BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB available for $249 from 1SaleADay today only

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 4 Jan 2012 04:09 pm EST
Still looking for a BlackBerry PlayBook for a great price? Check out today, and you can grab a brand new (not refurbished) 32GB PlayBook for just $249.99 plus $4.99 s&h. Unfortunately, the site only ships to the US, so if you're interested and not in the US you may have to enlist the assistance of a friend. I've ordered from before, and while they aren't the quickest at shipping, I've never had trouble with my orders being fulfilled. If you want to take advantage of this deal, you have just under 8 hours before it expires.
See the deal at 1SaleADay
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BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB available for $249 from 1SaleADay today only


I know RIM says that they are behind the PlayBook and that the QNX/BBOS10 is the future of the Phones... But it sure does seem like they are having a hard time "giving" these away.

Curent pricing in Canada has 16 GB @ $199.99, 32 GB @ $249.99 and 64 GB @ $399.99.....This has been the case since the day after Christmas, otherwise known as Boxing Day here and is on sale until the end of the week at most box store locations such as Best Buy and Future Shop and even directly from RIM until tomorrow. Its suspected that the sale currently available from RIM to customers in the USA, $299 for any sized PlayBook will replace the currently available offer from RIM online here in Canada.

Why would you guys delete my comment?

I didn't think it bashed the PlayBook at all.

Been a suporter/reader for all these years, didn't know you guys delete comments that are even slightly yet objectively pointing out opinions on the platforms...

Way to go for free speech, democracy, internet neutrality, "journalism", CrackBerry.

32GB for $249.99 + tax & shipping? Or 64GB from RIM for $299.99 + NO TAX + FREE shipping. Bought the 64GB from Shop BlackBerry, charge came out to just that, $299.99 on my credit card, thanks RIM (:

I wish they would just lower the price and stop with the "sales" and "one day deals"

Really hope to see a new Playbook with the launch of 2.0.

While the hardware is really ahead of what Apple had at the time (and even now), with the bad reviews of the OS, and the PlayBook coming up on being out for a year. OS2 really needs the PlayBook2 to be release.

Even if they don't change anything other than a few minor tweaks it would help sales. And thus the PlayBook1 could stay at $199 for the bargain hunters or competition with the FIRE and other cheaper devices.

Right, this is the price range that people will now wait to buy at until Playbook 2.0 is released. Hopefully a million or two playbooks will be in hand and driving even greater developer support by then!

I have heard bad things about this retailer, I would stay away and find the deal elsewhere. Not worth the possible headache.

The Source in Canada is selling the 64GB version for $299.99 as of this morning until January 19. I just got one.

Yeeeey, my PlayBook just got here, took exactly 1 week. I wii open the box in a few minutes, have to eat lunch first.