What features would your ultimate BlackBerry PlayBook 2 have?

By Adam Zeis on 10 Mar 2014 04:09 pm EDT

Cruising through the forums today, I came across this post from TheJelen with an interesting BlackBerry PlayBook 2 design. The concept here is a big ol' beast packing plenty of processing power, more than enough RAM, a huge battery and a 10" screen. It would of course be running BlackBerry 10 as well and have plenty of customization options at the ready. There would even be two headphone jacks and four speakers for amazing sound. Overall quite the concept if you ask me.

While it's unlikely that we'll be seeing another BlackBerry tablet anytime in the near future, it did get me thinking about just what I would put in my ultimate BlackBerry PlayBook 2. I quite like the size of the original PlayBook, but I'd maybe get it a bit thinner, throw in BlackBerry 10, some good speakers and a better battery — then I'd be good to go. 

What about you? If you could have things your way, what would you want to see in your PlayBook 2? Better camera? Expandable storage? More outputs Think on it a bit and hit up the comments with your vision!

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What features would your ultimate BlackBerry PlayBook 2 have?



Omg I'd be first in line for a new playbook just like that one!

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

I would be right behind ya. I still use my PlayBook daily, but that one looks amazing! They just need to market it better. Original PBOS was so lacking, but BB10 is full featured now and would work great on a tablet. I would get one day one.


Heard someone say to name it the BlackBerry Phoenix. That sounds pretty awesome to me.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

I second that too, BlackBerry 10 is way more featured. It would be an awesome work and productivity tablet. I'm definitely in.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Anything is better than naming it playbook. That was a horrible name especially since they promoted it as the first "professional tablet". Just the worst marketing team ever

Agreed, but you know what was the bigger mistake, there is no way to have the PlayBook back light stay on for more than five minutes. This is a problem for me as we use them for song lyrics but gotta make sure to touch it every 5mins!

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

The list is too long for the features I'd like to have, but as long as it meets 10.2.1, anything else is just icing.

I would however want the same aspect ratio as the current PlayBook, auto focus on the rear camera, and better antennas for the bluetooth.
Posted with my CB10 using the power of " Q "

I'd actually like to see them squeeze in 8 but make the bezels a little smaller so the overall footprint is as close to the same as possible.

Posted with my CB10 using the power of " Q "

I would buy the BlackBerry tablet if it maintained the same form-factor as the original tablet so existing accessories work with the new tablet. The bezels could be reduced by 50% thereby providing additional screen real estate without increasing the footprint of the tablet. BlackBerry OS 10 with full integration between smartphone and tablet via BlackBerry Bridge; non-negotiable. The tablet must have 8GB RAM, 64GB flash memory for applications, 64GB flash memory for applications, and microSD card slot supporting 128GB capacity with closure like the BlackBerry Q5. BlackBerry Protect with full and selective backup and restore, device locator service, integration with third-party cloud storage services via BlackBerry Protect for additional storage capacity with option to encrypt the backup using a private-public key-pair independent of the device to survive post security wipe restoration.

I, for one, would buy a BlackBerry BlackBook. No more sports metaphors, no cutesy toy-like names, no non-professional shenanigans, and no post-birth abortion nor red-headed step-child treatment. BlackBerry can either step-up or pack-up but the management team will be shown no mercy for failure. Do you hear me Mr. John Chen? Your predecessor destroyed the loyalty we gave the company and its products. We bought into BlackBerry 10 as a final demonstration of support for BlackBerry. Do not screw-up; the consequences will be fatal.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

+10,000,000!!! On all those specs!!!

Also,the name Black Book is perfect. If that doesn't scream professionalism I dont know what does.

Posted via CB10

Adding to your list:
- a battery that can't drain completely
- a way to connect to external USB hdd like the z30 can
- BBM enabled
- Google play services so we can play games like Clash of Clans properly
- lots of accessories
- two versions:
One for consumers with better gfx and ram, and one for enterprise with option of more ram

One can dream, right? :)

Posted via CB10

I also agree on 8" screen with smaller bezels. I would definitely buy one. Maybe two for the right price.

Posted via CB10

That's a problem I've had on my PB since day one. It seems difficult for the PB to be on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time. As in streaming video, and transmitting the audio to an external speaker. My 9850 did a better job than my PB! . . My Z10 works as well. And the only other thing is there is no flash on the PB! What the Hell was that all about ! ? .

