According to new research, the BlackBerry PlayBook accounts for 15 percent of the Canadian tablet market

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 15 Feb 2012 12:04 am EST

If you're into numbers and statistics surrounding the BlackBerry PlayBook, the folks from Toronto-based Solutions Research Group have completed some new market research that reveals some interesting but not surprising growth. According to their survey, the BlackBerry PlayBook now holds 15 percent of the Canadian tablet market which is up 5 percent from previous surveys.

Apple's iPad remains at the top but has shown a drop in numbers going from 86 percent market share to 68 percent. In speaking about the PlayBook's growth, Kaan Yigit, president of SRG, noted that he wasn't all that surprised by the PlayBook's sales and went on to note:

“current iPad is great at home,” but is not “purse or jacket-pocket-friendly” like the PlayBook, which has a 7-inch screen as opposed to the 9.5-inch iPad. Given that, Apple would be “completely misguided” 

Yigit was referencing the reports that Apple may be working on a smaller version of the iPad that could potentially see announcement soon, if it were to happen. With PlayBook OS 2.0 set to drop any day now, it will be interesting to see how many people show a greater interest in the PlayBook once updated.

RIM selling the PlayBook at discounted pricing was indeed a smart move, they had nothing to really lose by doing so, but now that the PlayBooks are in people's hands, they'll have to follow up with some compelling software to keep them interested.

Source: Globe and Mail

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According to new research, the BlackBerry PlayBook accounts for 15 percent of the Canadian tablet market


"RIM selling the PlayBook at discounted pricing was indeed a smart move, they had nothing to really lose by doing so..."

Yeah, nothing to lose, except money.

I sure hope OS2.0 drops in the next few days, I can't wait!!

Now if the carriers would just release BBOS 7.1 already.......

"Yeah, nothing to lose, except money."

Yes and no -- they wrote down most of the inventory anyway so the "loss" became less, and RIM owes nothing on the books. So technically they may not have made any money but they didn't lose much either compared to what they could have potentially lost if they didn't have that profit breathing room. But whatever.. just gimme 2.0, lol.'s-what-really-matters-rim's-disaster-headlines-today

you're forgetting that they gained market share... its really important to get the playbook into the hands of ppl future business

"Yeah, nothing to lose, except money."

Not true if you stop to think of the math.

Selling a few PlayBooks for $500+ results in less sales, and few people owning them.

Selling more PlayBooks for $199+ results in the same, or even greater amount of sales because it's cheaper, and more will (have) purchased them.

Now on top of that, you have more people owning these tablets, which increases the amount of people viewing App World, and buying apps. This in turn brings in more dollar as well.

Think about how much coin Angry Birds has made with just a $0.99 app. It's all about volume.

Yeah, all versions of angry birds for PlayBook have been and are still 4.99$

which sucks because I can play the same version on Chrome for free.

I think dropping the price was a big's a great hardware that was in need of an update...laaaaate update...

come on release 2.0 pleeeeeeease

Nice to see the playbook in the hands of more people.
Hopefully it encouraged the app developers... because these are going to be the same apps for the BB10 phones.

Hopefully there is a marketing blitz ready for when 2.0 hits. If the video store pans out like it's supposed to(when it hits the other countries besides usa) it will be a fair advantage having the ability to view the movie the day it hits the stores instead of waiting 30+ days like other companies video stores. There are also a ton of other great things about 2.0 that they need to show off.

uh...there aren't that many tablets to begin with and certainly much less last year....I don't really see a point of doing survey on it, and neither are the results likely to be statistically significant

still, I think the decrease in iPad is a good indication that tablet market needs to be tackled with a different strategy especially on how to properly differentiate them from the smartphone market so both devices don't overlap (i.e., not having a bunch of identical apps to be used on both devices)

If the decrease in iPad is a good indication, then maybe there was a good point to doing the survey :D.
[sorry couldnt resist]

Anyway, should be interesting to see what the actual numbers are at the next earnings call.

I absolutely love my Playbook and I admit I have been addicted to it since last summer. So I am very happy about these good numbers for RIM after weeks of bashing in the media. Concerning a possible smaller iPad, here is a good reminder, an article quoting late Steve Jobs' own words:

Steve Jobs Says 7-Inch Tablets Are ‘Dead on Arrival’ (Oct. 18th 2010.)

Presumably referring to Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Tab and Research In Motion’s PlayBook — two 7-inch tablets hitting stores soon — Jobs said these devices were too small for a pleasant touchscreen experience.

“7-inch tablets are tweeners: too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad,” said Jobs, adding that competing manufacturers were struggling to meet the price point of the iPad, which starts at $500. Both Samsung and RIM have not announced pricing on their tablets.

“These are among the reasons that the current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA — dead on arrival,” Jobs said during the earnings call.

With his aggressive statements, Jobs is clearly attempting to mark the tablet space as Apple’s territory.

Jobs’ comments on 7-inch tablets pour cold water on rumors claiming that Apple was preparing to release a 7-inch iPad to compete with rivals. In response to the rumor, Apple watcher Jim Dalrymple explained that Apple had already made a 7-inch iPad at the same time as its available 9.7-inch model, and opted for the latter.

“Why did Apple choose to go with the larger model instead?” Dalrymple wrote. “Only Steve Jobs knows

7" bread and butter tablet makers(Blackberry, Amazon) better hope and pray Apple doesn't release this said 7"...aka, game over. People just don't understand the reason why Apple is the king is because their stuff just works. Andy is second because they copied the King. Its simple folks. Blackberry is nice and I wish it could do more, and in the beginning EVERYONE wanted it to be right up there with the ipad. I would have been proud to have an ipad for home and BB on the go. But RIM only has RIM to blame, not app makers. Now it's apparent we don't need a manufacturer to provide security with governmental agencies switching to android and apple.

apple will not release 7 inch tablet and if it did it would not be for $199. That would cut too much into Apple margins

"People just don't understand the reason why Apple is the king is because their stuff just works."

