BlackBerry phone sales in the UAE doubled last month

By Bla1ze on 10 Mar 2014 03:52 pm EDT

It's no secret that BlackBerry has been dropping device prices all over the world and if you found yourself wondering whether or not that was actually helping sell devices in any way, there's some good signs it is indeed working. 

According to comments from Ashish Panjabi, the chief operating officer of Jacky’s Electronics, one of UAE's electronics retail giants. Granted, that's only compared to sales from January and the comments neglect to mention whether or not that's BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry 10 devices but it's still good news to hear in any case.



Sweet. Keep it going BlackBerry

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"According to comments from Ashish Panjabi, the chief operating officer of Jacky’s Electronics, one of UAE's electronics retail giants." That's what I call a fragment. According to them, what??? Lol. :-P

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"According to comments from Ashish Panjabi, the chief operating officer of Jacky’s Electronics, one of UAE's electronics retail giants." Crackberry has been in dire need of an editor now for years. The writers should take 2 mins to proof read before they post. No offence but its pretty unprofessional for a website that posts articles all day.

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How ironic that your criticism is of proof reading the article before posting it! You can't even spell the word offense correctly considering that you used it as "no offence"! That's what's unprofessional, idiot.

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It's US vs UK English

Offense vs Offence

What auto-correct or language settings are you running it on?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


It's only a good thing if they are selling them for a profit.


Actually, it's good in any case because it helps increase the BlackBerry user base.

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Observation Junkie

Great news. So how many is that, 10?
Let's have some figures.
However, still great news

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At last some good news regarding sales

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If I could convince some of my friends to even look at a BlackBerry they might try it... but they won't put the iphone down to look.

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Dave Bourque

You aren't very convincing then. Lol try to show a great feature that just isn't available on IPhone.



Try this: ask them to attach two PDF files to an email they are composing ;)

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Nice to hear. Anything positive is good in my mind.

Bring on the native apps!!

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Keep up the hard work Mr Chen,

Leave the 'Wall huggers ' with their iPhones .

A battle is won but the war continues.....

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!!

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crackbrry fan

Was there any doubt? With reduced pricing they will sell like hot cakes, with a high end device being sold for cheap it's a bargain for those consumers

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...but hot cake does sell well. My opinion.

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Yum, I'd have some...

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Yaay keep'em coming!

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Any increase in sales is a good thing. Keeping up the subscriber base is paramount. I don't care if it was an old stockpile off RIM 950's they still had.

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The positive news about BlackBerry heavily outweighs the negative news lately. I like that.

Cheers. :)

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Nice but how much was the sale

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IMHO BlackBerry only has two problems to solve:

I think the Feb sales are most likely the result of fixing the price problem. Imagine if they fixed both problems!


Nice to see Rogers now has every BB10 phone at $00.00 down / Two Year Contract. Hopefully this will attract some business.

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If a certain fruit company sold a few hundred/thousand more phones in a market which doubled sales that would make head lines. SALES DOUBLE ! in major market. When BlackBerry does it if it's mentioned at all its with the comment of how few phones were sold . Great news as far as I'm concerned, hope it keep happening world wide!

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Yep. Gotta love biased media

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Aren't they on 10.2.1? In my opinion, and that's not worth much, but if folks realized the power and potential of their phone on that os, it would sell its self. Nothing out there right now comes close to it

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Marketing needs to improve. BB should open stands in malls, sports events,etc. So they can open there products to a new group of people to check out and test.

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This story would be far more impactful with numbers.


Living in the UAE, I can still see people holding on to their blackberries. Specially people with businesses to run. The blackberry brand is far from over, we just need better native app. Support and better phone specs.

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Native apps sure, phone specs not so much. As the other fruit companies sales show you, it's about user experience not an octacore processor. And bb10 delivers a great experience with the current specs.

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And as samsung has shown, specs, marketing and pricing is everything. BB fans are deluded if they think that BB can follow apple's path. Oh, and the A7 may not be octa-core, but it is a generation or two ahead of the snapdragon S4 in the Z30, and benchmarks show that. It is as fast as a snapdragon 800. At half the clock rate.


BlackBerry's back!!!!!

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Hopefully it's some migration to BlackBerry 10, but sales are sales

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Anything to help quarterly reviews.


All the credit goes to releasing and a couple weeks later by all the carriers in the U.A.E and K.S.A
last week a friend of mine came to me with a Q5 and was asking me about other app stores other than aptoid and 1mobile so i showed him the light at the end of the tunnel (Snap) since he is a former Droid.
those OS releases and the price range are getting people ether back to BlackBerries or upgrading from OS5/6/7 .


Great news. On a side note, anyone know what was in the OS update to on the Bell Network today?

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Bacon Munchers

Stop it! You'll stir up a frenzy!



Great news BlackBerry!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


BlackBerry went from selling 1 phone to selling 2 phones?

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C'mon, mate!

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Awesome, 2014 for BlackBerry is much better than last year. Keep it up. Apple, haha, hype and nothing more.

Team BlackBerry


u gotta be kidding me

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Nice, i bought my new z30 in Dubai Mall last month :)

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I can see the apple fanboy sites now. Sales go from 8 to 16.

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In my environment BlackBerry 10 have been available for 1 year and number 600.

All iPhone models have been available for 3 years and number 1200.

Slowly but surely

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Must be BlackBerry 10:)

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Good stuff for BlackBerry :)

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At Malaysia also price drop.All Z10 selling fast and some store out of stock.Good effort attract people buying Z10.Please pray for missing MH370 flight.

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Bacon Munchers

Thanks for the BlackBerry tip my friend.

PS- Our Church prayed for the said.



Good going.

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The awesome thing about buying BBRY right now is that 50-100% sales growth will be quite normal if/when things turn around. This is a start.

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Yes U.A.E loves BlackBerry

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Try the video and voice calling in BBM. I do that all the time with my kids.

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It rocks!

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As far as I know, those features are blocked in the UAE.


Hi, people here in UAE shifting to BlackBerry OS 10. Mostly people in Middle East need he phone that fulfil all their basic requirements like calling to their home town with local network is very costly so people use voip services that is very cheap. And these voip kind software easily available for Android and IPhone os with tunnel to pass local restrictions. The same in blackberry not possible for all people some of them however can use like first purchasing vpn account then sip software like taki or any other but it make it troublesome. So if blackberry make these kind of software I am sure in middle east it would sell really like hot cakes. In Last Gitex(Electronic fare in Dubai) BlackBerry Z10 was having highest selling rate.

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I'm glad to hear. Wish North America would stop with the kiddy phones we call the iPhone... #BB10 all the way.

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When did the Z30 launch there? I think competitive pricing on the Z30 and Q10 could move phones. Also, aside from pricing, the BlackBerry operation there has a good sales team and hasn't backed down.

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While I don't have any numbers, I've been seeing a lot of Q10's in Saudi Arabia as of late and I keep hearing them ring in coffee shops and other places. Definitely a better sign than before for sure.


UAE is always boosting sales for many products not just BlackBerry. God bless the UAE.

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Does that mean they sold like 40? :) LOL Kidding. :)


In the last month I've seen a lots advertising in Dubai, inside the malls, street, radio for bebe 10

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O.K. This is my first BB. Still getting adjusted to all the amazing things it can do. I'm already addicted. Can't
wait to learn more!