Everything that the playbook had but add a sd car slot and a bridge app for android, iphone and of course bb10. Still use my playbook everyday and love the hdmi connection and bluetooth support. The multitasking simply kicks ass with the playbook.

Nah. Bbry has tried and failed and been very clear that they are pursuing the enterprise / government market.

I'm a consumer. My next tablet will be Android. Then the apps I purchase will be native ... unlike many of the PB apps I still use.

Posted via CB10

Nah, I'm a consumer, but I am interested in the next gen BlackBerry Black Book. I have no desire to get (hem) droids.

This post Powered by BlackBerry

LOL, another PB!

The new PB runs in native mode with apps from
BB, Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores!
(sorry, no MS windows8 apps).

And, sold as a discounted promo in T-Mobile retail stores. :)

Could we run Win RT in virtual? Wouldn't even dare to dream....

Win RT comes pre-installed, there is no version to purchase, unfortunately.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The number one reason why I never bought a playbook even when you can get them for dirt cheap now is the fact that you cannot expand the memory with a SD card. I never understood why, it surely isn't for a lack of space...

Err, that is hands down the *ugliest* concept I have ever seen on crackberry. Even the iPad would beat it in a beauty contest.

All we really need is a 1920x1080 form factor 10" or so playbook.

A commitment by blackberry to support it for a least a year or two with updated software.

- a snap on keyboard like the surface pro has. Just got one of those devices and i'm in love with it!.
-Digitizer w/ pen included.
-Expandable memory slot
-hdmi port out
- at least 1 usb 3.0 port.
- at least 4 GB of RAM, would prefer 8GB to futureproof the device.

You said you want to future proof yet you want them to support the software for a year or 2...


Please BlackBerry bring us a new playbook to kick the iPad's ass.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

yeah, you know that no matter HOW amazing, solid and gorgeous - not to mention 'cheap' - ANY new BBRY PB could and would ever be, there is no effin' snowball's chance in hades that the iPad will EVER have its a$$ kicked.
Samsung and the google conspiracy-players are doing their dam#dest and still not 'really' killing it.

But I like your thinking ....

I disagree. The ipad became popular in enterprise because the original playbook just wasn't there and android isn't there because of security.

A new sexy BlackBerry tablet would change the game :) pair it with a bad ass ad on every channel

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

The security of BlackBerry 10 on a kick ass tablet better then any ipad? He'll yeah im in :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

I would definitely like to see a BB10 playbook. I would sell my android tablet in a second to get my hands on that possible, but probably never happen tablet.
The features displayed in this picture are actually pretty good and what I would expect from the next possible tablet.

Here's you hoping (takes a drink of beer)

What do you mean sell? I would pay someone to drag my Android tablets away. Android tablets are the "8 tracks" of the 21st century.

Looks like a larger Z10. I would buy it.

Join my #BBM Channels C001227CF, C00476C37, C003829C9, C002454C9,C002190AC, C00120CE3

Posted via CB10

A real, full size USB port. BBM (With video and screen share) , the ability to back up the phones and tablet using BlackBerry Protect WITHOUT plugging any of the said devices in to a desktop. This day and age, we who have new BB10 phones, should be able to back them up as on a Curve 9320.

Make the dang tablet like this, and it would sell like crazy with that USB port. Do it BlackBerry! We need it!

Posted via CB10

Chen I hope your listening! Not everyone wants an iPad! Please give us a powerful stylish BlackBerry 10 tablet asap! Give it BlackBerry guardian through and through, and make it sexy :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Let someone at Foxconn have fiddle with the idea, they've brought out worse stuff.

If they have to, just use any decent generic tablet hardware, install OS, wrap it in BB10 design. Shouldn't take too long to put together. The market wants it NOW!

I don't care who makes it, just as long as they make it.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Just a Tablet-sized BB10 device. So with all features of the phones (usb otg, expandable storage). What 'special' treatment would it need? Maybe Playbook-esque app switching, and definitely a shared BBID between phone and tablet.

If they do want to make on, it should not be rocket science.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

I have a phone that takes care of all my squinting needs. If I'm going to have another piece of tech, I want one that has a large screen so all the fine details of visually complex games can be seen/read clearly and easily.

We'll have to agree to disagree. :)

Go back to QNX's Harmann Kardon roots. Make it a media monster with great speakers, a multi play list media player and a high spec camera. Also, work with educational and productivity software companies to make it the go to platform for work and learning.

