Leaked slides show off BlackBerry PlayBook accessories and pricing

BlackBerry Playbook accessory pricing
By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2011 04:07 pm EST

Update: BlackBerry PlayBook Cases and PlayBook Accessories Now Available at ShopCrackBerry.com!

Some leaked internal slides from RIM popped up today showing a variety of BackBerry PlayBook accessories compelte with pricing. We saw most of these live and in color back at CES, but while they were all on display we didn't get much more info on pricing or availability. The slides show most of the PlayBook cases and sleeves as well as the charging pod, rapid charger, mini Bluetooth keyboard and revamped Bluetooth music gateway. Overall a pretty good look at what to expect for accessories on launch day. Keep reading for more images.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Accessory Pricing

BlackBerry Playbook accessory pricing


BlackBerry Playbook accessory pricing

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Leaked slides show off BlackBerry PlayBook accessories and pricing


Nice, I see several "must have" accessories! Hopefully this is an indication that a Q1 release is a reality!!

Yeah that was the one case that I was looking forward to... I dont like the idea of pulling out the device or opening something just to use it.

I remember seeing hardshell cases as well. The keyboard is a nice touch i cant wait to see what otterbox comes up with for the playbook. Ill prolly get a defender model since its not gonna be cheap for the 64gb pb lol.

whats the 'power saving technology' in the cases like the sleve or slip case on the first image. They extend battery life.

Using magnets with the magnometer like the iPad 2's smart cases perhaps?