LOL! Looks like their marketing strategy has worked on you too.

But he has a point.. Apple products do work. They work and do things very easily and straight out of the box (yes I know iPhone v1 and iPad v1 didn`t do x, y, z)

But they're products are dummy proof which is, in case you didn't notice, something needed in NA.

Now before you label me Troll, know that I am not.

I'm just backing up a valid point.

works....after you download itunes. lol.

u know what works? me drag and dropping files from my computer to my pb over wifi.

so that docs to go does it for ya huh, can you hide your xxx photos, and the apps not speaking to each other(copy/paste from docs to go to Sketchbook) works for ya, then yeah it's the best tablet on the market. I don't know why Apple, Andy, and BB have so many people that lie to themselves on a continuous basis.

Well, obviously if that's something you need to do, then everybody needs to do it... Right? Maybe he only needs to copy and paste between a website, Docs, notepad, or email. And they all work perfect. Maybe he needs to do those things without closing one app to get into the next app, or have all open at once. Well, then I guess the PB would be perfect for HIM.

Get over it.

i think the price drop was a great move.... get it in peoples hands
i just went to jamaica on vacation and brought my playbook and my buddies loved it.... said hell for $200 bucks?? get people hooked and raise the price on the next playbook

It isn't even about being able to raise the price on the next playbook, it is about getting as many devs onto qnx development prior to the release of bb10 phones because for all the attention the playbook gets, it has always been the phones that are going to make or break them.

I agree...the playbook marketing plan was the right move...RIM needed more exposure and a way into the fickle consumer market that Apple and Google had been dominating for the last couple of years. I have an android tablet and a playbook....I regularly power up my Android tablet...for find that I use my playbook regularly, and almost exclusively, especially the Bridge feature to my 9800. I am busy converting many of my work docs to pdf docs for my playbook, and I will be using it exclusively in the field.

I am very pleased to see RIM making these inroads, and look forward to their continued success through the year.

FYI: fickle and dominating don't go together, how can a fickle market be dominated by Apple and Andy. The playbook is just an unfinished product, eventhough Andy was considered unfinished with Froyo, and Gingerbread. But RIM sure took that title. But the playbook is the prettiest. Gotta give them that.

If RIM could replicate that around the world they would be in great shape with the Playbook. It probably helps that Kindle and Nook tabs are not available in Canada.

It also helps that the PlayBook Browser is great too!
People that have both devices would likely use their iPad for apps and their PlayBook for Browsing.

Hopefully RIM will work with developers to level the app playing field a little. At least to get the top name apps on it.

Actually, my experiences with the browser have been pretty horrible (apart from my access to Flash)

1 out of 3 times the connection hangs and I need to stop and then refresh and even then it doesn't always work. And it's not a connection issue, I've tested it on multiple devices and connection. At least it's better than my 9800's browser though.

Hopefully it should gain market share in India as well. They have gained a huge market in India for cell phones from Nokia.

I think it's fantastic news!

Sure, they're cutting into their profits to get more and more playbook in the hands of users (and developers). A free Playbook has resulted in 6600 new developers registered in 11 days. They are strategically getting these devices into the market and, as time progresses (and OS 2 is released) that number will continue to grow.

Good to see an article talking about marketshare growth for RIM not just marketshare loss.

15% of the market. WOW. Now if they dropped the price to 99 cents they could move the bar to maybe 18%!!

The product is nice, but flawed. Will os2.0 fix all the bugs and shortcominigs? Who knows. So until the new improved software is released, installed and tested, everything is speculation.

One final thought - if os2.0 turns out to be buggy and deficient, even at 99 cents they won't move product.

15% of the market is huge considering the bad press RIM has endured over the past couple of years.

Whether you want to admit it or not, there is no such thing as perfection. What is flawed in one person's mind is perfectly fine in another. I, for one, think the PlayBook is very capable as it stands today. With or without the 2.0 update, I can still check my email, go on my calendar, surf the web, and more often than not, I will pick up my PlayBook before I go to my computer.

That is where it succeeds.

The iPad can be flawed beyond repair, and in some instances it arguably is (flash support), and it will still sell because perfection is subjective.

Don't discount the PlayBook based solely on what your definition of perfection is.

I keep running into people who have (like myself) just purchased a PlayBook so RIM's strategy seems to be working.

According to the Globe and Mail article this story came from, Mobile fusion is set to be released sometime this month, probably on the same day as 2.0.

I'm pretty sure the market share drop to 68% for the iPad is just when counting Kindels and Nooks, which no one seriously counts as tablets except when trying to prove there is a tablet maker rather than just an iPad market.

Oh, and if RIM really wants to gain marketshare, they should just give them away for free… Oh, wait, they are.

I haven't seen many of those in Canada at all...the Fire isn't even sold here, either, if I remember correctly...

edit: the Nook isn't sold here either...


PlayBook OS 2.0 Launching February 21st Officially Confirmed
Published on 02-16-2012 12:45 PM

BlackBerry News,
BlackBerry PlayBook

We have been waiting to hear an official date for OS 2.0 a really long time from BlackBerry or a RIM employee. Ever since the first whispers of a date were published, it's all been speculation. Today though we got some official RIM confirmation. At the Developing Native Games with the BlackBerry NDK 2.0 Webcast today, Angel Aldana, RIM Manager (Latin America Alliances), confirmed the official date of PlayBook's OS 2.0 launch to be... Tuesday, February 21st! Barring any setbacks, we will have a shiny new OS on our PlayBooks in about 5 days! This is awesome.