BlackBerry in the Philippines offering up a sweet competition

By James Richardson on 4 Jul 2013 04:31 am EDT

If you are a BlackBerry user (or want to be) in the Philippines then BlackBerry are needling you to be creative. Via their Facebook page they have come up with the Dream App Factory - a simple place where Facebook users can submit their ideas for an application they would like to see in BlackBerry World. Not only will the winners app be created by BlackBerry but they will also receive a Z10 as a prize!

Once you have submitted your dream app idea you can get your friends to vote for you and if you are in the top three you will be in with the chance of picking up the BlackBerry Z10. Submissions are open until July 14th and after that the voting will begin - ending on July 21st.

As usual with these competitions there are some strict terms and conditions which can be found on the Facebook page but most importantly - this one is only open to residents of the Philippines.

Good luck folk.

*Update - It now looks like Hong Kong and Indonesia are also taking part. I'd suggest trying the link below and seeing if you have the option to enter*

Head on over to the BlackBerry Dream App Factory





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BlackBerry in the Philippines offering up a sweet competition


Netflix lol

- BlackBerry Bridge(complete)
- BlackBerry Wallet
- BlackBerry 10 browser for PlayBook
- usb host controller?
- BlackBerry cloud services
- BlackBerry Balance for non bes10 phones

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I downloaded crackle as i use it in the Xbox. They have a long way to go but it's a sweet app.

Oil sands Fueled

They are obviously looking to find apps that are possibly Philippines specific. I'm sure they will get all sorts of responses, but wouldn't be surprised to see the top three being of the above nature.

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Wow, lucky Asia Pacific. :-)

Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; "STORM"'d at by shorts from hell, "BOLD"ly they typed and well, Into the jaws of Death, To teach them the meaning of SELL LIKE HELL!

Well you can apply for Globe GCASH-AMEX. That's what I use on purchasing app since I don't have a credit card. I don't know if it will be on top of your monthly bill since I'm not in post paid.

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Salamat kapatid na magsasaka!. GCASH-AMEX nagamit mo na sa Blackberry App World? nakabili kana ng apps sa Blackberry App World?, Heto nagbabasa ako ngayon about sa gcash-amex.

@ip.apms salamat sa reply ah. Mas gusto ko sana talaga using prepaid account. Anyway thank you ulit. How i wish meron sa payment options na prepaid na charge nalang sa prepaid load.

Well, if you win, you could always pass it on to someone else and give them a chance to enjoy the awesomeness of BlackBerry 10 :)

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The good thing is when you're in the Jeepney the bandits won't know what u got. They will steal all the iPhone and samsungs instead

Oil sands Fueled

Well , this is what BB users want to hear, yes BB10 on Playbook sucks , but BBRY is listening lets Keep Moving , A10 will takecare of the Playbook plus link to Dummy tablets and wireless HDMI I will take that over my playbook /ipad any day

Hahaha oh you kill me

Mr armchair CEO, BlackBerry can't do everything everywhere. They just might have some very good reasons for the countries they picked.

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Amazing way to get BlackBerry fans and potential ones involved! They need to roll out this marketing campaign here in Canada!

it's around asia: Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Mostly South East Asia.

i'd like a blacklist/whitelist app for contacts. that way, i can have confidential communication from selected contacts which wont show up in the hub.

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You never have any contests for EA (East Africa) where there are major BB fans (9900-9980 series great email). But I have to admit, I have yet to see anyone with a Z10 or Q10. I think they were priced too high so people went with the Note 2.