BlackBerry from the Perspective of a Nokia User, Smartphone Round Robin

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Dec 2009 02:42 pm EST

Matt Miller Takes on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2
click the image above to see Nokia user Matt Miller go hands-on with BlackBerry

The 2009 Smartphone Round Robin is on in full force. While I'm living on planet Android, our Nokia-using friend Matt Miller of is living the good life on BlackBerry. Be sure to click over and check out his initial BlackBerry hands-on video as he experiences both the Storm2 and Bold 9700. And if you want to give him a hand or some advice (and pick-up a chance to win a new device yourself) to ensure he's making the most out of these fine devices, you can post a reply on his CrackBerry forum thread.

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BlackBerry from the Perspective of a Nokia User, Smartphone Round Robin


I must admit, I do love the build quality on BOTH Nokia and RIM phones. Most of these phones are tanks (and usually look pretty nice, too). But it is funny to see them compared, too... The cobbled-on-former-pager OS vs an aging (and awkward to use) linux variant: both phones need a major OS upgrade/overhaul. I am impressed by RIM's ability to maintain its business AND consumer popularity, though (most teens and young adults I see only want an iPhone or a Blackberry... no other phone seems to enter the decision). Nokia fans often cite how much more popular they are in the rest of the world (like Europe for instance). But the last time I was in Europe I saw mostly iPhones and WinMo phones (though most people didn't know it was a WM phone) -- with Blackberry just starting to become a popular choice.

Watch out Nokia...

I enjoyed watching this. It reminded me of when I got my 1st Blackberry trying to learn what everything is. Nokia phones are built ok and they don't look too bad. I still want that 9700 on Verizon. Hurry up Tour 2.

The specs are nice and they look cool, but I am not a fan of Nokia devices. I would much rather a BlackBerry. I like the UI of the Nokia over the BlackBerry, but functionality is what I worry about in the Nokia. I haven't gotten my hands on the 900 yet, so I can't judge it fully, but I would like to see for myself.

I do like the looks of some of the Nokia's, My old Nokia (dumb) phones were solid reliable devices. If only Nokia made a high end smartphone that ran Android and had an IM client that was like BBM with connectivity to other IM systems. Wouldn't that be the best of all worlds. Still would love to win a Storm2 to save me from going Android (Passion that is).

Nokia build quality with a more viable OS would be the best :D Nokia's dumb phones were always amazing quality.