BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Video Chat

Video Chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Joseph Holder on 4 May 2011 03:29 pm EDT

BlackBerry Video Chat is here! That holy grail once denied to we BlackBerry users is finally within our grasp, at least for PlayBook users. With an update to the PlayBook OS delivered in the wee hours of the morning, those owners gained the ability to see and talk to people hundreds of miles away. All from a device that weighs less than a pound.

Connecting to another PlayBook user is meant to be easy; all you'll need is their BlackBerry ID. Once you've opened the Video Chat application, touch New Contact (located in the upper left). If you want to add a person as a contact, enter the BBID and a nickname if desired. You can also choose a picture from your PlayBook or bridged BlackBerry to serve as that person's avatar. Click done (in the upper left) to save that person as a contact.

To start a call, simply touch that person's name in your contact list. The call will start automatically. The person being called will get a notification and the option to answer, answer without video, or decline the call. If you're unavailable for a video call, set Video Chat to Do Not Disturb. Touch the white circle in the upper left to activate; it will turn red when Do Not Disturb is on.

It would be wonderful if all of this worked perfectly on day one; unfortunately, there have been some glitches.

Video Chat on the BlackBerry PlayBook

The Main Screen 

BlackBerry Video Chat is not a complex program, and it should take you next to no time to grasp the basics. To add a new contact, simply tap the New Contact button (we'll cover that in the next section). Want to make a video call? Make sure you're connected to a WiFi network, and tap the contact. You can also toggle between making video calls and audio only calls; just click the button in the upper left. Once set, all of your future calls will be in that setting, i.e., audio only or video.

Want to see what you look like before making that call? Just click the camera icon in the upper right. Pro Tip: also a great way to see if you've got something in your teeth. Below that icon is a way to view your contacts in list view. In addition to the contact name and icon, you'll see their BlackBerry ID. When you have few contacts, this view has a limited functionality. When you have a few hundred, it's usefulness will be more apparent.

More contact views

There are two other ways to view your contacts. Touching Recent brings up a log of all your chats: incoming, outgoing, and unanswered. If you've made or received a call from someone not on your contact list, a green plus sign will appear to the far right of the person's BBID. Clicking this cross will allow you to quickly add the person as a contact.  Touching Frequent will open a list of your most-called contacts.

Adding a Contact

Add a contact and include a picture 

All you'll need to add a contact is the person's BlackBerry ID. Touch New Contact to begin. Just enter the person's BBID. Pro Tip: Don't want to make a person a contact? Enter the BBID and then touch the camera to start a video chat or the microphone to start an audio only chat.

Give your contact a nickname and a picture if desired. Touching Add picture will allow you to choose pictures from your PlayBook or (if available) your Bridged BlackBerry. Once you've finished making changes to your contact, tap Done in the upper left.

Editing a contact

If you'd like to make changes to a contact, swipe down from the top to open the application's menu. Tap edit and then the contact you'd like to change. When you've finished editing, tap cancel.


Incoming Calls

Making a video call to one of your contacts is as simple as tapping their name. When you call, the other person will get the option to Accept, No Video (audio only call) or Decline. The Video Chat application does not need to be open; the call notification will appear in the same space as the rest of your notifications. If you're unable to accept calls at the moment, you can set the app for Do Not Disturb Mode. At the top of every screen in the app, you'll see a white circle with a line through it. Tap this icon to turn on DND mode; it will turn red while it's active. Tap the icon again to turn off the mode.

While on a call, you'll see the other party in most of the window. Tucked into one of the corners is the picture-in-picture view of what the other person can see - usually you. Dragging the window around, you can place it in any of the four corners. Using a pinch-to-zoom gesture will let you make that window bigger or smaller (touch two opposite corners of the window, while touching widen or narrow the gap between your fingers).  This is demonstrated in the video embeded above.

Warning when video chat still active

Even when you switch to another application, the video cameras stay active. This message appears to remind you: you can't see your caller, but they can see you.

To end the call, touch the screen. At the bottom, a menu bar will appear with a red phone handset. Even though no one I know has a phone like that anymore, it's still the recognized symbol for ending a call. Touch the red icon to end.

Some Glitches

Users - including your CrackBerry team - frequently report error messages involving a firewall. Disabling the router's firewall is not recommended, but in testing did seem to improve service. Another issue is the rear-facing camera; you're supposed to be able to switch back and forth between the front- and rear-facing cameras as much as you like. However, as soon as the rear camera is "active," the other user simply sees a frozen image from the front-facing camera. At this time, we recommend not using the rear-facing camera over Video Chat.

