BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.560 Beta for developers released

BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 31 May 2012 04:21 pm EDT

Earlier this week we put up a post letting you all know RIM was planning to release the latest developer beta for the BlackBerry PlayBook pushing the OS into v2.1.0.560 and now, the update has gone live for those waiting. RIM has included quite a few changes with this release, some of which I'm sure they left off the change log noted on the developer blog:

  • Improved HTML5 support
  • Portrait support for Email, Calendar and Contacts
  • Improved folder support including IMAP folder support
  • Full device encryption is now supported, so that the whole device and personal partition can be secure.
  • Screenshots are now saved in lossless PNG format.
  • Each Android app will now run in its own window. This greatly improves the user experience and consistency among the other application runtimes.
  • Access to the Camera hardware is now supported for Android apps, allowing many more application types to work on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet.
  • In-App Payment is now supported through the BlackBerry Payment SDK, so Android applications can include virtual items for sale in their applications.

Just as before, you will need to whitelist your BlackBerry PlayBook in order to download this release. Keep in mind, it is intended for BlackBerry developers and not really intended for end-users. If you can't handle dealing with some possible bugginess or are not a developer then you may wish to avoid even looking at loading this.

Note: After installing BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 you will not be able to backup and restore data back to 2.0.x. Apps downloaded or purchased from App World while using BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 may no longer work on other versions of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. Not all apps which work on OS 2.0.x will work on BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook OS v2.1.0.560 Beta for developers released


You should remember that now RIM team is different with different CEO. They are becoming more reliable with dates, they delivered OS2.0 as promised in Feb, they promised Beta will be release by May and they have delivered.

Could all of you turn your PlayBooks OFF so I can download this please.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

The new camera access with android apps could help port instagram to playbook and maybe official porting from instagram themselves

Like, if I had one, it would be like, super wet right now. That's all I'm going to say.

Can't wait to download this!

(now you know I'm not talking about a PlayBook ;))

I have the same "Invalid PIN" problem myself. I am using the same PIN as I used for the previous Beta, as well, so I know it 'used to' work.

Please don't post that you are downloading it... I hate scrolling through hundreds of useless posts to find out what people's experience with it are. Just the facts Jack. Thanks

You hate scrolling through comments on something that state what the person's experience with it is? Then don't read the damn comments. The section is there for the purpose of sharing experience.

You shouldn't comment on other people's posts until you learn to read them first. I said I WANTED to hear their experience but I didn't want to know the status of their download. What's so hard for you to understand about that?

I'm not downloading it! ;D

(I was one of the minority who's playbook got Fooked up when they downloaded the 2.0 beta - permanently lost my camera, other issues...) 2.1 looks like a big improvement, but I will wait until the lot of you have served as guinea pigs for me.)

wasnt that one supposed to bring WIFI-Bridge?
any estimates on how long it takes till we get 2.1 for end users? (how long does it usually take?)

Next update will probably be BB10. 2.1 beta will be improved and added to, then released as BB10 later this year. (Yeah, that is speculation that I pulled outa my ***) But a hunch based on experience and timing ...

Yeah, you did kind of pull that out of your butt.

There will be a 2.1 release for the Playbook in early July, with a BB10 update for the Playbook arriving shortly after the phones launch this fall.

God dammit

Why don't you just sell it and quit posting useless comments, and then buy another tablet that CATORS to YOUR needs.

I agree, the only thing that is really missing in the playbook is skype, google talk with voice/video support. Blackberries video app works great and I am using it regularly with in the family, but you want to widen the circle

Another thing I hope BB will implement is browsing by swiping in the borders. Only the playbook could do this and it would be a true advantage. Why press a goback button when you can go back and forward by swiping in the bezel. This would be very handy in the browser, appworld, filemanagers, mail and many other programma's

And why browsing up en down on pages often activating links unintentionally, when you can safely swipe in the left en right border? Also it would eliminate the problem that when swiping zoomed in webpages, you accidentally browse them in horizontal direction.

I think the interface is really great, but it can even be more awesome if they make full use of bezel swipes. Those are the two enhancements I am really looking out for.

BB did a great job with previous releases. I especially loved the ability to put all apps in folders, which makes finding them so much easier. I think the playbook is one of the best buys I ever did, and I use it routinely and recommend it to everyone.

Lucky! I have to wait for Porsche design to approve it for my Porsche xD (hehehehehe good job guys)

I registered over and over again, put my pin in, and it said it would work. Here I am, repeatedly pressing the "Check for Updates" button, but it's NOT PICKING UP AN UPDATE. This is really rustling my jimmies.

