BlackBerry Philippines introduces Swap & Switch - Swap any mobile for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone

By DJ Reyes on 13 Aug 2013 08:41 am EDT

If you live in the Philippines there's a big promotion right now to get people onto the BlackBerry 10 bandwagon. BlackBerry Philippines has launched the Swap & Switch program where you can bring any mobile phone and get a discount off the price of a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. With Curve models still very popular in the Philippines, the Swap & Switch program also includes a discount on the Curve 9220 and 9320.

A BlackBerry Mall Caravan will be traveling around the capital, Manila, during August 2013. It kicked off at SM Mall of Asia. Booths were set up so people could get to try out the devices, before going ahead and purchasing. Any old mobile phone can be brought in to swap. Even if it's not working. A value will be given on the spot and that will be deducted from the current sale price. Some BlackBerry smartphones will also have a further discount applied to them giving you even more savings and there are some pretty sweet discounts available.

Example discounts:

  • Purchase the BlackBerry Z10 priced at PHP 29990. Your discount will be PHP 2000 + your mobile trade-in value
  • Purchase the BlackBerry Curve 9220, which is priced at PHP 6990. Your discount will be PHP 1000 + trade-in value
  • Purchase the BlackBerry Curve 9320, priced at PHP 8990. Your discount PHP 1000 + trade-in value

There are some set prices for working mobile phones, which can be found on the BlackBerry Philippines Facebook page, so you can get an idea of how much you could get off the full price. Of course, non-working phones will be valued much lower but can be used for swapping nonetheless.

The promo runs until September 1st 2013. At the BlackBerry Mall Caravan venues and selected BlackBerry Stores you can also be in for a chance to win the All-New Ford Focus. 

BlackBerry Mall Caravan stops:

  • Festival Supermall, Level 2 Carousel Court - August 17-18
  • Glorietta 1, Ground Floor (near SM Makati) - August 24-25
  • Robinsons Place Manila, Center Atrium - August 30-September 1

BlackBerry store venues can be located in the Cyberzone areas of SM Megamall, North Edsa, Pampanga and Sta Rosa. If you can't make it to these venues, there are about 300 other retailers currently doing the Swap & Switch promotion. Further details of those stores can be found on the BlackBerry Philippines Facebook page.

You can check out pictures at the first venue, SM Mall of Asia in the gallery. You can see there was quite a lot of people looking to bag a new BlackBerry smartphone, which is always good to see. There were some even proudly getting themselves a Curve device too.

For more information on the Swap & Switch Promotion

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BlackBerry Philippines introduces Swap & Switch - Swap any mobile for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone


This is something they should try in the US. Everyone likes to feel like they have saved money.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

A trade in program is done frequently by carriers. This is nothing new. However they way in which BlackBerry is going about it with this BlackBerry Mall Caravan is impressive. Hopefully it comes to other countries.

Hell, that 'Have You Made the Switch' sign would turn a lot of heads in the US. People like new, and that's just what BB10 is.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

BB ist just great.... The device stays great for the coming 2 years... No matter what the company decides to do in the near future... So buying was just the right thing for me... This I say as a first time BB.user!

We need this kind of promo in the UK... I got a few old phones I can trade in for a Bbry 10 at the mo...

Sent by Bbry Zed10

In that case, all the wealthy carriers in Canada are desperate because they've all done something similar in the past.

This is how I got my z10. Telus was offering $50 credit for any phone. I think I also got $50 off for it being the z10.
I payed $10 for my SIM and that's it.

Posted via CB10

Yes, it's desperation and too many people fail to see the bigger picture and true reasoning behind promotions and heavy discounting like this.

Its not desperation. Its aggressive marketing. BlackBerry cannot afford to sit around and expect their phones to sell by itself.

And it not like this promotion goes on forever. I'm sure it's just for a limited time only.

These promotions are handled by the respective country's main distributor anyways.

If they have done the math and decided to take the risk and create more awareness what's wrong with that? People need to use the phone to see its benefits.