Posted via CB10

Exactly this! Loved the original PBs audio quality. Also the same proportions and maybe size would be nice, including a hologram keyboard as ultimate killer feature.

Be able to answer calls on the tablet thru bridge and even make phone calls. Android integration like bb10 would be great too.

Posted via CB10

Looks cool! Sign me up! The specs all seem good, but you need a special edition that comes in crocodile leather.

I will definitely replace my Windows 8 tablet if it can happen! I sid love working with my current PlayBook but limited in screen area.

Posted via CB10

Who needs micro HDMI with a 10' screen?! Switch it to USB 3.0 and keep that BlackBerry Bridge fully integrated. How about a keyboard app for the Z30?

Posted via CB10

Um I do. I use micro HDMI all the time. Friends are amazed and be like "What phone is that". It's a BlackBerry bitches :)

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

+1! I use HDMI out on my PB and Z10 all the time. My buddy last week asked me if I was controlling the PB from my phone, upon which 'Yes' produced a disgusted smirk from his Windows Phone self.

I get that too from carrying a white Z10:
Some guy: 'is that the new iPhone?'
Me: 'Nope! It's the newest BlackBerry!'
Some guy: 'But but, BlackBerry is broke right? Sold to Google??'
Me: 'I have been hearing that silly story for three years straight now. You want the facts instead of what the general media feeds you? Go to www.crackberry.com and get educated!'

Posted via CB10

First off don't call it PlayBook 2 name Idk The BlackBerry Phoenix and I would love for it to have a separate screen view like the galaxy note tab

Posted via CB10

Why not borrow something from another company and be able to build your own PlayBook, you make your specs and be happy just like what dell use to do in the past

Posted via CB10

What's with all these ugly concepts? Now anyone with Photoshop is creating concepts? How long to did this take, 10 minutes? Extrude the Z30, write some caption on the side, and done!

Posted via CB10

I'd like two options, 10" and slightly larger than the original but with the same dimensions, larger screen, smaller bezel. Specs are whatever, just keep up with the competition.

Having said that, if they can't sell phones they certainly won't be able to sell tablets.

Agreed w/the both of you... Not a penny to this until they stabilize (and, dare we dream, surge) the handset side of things. Would certainly LIKE to see this happen (if done right), but I'd like more to see the company survive long enough to implement it correctly.

make it compatible with DSLR cameras, sign am agreement with capture one and have it be able to shoot tethered. every photographer would pick one up instantly. SD card to ipad is not quite the same and this would be a HUGE feature to lure customers on top of the regular tablet goodies.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry already loss in playbook.
So be sure BlackBerry, smartphone department won't effect.

Posted via CB10

Um please if they made this one it would be sold out in a second.

They ipad cannot be the only option when it comes to a secure tablet.

Give us a sexy BlackBerry 10 tablet just like pic.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

I would buy that. Probably wait in line for that to!! Not that I think there would ( a line. We BlackBerry users are not a desperate as the wall huggers lol;)

Posted via CB10

We should be though, and support the company we all know and love.

Let's make BlackBerry number one instead of douch bag Apple.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Christmas is coming right? I would get a few. Love the look "the black is something I really like and makes it different from the Samsung / IPad models.

Posted with the sweet Zeeee10

Nah a 7 or 8 inches would still be better. I'll definitely fall in line to get BB10 Playbook.

Posted via CB10

Just smack bb10 into it. Give the tablet 3 gig of ram, keep hdmi, definitely need miracast, quad processor, slide out keyboard, slide out pen, NFC, and a laser designed to zap and destroy the Ipad:). If they can put lasers on sharks (Austin Powers) they can put a laser on the new playbook. - for 1 million dollars.

Posted via CB10

I'd like to see an Spen like for the playbook 2. I already have the playbook, and pleased with the toughness of it.
S pen like
Sd slot
Flash light for the camera
BlackBerry 10.2.1
BlackBerry or Nokia s gps

Posted via CB10

Stahp. They would need to build a completely new ecosystem. They have enough trouble as it is trying to break even on regular phone sales. Let them focus on that stuff and don't give them bad ideas.

