BlackBerry PlayBook Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for a chance to win a PlayBook accessory!

By Team CrackBerry on 18 Apr 2012 01:28 pm EDT

Contest: Win a BlackBerry PlayBook accessory of your choice! Keep reading for details.

BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charging Stand

You got your BlackBerry PlayBook updated to the latest OS, but now what? How about some fancy new accessories to keep your PlayBook love going strong? We have just what you need to accessorize the best you can. There are plenty of new accessories in stock at so no matter what you need, we've got you covered.

So what do you want? Maybe just a simple skin case or super-charged OtterBox? Or maybe just a spare travel charger? Check out the best-selling BlackBerry Convertible Case and the BlackBerry PlayBook Rapid Charger.

See our full line of BlackBerry PlayBook accessories and keep reading for your chance to win a BlackBerry PlayBook accessory of your choice!


New BlackBerry PlayBook Cases

New BlackBerry PlayBook Chargers

New Headsets for BlackBerry PlayBook

New BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboards


To enter to win a PlayBook accessory of your choosing*, simply leave a comment to this blog. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Valid on an in-stock accessory at of value <$100.

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook Accessory Roundup - Leave a comment for a chance to win a PlayBook accessory!



My first choice would be a leather convertible case, but since that's still not a real thing, I'd settle for the BlackBerry Journal Case :)

The stand would really help with my app development would not have to pick up the playbook all the time to see it

Since the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for PlayBook cost more than $100, than I'll take the Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard w/Track Pad for PlayBook please :D

I want the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case.
Thanks for the chance to get it.
¡Saludos desde México!

I will love to help promote the BlackBerry mini-keyboard & case (by owning one of my own). Users will see the power of the BlackBerry PlayBook (couple with or without a BlackBerry handheld device).

Long Live The BlackBerry!!!

These contests are always so cool.
This one else is difficult, I've always want a stand for my PB however since I bought the Blackberry mini keyboard for my wife, I've been a bit jealous.

BlackBerry Charging Pod for PlayBook, BlackBerry Charging Pod for PlayBook, BlackBerry Charging Pod for PlayBook, Please, Thanks

The mini-keyboard case would be awesome for my Playbook! Although my wife could use an Otterbox case for hers. Such a dilemma.

Can't believe the great contests at Crackberry keep on coming! I'd love one of the mini keyboards. But hey....any of the accessories will do.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case ...would make my life so much easier ...thankx ,U GUYS ROCK! Good luck everyone :)

Like many, I think the case with keyboard is awesome and would love to have it for my Playbook, thanks for another great contest Crackberry.

Would love the keyboard case!
Curious if I can charge with the case closed, an issue I have with convertible case.

mini keyboard case please! but since it is out of stock and over $100 i will go for a charging pod :)

I just ordered myself a charging pod yesterday, but I'd love to get a convertible case as well. I imagine I'll want to pick up a mini-keyboard w/convertible case at some point. It looks pretty awesome.

I would sure like a PlayBook Rapid Travel Charger! Thanks! I don't want the micro USB port to be too stressed. :)

Tomorrow is my one year Anniversary with my BlackBerry PlayBook, so to win a BlackBerry mini-keyboard would just the best gift anyone (with a BlackBerry PlayBook) would ever want!!!

Go CB!

I've had my PlayBook now since February and it's become a larger part of my business. Nothing can look cooler than going into a customer's office and pulling out my bridged PlayBook and ordering the parts and supplies I need right on the spot. That said, a new accessory would come in very handy!

I would love the ballistic tough jacket series in black and red
Ive loved this forever but I cant buy it! :(

It's a pity that Playbook's keyboard costs more than 100$. In that case for me perfect would be convertible case.
Kind regards for BB users and developers. Ciao...


This could not have come at a better time! I'm getting my PB next week and this contest will come in handy. Let me win, please!

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for PlayBook is the last thing on my list of things to have for my PB. It would be a great addition!!

I wish a dock with HDMI pass through existed, but in the mean time; I would be happy to win almost any accessory!

A new accessory would be awesome for my Playbook for the summer travel season. Thanks CrackBerry for the fantastic contests.

I took time to read the requirements - and so though I would love the BT keyboard, CB lists it for more than the $99 cutoff (although that is still the price at my closest Wal-Mart). So I will say that I would like a PB charging dock.


Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

I bring my playbook with me everywhere. They make fun of me at work and say i bring it home and tuck it into bed at night.

I'd love to get the BlackBerry Journal Case for PlayBook, here n Spain they are so difficult to find and still don't have one after having received my Playbook from BB Developer. So here is crossing my fingers for one ;)

I have the charging dock,,,,,,,,superfantastic!!!!! and now I would love to have the convertible case with keyboard. My Playbook is my buddy, wakes me up in the morning, goes everywhere with me and I can fit it in my purse, how much better does it get than this :)

My playbook is naked... Whichever! A screen protector, charging pod, journal case, mini keyboard....Anything! Thanks CB

Sweet deal! It will be a toss between the Otterbox case and the charging pod... decisions, decisions.... Let the Berry-ness begin!!

As an active Real Estate broker in Manhattan I think the mini keyboard with case would be a great addition to my blackberry arsenal that people ask me about daily. face time in the city for your products and better tools for me. win-win.

nice lineup of accessories - good business - thanks for the fun and opportunity to win - keep up the great job CrackBerry!

I would love to win a charging pod for my birthday which also happens to be the One year anniversary of the Playbook launch. Thanks

Would love to have a mini keyboard!!!! Would turn the playbook into a netbook type device. Love my playbook and my 9670 Style phone.

I would love the mini-keyboard w/ convertible case or even tbr charging pod. I priced one at Best Buy for $60, I'm a broke college kid, can't afford that right now lol.

I would love mostly everything for my playbook. Would be nice to see CB do a bundle pack give away. But $100 is fine by me. Good luck on everyone.

Hello Crackberry,

A travel Playbook rapid charger would be most greatly appreciated, I use my Playbook almost exclusively for all my travel now.


mini keyboard case is sweet.. or i can take an incipio case as well

need something to protect the baby...

Just got a brand new playbook on monday! I would love some accessories!

Ps. Just convinced my dad to get a playbook too! Start the revolution!!!