So anyone tried Skype yet? What do you mean give them a chance! lol IT has been 30 minutes. Plenty of time ;)

It's giving me "Invalid PIN" on my mail PlayBook. It accepted by Dev PlayBook PIN but no update yet :/

I'm going to try the Skype and Tango android apps ported for this now that access to the camera is allowed! =D

No update - just a 3MB update because I'm travelling in the US and got the video store :) C'mon beta!

For the record, I'm blaming Clewley for ruining the day for all those RIM bashers out there. He delivered when he said he would.... so there!

Nice updates. Loving the support for portrait mode! Drives me nuts that I couldn't do it. I was considering switching back to using mail through bridge as I did prior to 2.0.

Registered 2 PB's and waiting... Decided to snap a Grolsch or two, chill out and wait with a smile on my face :-)

I think that would require an update to the Bridge App for the smartphone, so probably not. Will know for sure once we can actually download the update. Servers are so overwhelmed right now, the update is crawling along.

Some chatter on states that SMS text via Bridge will be in 2.1 on official release, but is not included in this dev beta release.

Too little too late. Most Playbook's are sitting at a RIM warehouse collecting dust awaiting to be sold a fire sale. RIM has over a billion dolars of hardware to liquidate which include the Playbook.

Hey JD (short for Justa Douche) 914 - you sound like you live in your mom's basement and haven't had interaction with a female ever. Stop trolling on crackberry and get out to meet some drunk chicks that you'll probably have to roofie just to get a kiss.

Netflix app on android was never limited by the camera. I believe it required access to some of the core processes not available on the playbook android player. Skype worked, but not beyond the text functions. So now with the camera working, it might work, assuming the microphone will work too.

hopefully the browser as now "find", I often search for key words on websites and I really was disapointed that this basic feature was still missing on 2.0

Android apps running "alone" sounds really nice.

Excellent! Now, I just need a new Blackberry to go with my Playbook! The Storm2 pushed my Blackberry loyalty to the limits! I've been saving my upgrade for the last year for a QNX "Super Phone!" The only complaint I had with OS 2.0 was the Android App player, it is a great idea, but it has too many people thinking RIM has gone Android. The capability is already there within the Playbook itself, we just need to get more developers out there to see how awesome the QNX OS is and develop! lol

I am on 2.1 but skype no working, and still cannot run multiple android apps. Oh instagram does not work either. UPDATE Weird it went through the install and rebooted. I rolled back after another reboot

Step 2 of 2. Here's looking at you kid!

Keep it up RIM you have 78-million people counting on you to pull through!!!

BlackBerry forever apple and android never...

But does the browser have the ability to organize bookmarks into folders yet? (probably not)
Can we finally remove all the useles crap (Bing Maps, youtube app, music store, video chat, print to go)

Come on, that would mean RIM actually listened to their fans and gave them a feature they actually wanted. You know that's not going to happen.

Ok, leaving sarcasm aside; I read somewhere - not sure where - that there are no plans to bring the ability to organize bookmarks until a new Browser is built. It has something to do with the limitations of Air which is what the current browser was built in. Basically, aside from security fixes, html5 handling, I wouldn't expect much more to be added to the browser.

Doesn't mean it is useless for you, it's also useless for everyone else. This is a release for developer's purpose what does it have to do with your problem with bookmarks?

I never said it was useless. I said that, we should be allowed to remove apps that we, as individuals, deem useless on our personal PlayBooks. If I don't like the crappy youtube app, I should be able to remove it. If you like it, you can keep it.

I wish I could remove the useless crap postings like yours. Video chat and Print To Go are critical to use the Playbook in a business environment. These are being used on a daily basis by our company.

What's wrong with you? Print To Go is a great app that I rely heavily on. Video chat not so much but I enjoy using it. Don't assume that because you have no uses for them they are useless crap.

i am on 2.1 and i don't see too much difference. I went on html5test and i got 391 with like 13 bonus points. I noticed that android apps now go into their own screen so that is pretty cool. Not to bum anyone out but their isn't too much difference.

So bummed the text bridging isn't available on this, I've been wanting that ever since I bought my PlayBook. Oh well, Android multitasking and portrait mode are definitely worth something.

Keep in mind, this is a developer beta. They're not going to add the frills, they're just going to keep it plain and simple so the developers can test the apps for when 2.1 officially releases.

Download was smooth and quick. So far I have a very good impression of the update. Browser is really quick! Keep the great work coming RIM.

U had me at portrait email, cant wait for the update. Looking forward to seeing the browser improve as well as running android apps in separate windows.

