This was Best Buy in Ajax Ontario

And the main reason I bought them for my wife and I because it had KOBO. GUESS WHAT??? Kobo doesnt work.

Haven't checked myself, but my sister messaged me this morning saying that her friend picked up a 16GB for $200 at Costco in Winnipeg. It could be worth checking out. I snagged a 64GB through the University of Manitoba bookstore a little over a month ago when it was $200 off, and while I feel a liitle peeved about the additional price drop...I do feel excited that it will be in more people's hands.

The 16gb playbook is sold out at chapters as well online. I just had to go to my local Toronto staples and bestbuy to find out they were both sold out. I just picked one up at the local futureshop. They had 50 - 16gb in stock this morning and only 2 left when I bought mine at 11am!

People were lined up at the front of Best Buy store in Milton ! Staples store was sold out at 10AM and people were on waiting list. I bought 32GB myself. Still contemplating 64GB though !

Drove to Walmart on Wednesday telling myself going to buy another 32GB and by the time I walk in the store to electronics department changed my mind to a

If you are in Toronto...The Source @ Centrepoint Mall (Yonge/Steeles) have about 13 - 16GB PB's left. I just picked up one 20 min ago!!!

Don't know if I should buy them. They're back ordered though and I'm so impatient! Went to the Wal-Marts and Best Buy and Future Shop in my area. Sold out, or they have the 62Gigs leftover.

Maybe the 4G PB2 is going to drop with OS2 in Feb so they are trying to clear out stock.

Still makes me mad, I got a PB first day they came out, $499 for something that all I use for now is the Kobo app. My wife does laugh at me however as I'm reading the Steve Jobs book on my PB. Good read, boy that dude was a dick LOL

I just got a 32GB Playbook today from Staples on Eglinton in Scraborough, Ont. for $299. What a deal! Since they don't have any more, I've ordered two more on-line from The Source on the Danforth for Christmas gifts. This thing is the perfect size; bigger than a an iPod and smaller than an iPad, not that I would want anything to do with Apple (I never felt the need to join the 'i' herd because I think they're nothing but overpriced toys). I can say that I'm happy with this purchase since I was thinking about an Android device (maybe the Xoom) when they go on sale on Boxing Day. Now I don't have to venture out on that nutty day.

attention sherwood park and edmonton alberta, chapters in sherwood park has stock of the 16gb. only open until 9pm. We are now 5 playbook family!!!! yahoo, cheers

First number is the number of units available for backorder.
Second number is the time, match the list with the ones down there to compare.
I started at 17:12, so before that, this probably happened many many times.
BB 16
1111 17:12
1089 17:13
1081 17:14
1071 17:15
1025 17:22
974 17:27
884 17:40
678 18:05
431 18:37
416 18:39
400 18:41
185 18:58
0 19:24 SOLD OUT
1 20:16

BB 32
100 19:24
63 20:13
62 20:14

BB 64

FF 16
10 and the 0 within seconds SOLD OUT
1 20:17

FF 32
NEW Stock
184 20:15
183 20:16

FF 64

Me having fun making observations on FutureShop and BestBuy Canada online availability...

Let me guess, this is a "good" deal, right?? What about the possible 200,000 buyers that paid over $500 for their PlayBook? What about them? It must be a badge of honour to waste money on something that's clearly NOT worth it in the first place! RIM has the most loyal FOOLS I've ever witnessed in my life! Lover's of crap! That's your new names! SMH You guys love crap SO MUCH that you'll even wait until this time next year for a device that will most definitely disappoint! Oh well! lol

Am I the only one who thinks it strange that the RIM Website is not selling them for $300 off ? ? ? Of all places you'd think RIM's website would have them listed on sale !!! Come on RIM ... get with it.

Just got mine for my birthday yesterday from my wife. She was in line first thing in the morning! I was a little skeptical based on the reviews, but this tablet has been amazing so far. Buttery smooth, incredible ui, and the gmail/twitter web apps are great... not sure why lack of these apps has been such a big deal (although it will be nice to have native apps someday).

Anyways, as an android user with my nexus s, if rim can put this os onto a phone successfully I will make the switch to blackberry. Very happy with the experience so far.

Just thought I'd share my experience for anyone else out there wondering about this device.