BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ now available in the UK

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+
By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2012 02:17 am EDT

Back during IFA we got a look at the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ but at that time, there was no other information really available aside from the fact it was expected to launch at some point in time. Now, if you head on over to the BlackBerry UK site you'll find the device listed as available through Insight UK and Misco UK.

Just like the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE, the only size available is 32GB and pricing starts at a somewhat hefty £345.99 excluding VAT and is only available through the retailers on a per-order basis. Fancy ordering one? You can hit the link below to get yourself started. Thanks, @BB_in!

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BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ now available in the UK


Can anyone confirm what os version this thing runs? In Canada, there is still no os2.1 for the 4G PlayBook® and it's been over a month.


Lack of software updates could kill this thing before it even gets off the ground.

I hope these this bad boy gets discounted here in Canada as I'd love to buy one.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I wouldn't buy the 3G.

Of course one of the biggest reasons is that I own a 32GB Wifi version ;)

But when I read the tests about the 3G/LTE version I was really disapointed with the battery life.

The 0,5Ghz more per core can be nice but my issue is more the 1GB RAM than the speed.

I'm using a mobile hot spot at the moment and it's working great. The device can bring me up to 8 hours in the internet with it's 1500mAh battery and is very small.

Not perfect, but way cheaper than 500 Euro (gross)

(I'm in the Uk)

Interesting but with my 64Gb PlayBook costing just £129 and working fine over BB Bridge when no wifi available, (including using it as a sat nav using Latitude at 80 mph on the motorway), I see no need for a 3G version especially at that price.

Also, selling through two online stores who have "no stock available, supplied to order" is not the way to sell shedloads against the iPad Mini. Besides which, PlayBook advertising here in the UK is virtually zero. I've met Blackberry phone users who are totally unaware that the PlayBook exists, and this nearly two years after it was launched. Meanwhile, Apple bombards me with emails about the iPad Mini, despite the fact that I have not used any Apple product for six years -and even then, it was just iTunes, briefly.

Way to go, RIM. I love my two PBs (I have a 16 Gb one too) but RIM's appalling marketing makes me want to cry.

129 net or gross? (I believe in UK you are usually using gross, too - like in (the rest of) Europe ;)

200 Euro 64GB I would by a second, or maybe a third one.

Sadly the best price I found was 200 Euro and since the prices were never that good. (for 32GB version)

Germany is just not a BB market.

I just don't get it. RIM doesn't seem to make any effort to market the playbook or chase customers. Why haven't they thrust the playbook in the hands of presnters on TV? Why are the popular ios apps like skynews for ipad still not on the playbook? And why oh why is video store app still not available in the UK.

The media outlets in the UK have a hobby in slating RIM, they just don't help themselves.

For those who are complaining and wondering why Rim are not pushing this new model more aggressively with a lower price, the clue is in the listed price being shown ex vat, this one is intended for businesses that for some particular reason need the connectivity to not be supplied by bridge or a mifi and as such they are probably not expecting huge sales of the product and have kept orders low accordingly.

Also, it would not surprise me if the most important part of these newer playbooks for Rim is the time spent sorting the interaction between qnx and a wireless radio and then applying the lessons they learned to the upcoming bb10 devices.

Dead on Arrival.

Why would anyone buy a 349 pound 3G playbook when the 64GB wifi version is 129 pounds?

How many normal people would choose this over a 3G Nexus 7 at that same price?

Because RIM is not trying to sell the devices to consumers. These devices are geared towards Enterprise Customers that have no choice but to get the Playbook, if they want a secure tablet that runs on their current BIS installations.

The only reason all these companies are switching to iPhone is because RIM did not have a 3G tablet available to them in time, so corporations started using iPads and slowly began switching to Apple devices. That is also why RIM rushed a tablet to the market, back in 2011 they knew that their customers were using iPads and were asking RIM when they would release Blackberry tablets. RIM decided to rush the PlayBook and make so that it could connect to Blackberry phones for most of the core features hoping that corporations would flock to the Playbook and buy them some time, until they could make the OS better. The sad part is that if they had waited a little and brought out a complete tablet, i think they would have have the market share that Kindle+Nexus currently enjoy.

I can't wait for the LTE version here in the US, I sure hope it's around the time BB10 is released for the PlayBook as well. I would use it for my corporate emails and VPN into my office PC when working remotely and not need to have to be in a wifi area to get access.

Here the 32GB non-4G/LTE Playbook is $150. The 4G/LTE version is $550. Who in their right mind would pay a $400 premium just to be able to use cellphone internet connections???

*nobody* is going to buy this!

For only $100 I can get a MiFi/mobile hotspot unit that will give me that same cellphone internet, plus allow others to connect to it as well, *plus* the unit has an SD card slot! So I can pay $150 for a WiFi only playbook, and $100 for this MiFi unit, and be done. That's $250 spent vs. $550 for the same damn thing (minus the ability to access stuff stored on SD Card).

Also, only 2 cellphone service companies here offer the 4G/LTE Playbook, and they are by no means cheap in terms of their monthly service rates, either. At least if I bought a normal WiFi-only Playbook and a MiFi unit I could use it with the cheaper providers. Paying $35/month for unlimited internet (speeds are not throttled back until you go over 10GB) is much better than what the 4G/LTE Playbook vendors can offer.

Are the 3G/4G/LTE Playbooks forced to go through BIS? Because there are alternatives.. namely the Android version of Skyfire, which does server-side compression as well, and runs fine on the Playbook.

Opera Mobile, with its 'Turbo' option, does compression too. It doesn't run on the Playbook though.

Yes, I would say the same thing about the 'eyepad' (lol)

and I wish I could get through one discussion thread without seeing any mention of Apple's products.

I don't see Apple charging $400 extra for a 500Mhz bump in speed on the CPU, and the addition of a 3G/4G/LTE radio.

You seemed to have forgotten that carriers Real setting the prices for the 3g/faux 4g/LTE playbooks. RIM hasn't told what to sell them at, the carriers are the ones.

Rims note...The next Bigger thing is already here. Introducing the  Frankenphone. (FoRmaly known as PlayBook).

Marty, were u able to upgrade to os 2.1 yet? I'm still not seeing it. Came out for wifi on Oct 3rd (my bday) nothing yet for the 4G PlayBook®. Let me know! Thx

To be honest, this is tempting. As others have said, this isn't aimed at consumers.

I could justify this for my own company use easily:
- I work at many sites where WiFi is disabled (and actively jammed)
- I work at many sites where MiFi devices are not only banned, but they're actively scanned for, and security come and nick them off you ;-)
- using Bridge via BT with my Bold 9900 kills the battery, talking less than half a day out of it with constant use
I can see a number of situations where this is ideal - but, again, it's a business play.