BlackBerry Pearl Flip shows up on Transformers: Prime

Transformers Prime Pearl Flip
By Ryan Blundell on 14 Jan 2011 09:08 am EST

On Sunday, I sat down with my son to watch the first episode of Transformers: Prime on Teletoon, in Canada. He loves Transformers and, as a father should, I take part in his interests. Okay, who am I kidding? I think I may have been a little more excited about it than he was. There’s nothing like a little of the standard father–son-Autobot-Decepticon time. Between scenes of robots kicking ro-butt, we also saw the introduction of three human characters, as well. At one point the Jack Darby character was talking to his Mom on his cellphone, I caught a quick glimpse at its keyboard and realized it looked just like a BlackBerry Pearl Flip. Again with the third character, Miko, got a call from her parents, this time the Pearl Flip was in plain sight – in pink. It was hard to see which phone the second character was using though. So maybe I shouldn’t pay that much attention to detail when watching a cartoon. Maybe I shouldn’t have been watching at all. That being said, I think it, out of all of the devices out there, the Pearl Flip was their choice. Perhaps they are trying to say that even with the Pearl Flip, there is “more than meets the eye”.

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Why can't I see the picture from my bb ?


Celebrity sighting! XD


"Perhaps they are trying to say that even with the Pearl Flip, there is “more than meets the eye”. "

Problem is...there isn't


Can it transform into a better phone? har har har


hahahahahahahahaha maybe :P


Thought maybe the video might not work outside of Canada, BUT I can report it worked fine for me in the US. Well fine would not be the correct work, my office firewall throttled it to an unplayable state, BUT it did work, it was not georestricted or anything. Our main IT (I'm the local IT) doesn't like streaming too much and they throttle or outright block it. Of course if it was blocked by our firewall I would have just tethered the BB to test it. ;) Not that, THAT would have been much more playable, though. ;)


I noticed this back in december when it first aired. I even took screenshots with plans to post them the next morning. Woke up and forgot. oh well, I snooze, I loose! :)


I look forward to seeing this


Yup, that is in fact the 8220. Cool!