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New BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Beta Finally Sporting Bluetooth A2DP

BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth
By Adam Zeis on 16 Dec 2011 11:42 am EST

From the looks of it the latest BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 developer beta is finally sporting A2DP Bluetooth. This has been a much requested feature and it's great to finally see it available in the OS. If you don't already know, A2DP is a Bluetooth profile that essentially lets you stream audio to Bluetooth headphones, car stereos etc. Unfortunately if you aren't using the beta software you'll have to wait until the big Tablet OS 2.0 update in February, but it is definitely something else to look forward to. If you're running the beta and A2DP is working for you be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Finally they added this feature.

February can't come fast enough!!


OMFG I had to sit down and check my pulse to see if I'm still alive. You mean to tell me that there is a feature to which consumers have been wanting and RIM will actually be delivering on it! Amazing. Astonishing. Are we sure its not April 1st?


lol :D

Be still my heart~


This is great!

I always wondered by my iPod touch could have this feature but my playbook doesn't.

Not for long though...

Come on Feb...


Holy Jesus, they actually listened? Wow.


Nice, come febuary ill be buying a playbook and installing it in my truck. Down with wires!!


Awesome! Will the updated beta be available in the beta zone for download?


What about silverlight??? I need my netflix!!! :O


Check the forums. There are things you can do to get Netflix working. PlayOn specifically.


Now that that is fixed bring on the voice capable sim slot and swapable battery.


Just waiting till we're able to input text from our bridged BBs, people will be $hitting bricks!


This makes me very happy! I still say it should have been there since day one....


Hold on,
with little programmation, would it be able to pick up calls from our BB over bridge?


It is about time. Wonder what took them so long.


Yep, I have my Playbook streaming music via bluetooth to my Blackberry Stereo Gateway that's hooked up to my home theatre! Finally!!!!


Now, I'd like to see them add more CODECs, USB hosting, and some Video conferencing apps (Skype, OoVoO, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger) so I can FINALLY use the front facing cam!


Sounds like a great feature that GPS APP builder can add to their app to connect to car stereo, less wire more buyer!!


This feature should have been on the Playbook on original release date, YES I'm happy but why do I have to wait until Feb?


Holy Crap. By summer I can start using my Bose Soundlink with the source being the PlayBook without wires :)... I really needed this feature for the summer, if it pops off before then, even better.


Hehehe sweet a2dp my pb is complete now February came early for me, works like a charm!


will i be able to use bluetooth for file transferring aswell? across from playbook to mobile???? without having to use bridge and a file manager....


I dont have the update yet, I keep checking but it still show's .4869 as the latest. Any clue guys?

The Me

It's because, due to the earths magnetic field, the core temperature revolves around...

You're in the past buddy...

(Pulled a Stanley from The Office but without the "butt" joke thing..)


its work for me for my motorola HT820 but don't work on platronic 520


This little tablet has so much potential. I know end user opinions make a whole sum of difference but RIM isn't clueless on how to make a badass device... They should have waited an extra three months and forced themselves to produce something that would have ppl talking from day 1 instead of now trying to make up with update after update. Think that's what they are try to do with BB10..make sure it comes good!!


I agree with you digtech, its like they were forced to push the PB out when it wasn't ready, a little patience and the story would have been different, but unfortunately the damage has been done, lets hope people will be more forgiving. Its all good for me though rocking A2DP right now, sweet!

Also read an article about a 7.85" iThingy....OUCH!!


Streaming music through my home stereo from my Playbook...Luv it

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PLAYBOOK BUG: Fix the bugs in the bluetooth. I have the same stereo in a fleet of autos. I cannot rename the bluetooth connections or tell them apart. The playbook only handles maybe 2 connections before becoming confused because of this bug in the playbook. PLEASE FIX. Allow naming for different bluetooth connections.