If I can't run Netflix on it, specs will not matter to me. Also, I see many tablets are ditching the hdmi out - I use that all the time when I travel to watch...ahem, Netflix

Posted via CB10

Dude, since 10.2.1 you can watch Netflix on any BlackBerry 10 device

Posted via CB10

I agree with Adam that I like the 7" form factor like it is now. I've fiddled around with the 10" Xoom, iPad (Gen 1, 2 and 4) and toyed around with the iPad Mini at Best Buy plenty of times but still find myself liking the 7" form.

As to the speakers, I don't quite get adding 2 more speakers when it was generally received that the PlayBook had great stereo speakers, even to this day. Also don't quite get 2 headphone jacks, unless we're taking a walk down the old Walk-Man days where you could have two people listening at the same time...?

All in all I love the upgraded specs and would hope that Chen does indeed take an interest in re-visiting the tablet market. Since they brought back BBM, SMS bridge and now phone call notification back via Bridge, I've been quite happy with my Z10/PB combo. Just this weekend I put together 8 employee files at home by hooking my PB to my TV, using the bluetooth Mini Keyboard from my couch, and using BB Link's Remote File Access from my Z10 to check against documents from my Office that was 30 miles away.

And when that was done I sat down with the missus and watched Wolf of Wall Street to cap the night off!

Hi Everyone,

I think best choice is to release first only the type of hardware like the Phone Pad.
Just give to the people first the great screen, the Hdmi connectivity, great speakers.
We just need to slide the phone into this pad and it seamlessly becomes a tablet.
Once this is successful then BlackBerry can go for a full fledged tablet.

All the best,

Posted via CB10

Printing with wifi printer. Cuz i find its a must on BB10. I cant even print directly with my Z10 on a wifi printer.

$1000 for a tablet. iPad Air with Cellular and higher storage option. I can get a really decent midrange laptop for that.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

With the exception of the lacking SDHC card-slot, the original PB was AWESOMELY-equipped and featured, and built like a brick-s#*thouse (OK, USB-plug-on-MB weakness excepted) ... 3 years ago!

If a Z30 - styled, BB10-running and spec-updated PlayBook WITH SD card slot surfaced, I'd be there.

I would love to have another Playbook. But I would really like it to work seamlessly with my Z10. For example, use the cameras on the phone for a video conference while viewing it on the playbook tablet that I'm also multitasking on. Now that is a killer feature. There is absolutely no need to duplicate silly things like cameras in every mobile device. Unleash the power of QNX.

I'll buy one any time, the ability to connect to any screen monitor or TV with and without a USB cable, and the ability to turn itself on a large keyboard making it a portable computer ability to answer calls with bridge and use PB mic and speakers so it can be used as car entertainment system, portable QNX that can sync with the car system. Able to use Z30 and Z10 APPS so developers don't need develop new ones just a way to adjust them to size.

Posted on my flagship Z30

To the specs in the picture add USB OTG, all streaming protocols and connectivity, and grow internal storage to 128 GB at least with microSD expansion option, don't forget stereo speakers and if additional sub woofer speaker may be added better.

Same size as the old one and a larger 10in one, I get both.
The speakers are still good on the old playbook compared to what's out there, any better would be a bonus.
I'd like superfast, at the time of purchase and after a year of use.
I spend a lot of time on ebay, my playbook got so slow I had to buy a Sony Xperia tablet.
Micro sd slot and waterproof!
But most of all "SUPERFAST"
And "NOW "

Posted via CB10

I am fine with 7inch, 8inch max, a fast browser and the build quality plus front speakers from my yet still loved and every day in use Playbook...and wireless charging would be nice like the HP Touchpad with WebOs offered a century ago...

Once they have the app support of all major devs on bb10 and blackberry gets into to positive light.....if they market this properly with innovation and tat influence and major major enterprise apps made for this PlayBook and so on this will sell like crazy.....but again need the app support first.....

Posted via CB10

Considering I use mine most often for PDF documents, I would want a proper Adobe reader where you can open multiple documents, scroll between pages more easily, and even do markups. The Adobe reader on the current PlayBook is a joke.

Posted via CB10

I actually prefer tablets closer in size to the original PlayBook.

With a narrower bezel I think you could get it into the 8-8.5 inch range...

Would buy one in a heartbeat. Would love to see it with a 9" screen, DLNA support and most of the same specs as my Z30.

While I love my pb I would live it even more if it did everything it does now at the speed of my Z30. With all the little functionality bits mixed in. Like swipe up keyboard, time shift camera, etc. I would pay at least $300 us to get mine upgraded.