These are but the first days. Just as the PlayBook experience has improved since launch; so too will BlackBerry Video Chat. The features are in place, they work well aside from connection problems. While that is a serious problem to overcome, have faith. An update is surely on the way

Reader comments

BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Video Chat


Nice added feature but pointless for some of us with no friends with playbooks. I really need Skype ASAP.

Same situation. I am the only one in my EXTENDED circle with a PlayBook. So this is pretty much useless to me.
Starting to really get the feel of an unfinished product; this far after the release of the product and the app does not run as expected? Come on.
A really useful feature would be to at least enable usage of of the video cameras for websites such as or or with oovoo and tokbox. This would help hold over until skype comes out (if it does).

Seems like an unfinished product to me to,they're playing catch uq on to many things,but at the end of the day,its still a good device

Yep, Skype is what's needed here.

I do not like the concept of the Blackberry ID. I much prefer the old PIN number method since it is more anonymous.

Maybe you can make some friends with Playbooks or here is a chance for a great Christmas gift for someone you want to video chat with.

In the meantime, consider using AV

I tried it and it works but the Video Chat feature on the Playbook is awesome. I sent my dad one and we can chat and he can see his grand children act goofy.

Nice work-around, There's also reelportal w/same concept but these require both people to sync up on what time they will be online together.

May work for some but Both are useless to me. MOst all I know, even those w/Ipad use Skype instead of facetime because it is cross-platform.

I'd love to see the next generation BBM have the ability to accept incoming Video Chats (the person on the Playbook side is seen and heard; the person on the BB Phone/BBM side is only heard by the Playbook user - - - BB's don't have front-facing cameras yet). Right now Video Chat is useless to me - and many others - because no one else I know has a Playbook yet. I have tons of BBM contacts and if they had the ability to receive a Video Chat and see how cool it is, it could also act as promotion for the Playbook. Just a thought...

You never know, someday there may be the option of Tango for Playbook and BB users without front facing cameras.

Looks nice. I'm in the same boat as everyone else on here. No friends have the playbook yet. People with BBM also have MSN etc. so why doesn't Playbook have a skype app? Once my friends have playbooks I'll use this over skype but not everyone will own a playbook so we need skype, or make a playbook app for PC and Mac.

I'm not bothered about early problems, Skype has been around for years and stil has call quality problems of the type described here.

This is legit. However, I'm with most lets get something more universal working. I do like being in an exclusive group though on the other hand!!


Personally, I'm happy with the size of the current PB, I tried the iPad and didn't like the size. Felt too big, and I like how this feels really small and much more portable able to fit in a purse, pocket or whatnot. I think the PB needs alot of refinements before and features before they start pumping out PB 2 or even a bigger version. This thing still needs, a full turn-by-turn voice guided Nav, a ther types of video conferencing like OoVoO, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Qik, ability to store/remember passwords, Bluetooth A2DP, ability to use the USB port to host a printer, external hard drive or digital camera. Swype for the keyboard, the Dot in Android that allows you to edit words as it stands its hard and annoying to try to edit a sentence/word. Ability to organize the websites in folders and rename links. Zoom on the video camera, Copy/paste in emails, view send sms/MMS in Bridge, Auto correct and add to dictionary option. Universal search like OS6/7, Native BBM, Email, Contacts etc...

Forgot to add the ability to open/view pics/movies in the phone via the Bridge. Also, needs compatability with ALOT of codecs such as flv and when I download a movie it doesn't show in the downloads tab.

EXACTLY! A REHASH of what was already displayed with nerds reiterating what was already obvious at BBWorld conference.

No understanding of TCP/UDP Ports used, if a standard was used, no investigation or hard questions on those ports and requirements for bandwidth for it to even work.

Again this video was done by downright vigilant fans with no expertise or research. Why do ppl fall for this?!

We had no problems switching to the rear-facing camera here. Interesting that it's not working for some.

Also note that for the firewall issues, it's quite possible it involves UPNP. When you begin the video connection, both devices attempt to contact their respective routers (assuming, e.g. typical home wireless router situations) via UPNP to request that some high UDP ports get opened up for the data. If UPNP is not supported/enabled on your router, that could explain some of the issues.

isnt this just a video version of BBM. even BBM is outdated these days.... everything has to be universal, or else, whats the point?

but its even more weak-sauce since its only on people with playbooks. nobody has a playbook, so who am i supposed to chat with?