BlackBerry Philippines celebrated the New Year with a big bang

By DJ Reyes on 25 Jan 2013 08:19 am EST

We're already about three weeks into the 2013 but for members of Team BlackBerry, the big celebration is coming right around the corner, on January 30th. However, that didn't stop many celebrate the new year in style and with a bang. That included BlackBerry Philippines who threw parties at a couple of swanky night clubs to bring in the new year.

Two clubs, Prive Luxury and Republiq, held new year's parties in collaboration with BlackBerry Philippines. It certainly looked like the place to be to start the new year and a few guests were thrilled to win some BlackBerry devices in the form of Curve 9220s and Bold 9900s.

Check out the video above to get a peek of those new year celebrations. 

Reader comments

BlackBerry Philippines celebrated the New Year with a big bang


Im just gonna say, the screen capture of the girl on the left could be photo-shopped into something a little more interesting.

and First

I Bleed Black & Berry

So cool to see that excitement for BlackBerry. It's coming soon to North America when BB10 hits shelves :D Hey, I can be optimistic!

Honestly, I think there will be excitement for BlackBerry 10. The stars have lined up nicely that Jan 30 is launch day, and Feb 3 is Superbowl Sunday. Will we see a really cool Superbowl ad for BB10? It'll be worth the 50 million or so to get the public to realize there is a quiet revolution going on. Tech savy people are in the know, but the general public isn't yet engaged. A game changer has come to into the fray. Indeed, there are more than two smartphone platforms, and the two bigger guys will have to make some room for the new BlackBerry.

Sorry, Microsoft, but you're not it!

Kick some butt BlackBerry! Only 5 days to go till launch!


I hope blackberry does these type of events in North America I'd be a supporter, and I don't think any other phone manufacturers do things like that.