Posted via CB10

Nice specs, though I would be fine with 1920x1080p.
I am also fine with having 8 applications running at the same time versus 16, but the 16 wouldn't hurt, it will just show how powerful BB10 is in Multi-Tasking.

Yes I would be in line to buy this PlayBook 2 in a heart beat.

I like the concept! Wow I wish this would be on the market right now! I would buy one for sure! Maybe more option of storage though, like 128Gb maybe?

Posted via CB10

I'd say the one thing I would look forward to would be the new BlackBerry 10 bridge. Bridge on the current PlayBook isn't the greatest. If BlackBerry can integrate their tablet with the phone well then I'll absolutely love it. Something like sending an active frame from your phone to the PlayBook so you can play your game/app on the 10" screen would be awesome.

One thing liked about the original PlayBook was that the speakers were in the front of the device. Please keep it that way!

Posted via CB10

To be honest I'm not sure I'd buy another tablet. I had the playbook and now the Nexus 7 and loved them both but since I got my Z30 I don't use them any more. With a 5" screen I can use RDP/VNC/Web etc. etc. and the tablets just sit there. Although the Nexus is good for downloading apps for the Z30.

Minimum 8.9" screen, prefer 10". I would like it to have an FM Tuner and expandable memory - either an SD or Micro SD slot. Oh and BB10 OS of course. Use my PB regularly and I would buy a bigger upgraded one in a heart beat!

There's only one feature that ANY future BlackBerry product requires to be successful: third party developer support. Until we solve that at the most basic level of an ecosystem, this product's specifications won't matter. However, I've seem some great ideas on this thread and this is a great step in the right direction with regards to style and features. Perhaps BB10.3 can unite the platforms. So many times I have an app on the PB that is lacking on my z10 and vice versa. So frustrating.

Paratek technology in the PlayBook 2 with an anti glare coating on the screen.

Double encryption for all BlackBerry 10 devices and tablets.

But the price has to be right.

Everything else has been covered.

BlackBerry...Get it MADE!!!!

Posted via CB10

I would love to have one . . . but I'm scared . . . I think if BB goes into tablet, before phones are stabilized, they might bleed another pile of moneyz

They should consider making it just an I/O device that can connect to the various BlackBerry phones wirelessly.
This would make it less expensive and we would only need one main device.
I wonder if Chen agrees with Heins about tablets being dead.

This as a feasible yet perfect for my needs. Instead of loading it with chips, make a range of 7 to 13" HD LED punchy screens with a secondary GPU and dedicated memory for graphics. Pinch some USB, BT,wifi and Mirrorlink and I'm in love instantly.
Price them from $100 to $150.

Thank you, add me to the pre-order list for all of them.

I use my playbook daily and would buy a new BlackBerry tablet in a heart beat!!!

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10

Stick wit th 8inch octa core 64 bit good batter life 5mp rear cam n 2mp front wit the latest android emulator or wit an equally matched BlackBerry World

Posted via CB10

Since I got the Z10, and now the Z30; I haven’t felt the need to use my PlayBook at all anymore. It just sits on my desk in its nice BlackBerry bluetooth keyboard case that my wife got me a month before the Z10 was released. It might have seen a total of 6 hours of use since then.. If that!

That being said; rather than another tablet, I'd prefer to see BlackBerry release a dock for my Z30 that pulls up a desktop-like version of BB10 on my computer monitor.

Posted via CB10

As long as it runs BB 10 then I'm in. I'd prefer the spec on the post for myself and one for my wife and one the same size as the original PlayBook for my daughter.

Posted via CB10

I want SKYPE and blackberry bridge with appworld support. Yaaaaayaa. Bring it on 4g ram , 2.3ghz. 10".

Run MS office (word excel ppoint) preferably with a pen. printer support.
+ Skype + everything Q10 does

You forgot NFC and BT4.0
I would up the ram if possible to 8GB (might be to hefty for the build cost though.)
Also include a DT/LT replacement dock! so that you can have a truly portable workstation.
work dock would connect to (up to 2) screen and have usb ports for mouse and KB. With the android runtime you can run well pretty much anything you want right on your DT. mainly all of you IM and communications can be run straight from the BB interface with multi tasking.

This is why I got rid of my ipad is because of the size of it, I don’t like that notebook style tablet, (still don’t like the ipad mini cause it is not better than BlackBerry)
If I was BlackBerry, I would keep the same size as the original one, make it more thinner & pack more storage space in it more ram, 4GLTE network speed/Wifi, the ability to make calls from the tablet.