With the camera being able to be used on android apps, does this mean we should prepare to see a skype app soon? I hopes!

Thats for post. Team RIM!

I just finished downloading 2.1 and I have noticed everything is so much clearer!!! I am currently watching a video on YouTube and am so amazed at how clear it is!!!

Named tabs. I hate swiping between unnamed screens to find what I'm looking for. It's why I got a BlackBerry in the first place, the iDroid interface is terrible, the OS6 interface was simple and easy.

Calendar in month view doesn't work. Only difference is encryption and landscape mode that I notice.

I did not know that android apps did not access to the camera. Really? Wow. I guess the official release of this update will pave way for more video chat apps.

after a painstaking 2 failed download attempts (stupid BDM, download always stalled at 71/75 modules) & a pretty slow OTA (after waiting for the update notification for almost 4 hours), this build finally has reached my playbook. yeah,
- html5 results is amazing,
- dunno about the browser but it feels snappier,
- boot up time is faster (1 min 40 secs compared to 2 min 45 secs on 2.0.1)
- PORTRAIT MODE on PIM apps!!! finally RIM, finally!! but.. where are the "mark all", "mark as read" options??
- FULL IMAP folder support, YEAY!! (sounds good for BB10 here, IMHO.. particularly for those on Yahoo Mail free)
- dunno for this but.. i notice a significant improvement in memory management & battery life. i did a reboot at 5 PM then unplugged the playbook since then, till now, it's been about 4 on standby (sleep) mode, emails keep syncing in the background but the battery is still sitting at.. 100%!!! this performance really IS a replicate of OS 1.0.x, amazing! the RAM is sitting still at around 575-578MB available.

Overall its working fine, little bit glitches, 5-6% slower, good to use android apps in separate windows, android apps are crashing less. Flipboard is working fine too.

Downloaded the OS 2.1 with ease. I have tried: Super Swiss Army Knife, Smart Tools, Pencil Camera and Touch pro. All these apps use camera, they are working fine. I am looking for Camscanner, one version use to work fine, i downloaded it 3-4 days back, let me know if you find it.

Would've loved to see a Preview of the new Innovative BB10 Keyboard or at least a more Thumb Friendly Keyboard. Too bad =(!

Still awesome I can run multiple Android Apps now and more Apps support Portrait Mode =)!

Like the new PIM/Mail. Like the multi-tasking of Android Apps. Biggest thing for me though is that Notes Traveler for Android works again. it stopped working at the last official update with a sync error. One thing though, it has 4 icons, mail, calendar, search and contacts. Only the mail icon shows up when install on the PB. To get the other icons you have to install an Android task launcher and use that instead of the QNX version. Anybody know a different work around?

I use RDP a lot and android apps are definitely more reliable on the beta version. When dragging to select texts it always used to crash... Now it never failed me, I'm very happy and I'm loving android apps on separate windows.

Although the update to looks like a great idea for someone that is a developer - I am still running since I am not a developer.

Depending on what the rest of the users in this forum advise me on I will stay away from it until the general relase. I have a few problems with my PB that I need help or advice with.

I turned on my PB the moring after the Dev update was released - and I no longer have access to my IMAP email. Gmail and hotmail on the PB email client work fine. This is not the first time this has happened!!

The wireless connection still keeps dropping out - I spent $200 on a new Cisco wireless modem, but still no increase in my PB connection speed. PlayBook will not connect faster than 65 Mbps.
My laptop connects at 1G on my new modem. Does not matter if I am 6cm or 20mtr away from the wireless modem the signal still bounces all over the place. For you techies out there signal strenght is between -55 and -75 dBm. I should be able to get a solid connection within 75 mtr of the wireless without a problem.

The POP3 mail problems are still not fixed! This is a recoginzed problem by Rim and was told that it would be fixed in the "next" upate. Is this the update???

As a Canadian I am trying to fully support RIM as a Canadian company, but after 6 weeks of not getting these problems fixed I am starting to get frustrated.

When are these RIM recoginzed problems going to be fixed?

I have a very good feeling from reading posts on this site and others that I am not the only one with these problems.....

Any one else care to comment? I want to see RIM succeed, but they need to get moving and get things working properly now and not wait until 10 comes out.

Thank you all - NewCat427

I have not really seen much of a difference from 2.0 other than the buzz going around. Android, camera, encryption, and a very stable is pretty much all I can say for. I can not say what the excitement is since I do not have any Android apps, but the final release better be more worth it then this cause it is a bare bone update. For the positive note, I am glad it brings us that much closer to BB10.