Keep the ball rolling BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

It's a good aggressive tactic. However, this should be in all the retail outlets and not some van, and not in just one country. This would be better suited in Europe and North America, where people have higher value phones they could swap.
Once again BlackBerry showing how they don't take marketing serious

Posted via CB10

This should have been a global strategy from the beginning. I would have even given the nearest $100 rounded up value for all BlackBerry devices, but only discounted fair value for other phones.

EE (T-Mobile UK) are offering GBP185.00 trade-in on a Z10 at the moment, would be nice if BlackBerry did something similar like a Z10 + PlayBook trade-in when the Z30 comes available...............

Posted via CB10

HasKam, what confirms that they are not planning this for the USA? It is possible, it may take a while though before carriers agree, since carriers (especially in the USA) are the ones who have to agree to help BlackBerry out.

Maybe because in the Philippines it's way cheaper to use the BBM/ messaging service than the voice plan.

Posted via CB10

This has to be rolled out worldwide.

Why this has to come from BlackBerry themselves.

There is still a lack of a coordinated effort to raise the profile of BlackBerry.

Who is in charge?

Posted via CB10

This is something which must go global swap BBOS for BB10!

Get as many users on the new OS

Posted via CB10

Here in the Philippines BBM is free,also not a lot right here is using BlackBerry or iPhones coz they thought that only rich can have one of those.

Posted via CB10

I'm not happy with this promo. It's a very bad deal because the value of the trade-in is very low. You will be able to sell your old BlackBerry's at a much higher price than the trade-in value. Boo!

Posted via CB10

Do buyers there buy online from Expansys? I buy all my phones from the Expansys HK site and it's 35% cheaper than retail and telecom firm I subscribe to. The price of Z10 at Expansys Phil is around 18k pesos, which is far below the price this promo is quoting even with the trade-in handset value.

In partnership with Ford? Isn't that one of the few car companies that use Microsoft in their cars instead of QNX?

Posted via CB10

I wonder, are they running this same, swap any old piece of junk, promotion for an iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 etc.

No didn't think so but hey you can have a Blackberry

30,000 pesos is a lot for a Z10. Are there that many rich folk in Makati and QC craving a BB10 device?

No wonder the sell-through hasn't been as high as BlackBerry would have hoped...

My girlfriend in Mandaluyong got one but so far seems to be the only one in her circle. Most rich pinoy seem to gravitate to the note series and iPhone 5 in that order.

Posted via CB10

Roughly 700 USD. BB should push the Q5 and Legacies instead. Ordinary people would rather have a $100 USD Android phone than Z and Q.

This is the stuff blackberry ought to be doing. The need to get BB10 into the hands of people, the phones will sell themselves.

Posted via CB10

Agree!! For those who call this desperation, dam right! But who cares?!? They need to do anything and everything to get the user base to grow.
I wouldn't care if they paid people to use their phones at this point....get them into people's hands!

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This scheme was launched in India sometime back.. many of my friends jumped the wagon and came to BlackBerry Z10.. after they saw me using one for a while..


SASKTEL did this but you had to send your phone in. Not in store credit. Fucking socialist.

Ps. Filipina's are so hot. Check out greenbelt mall if your ever there. Hit rich girls hang there. And there not shy, if you know what I mean ;)

Sent from the Legendary Zed10

This they should do every Damn where and especially in Canada as it's a Canadian business.

Posted via CB10

This is damn clever! I hope they do the same thing over here, it would nfor sure turn arund a lot of heads and give an effective intoduction about BlackBerry.

Yea, it's a nice and great idea this! -sure they will sell more devices here in Philippines... but what I experienced is that it's impossible to get a new original BlackBerry battery.... they all pirates and these are very bad. Buy Online ? from this website, yes but what when you going to pick it up or get it delivered with custom fees ? that BlackBerry replacement battery going to cost you a fortune. Here to import is very when you need to replace your battery you find out it's very tricky or you cannot do it at all.