I absolutely would buy something like this! I'm still using my PlayBook daily, but this really would be awesome!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30

No keep it 7" and the same thickness providing an excellent battery and superior specs. FM, AM, Weather radio with an outstanding GPS for outdoor use all in a rugged yet lightweight encasing.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I like the 7-inch size, thinner, 128 gb and expandable, the sound technology from the Z30, thinner bevels, utg, 4 or 8 gb of ram, good camera, bb10, longer-lasting battery, hdmi and many of the features of the concept.

Would be nice if it came with a pen like the Galaxy Note. Being able to write on a tablet is practical.

Posted via CB10

The current Playbook is so well made that any improvement would be very welcome. I for one am not using it just as a tablet, but actually working towards a true "Powered by Blackberry". With the USB and HDMI ports, I can plug in external keyboard, mouse, and display. With the MS integration and it already has the power to multi-task with multi-banking apps at the same time, I am almost independent of my of laptop. Basically, to be literally Powered by Blackberry is my goal.

I'd rather have a "dumb" tablet with no computing power that I can use as a peripheral to my z10. Would cost nothing to make and can retail for like 200 bucks and still have BlackBerry make a profit.

Posted via CB10

An SD Card slot so it is useful with DSLR cameras. Seriously, with social media the ability to edit and post on the go is a big deal.

I recently bought a 2nd generation Nexus 7...I love it...HOWEVER-I really miss the swipe gestures of the Playbook! Swipe is the way to go!!! Here is hoping for a future Playbook! Not to soon though as i would have a hard time convincing my wife that I should buy another tablet so soon after buying my Nexus...

Posted via CB10

Same here, wanna swipe my Google Nexus 2 all the time! An upgraded Google Nexus 2, built by Foxconn, with BlackBerry 10 thrown at it, and sold for around 250-300 euro...why not?

Posted via CB10

This is easy.

1. Get Foxconn to build it to remove inventory risk
2. Keep form factor
3. Slight upgrades to screen, battery and camera will go a long way
4. RAM (even if only to 2 from 1) and processor upgrades to allow 10.2.x (+)
5. All necessary port and protocol upgrades
6. Keep great speakers and add proprietary speaker and antenna technology
7. Make it weigh less - even if using old housing to reduce cost
8. Incentivize providers of educational and kids games to build native apps or port
9. Incentivize providers of profession specific software to build native or port
10. DO NOT BE AFRAID to cover some of the costs of #8 and #9 into price of playbook**

** for example: I would happily pay an extra $5-10 for my playbook if I knew that all the key pharmacy databases were available on Blackberry product (and I am not a pharmacist)

I love my playbook.

I do not need a "better than Apple/Samsung" spec sheet. What I need is a new playbook.

I do not need to be on an "oooo, get a new one every year" upgrade cycle. A 2 or 3 year cycle is just fine.

I haven't had the chance to buy a PlayBook but I was dying to buy one even before. I hope they could still sell PlayBook in the Philippines.. :(

Posted via skinned Z10 STL100-2/ my DadaBerry

I like the 7 inch size better. Lighter and much faster than the original one would be on my wish list. The browser and start up were very slow.

Posted via CB10

I love my playbook. So just have BB10 on a new playbook 2 would be perfect...What else ?

Posted via CB10

Battery on the current playbook it's still ridiculously amazing!! I've gone for the weekend and the Playbook would stay on for daysssss with no problems! Love my pb

Z10 my baby...

The fact that BB brought out the PlayBook and then immediately abandoned it means that I would not trust BB with another version! My PlayBook has been collecting dust for months now. I prefer to use my Galaxy S4 until I buy a Galaxy Tab!

It needs to have the best specs, a thin bezel, lighter than iPad Air and Android appstore so no one complains about apps.

Posted via CB10, Z10

i still use my playbook every day. the origami browser has really helped.

i like the size. maybe make the bezel thinner to fit more screen real estate.
a bit lighter? even though it's great that the playbook feels built like a tank and takes lots of abuse/drops
snap on keyboard like surface
SD card slot
2nd line out would be amazing
killer feature would be line in for recording.
they should put a line in on their phones too.

Intel powered, strong battery, USB and hdmi ports. Basically a tablet that has the power of an average home computer.

Posted via CB10

Keep the name PlayBook up, don't let that slip away. " I like to know what's in your PlayBook huh" I hope it comes with Standalone VOIP so we can bypass these carriers.

I must admit that since getting a Z30, I hardly use my PlayBook anymore, and it's hardly worth turning on anymore when I already have five inches of screen. A lot of people seem to like the seven inch size though. Maybe Foxconn could spit out two sizes for us? I wouldn't bother getting another one unless it was minimum nine inches, the concept is nice.

Posted via CB10

Infrared on the back next to the camera and a flash this time. Of course miracast, natural sound, fm radio and USB host mode.

A BB10 slider with the power of the Squircle

A behemoth on specs, I'd buy on or, as close to release as possible. Such a cool concept.

.1925 bangingest version, so frickin' good. Zeddy approves.

I would MOST DEFINITELY purchase a new Playbook 2. My wish list would include:

7 inch form factor (which is perfect for my needs), 1080p AMOLED screen, a bigger battery, Full Blackberry10 OS with the Jelly bean runtime, a better camera sense (for focus, clarity, and low light situations, USB host capabilities, and a micro SD card slot

I'd be good with that. I'd buy it day one.

Posted via CB10 on BB10 from Q10

1. The same screen size as the most popular android tablet so apps can be ported or side loaded.
2. Expandable memory a must
3. Higher specs than any thing out
4. Magnetic keyboard similar to M$ Surface and stylus
5. A complete productivity office suite.
6. All the features on the Z30 minimum.
7. Lightest weight available
8. And of course a complete BlackBerry Bridge

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Amazing responses above 98% or so in favour. Bring it on once the new phones are settled in.Love my PB but the browser,PDF reader and startup are an issue.

Best feature we want?

Commitment from BlackBerry that they won't ditch us again like before

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OMG. Love the PlayBook and calling it 2 or Phoenix is fine. Same size as BlackBerry was the first to do 7". But would not argue in a little larger. Same glass as my Z30. 4 gigs memory. Expandable memory with the base line 32 them 64 and 128. Then expand from there. Maybe but not necessary on the cell phone network. BB10 essential. Love and still use my PlayBook. Close to the front of the line for a new one. Also love USB storage

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I don't need another tablet, I just need a portable screen for my BlackBerry Z30. :D

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I like the original PlayBook, but being realistic I would not buy another PlayBook for full price. There is no app and game development for the PlayBook. I see no reason to buy another tablet just to browse the web, view pdfs, and edit some documents.

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I want a new PlayBook, I'd buy it in a minute. Would like it waterproof, gorilla glass, and cheaper than the I pad so the schools would want to use them instead of I pad. Oh, and i would call it the blackberry blackjack 10.

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I don't know why people are asking for 7-8.9 and 10-12 in screens... my note 10.1 is absolutely perfect. anything bigger is obnoxious and anything smaller is kinda pointless. A 7in screen isn't a tablet in my opinion.

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8" screen
App frames like PlayBook 1.0
USB Host support for files and media
Bridge Support including bridge apps for ios and android. Figure it out haha.

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Not what I want. Update os and give us in the UK a proper video store. This brilliant 7" device has been neglected by BlackBerry and does not need replacing. There are too many other in the market. Addition of android runtime would help. Foxconn could produce a cheaper version.

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Two micro SD expansion slots each supporting 128 gb, support for external HDDs, HDMI out supporting 5.1 Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD, wireless recharging, snap on keyboard, AMOLED screen, min 4 gb RAM, min 4 cores, BB10.3 with full bridge support. You build it, I buy it.

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I was hoping it would look something like BlackBerry previous concept video. Screen from end to end looks awesome.

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I'm thinking 10.2.1 or better, stereo speakers, full Bridge+, ans the ability to mirror our phones and/or use them as controllers for tablet. That would make me a very happy camper :)

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Everything same and, yes, even the ram. Only add BlackBerry 10. I don't care about performance, just making up for a lie.

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I would like an icon to push while on the web that turns your touch into a cursor. You would be able to use drop down menus and allow for hovering over icons to get descriptions of what they do

I have had the PB for almost 2 years now. Love it to this day, except for the broken LCD screen. Just wondering if I should wait for the PB2 or repair this one now?

Otherwise the size that it is now is just perfect. But maybe a little bit bigger and lighter.

Still using my Playbook, runs great. However I would buy a new one like the rendering by Jelen in a heartbeat. :)