Blackberry Pearl Flip Coming Soon To Cellular South

Pearl Flip
By Adam Zeis on 15 May 2009 03:34 pm EDT

This image just popped up on Cellular South's site.  Looks like they are following in the footsteps of Alltel and Virgin Mobile and will have the Pearl Flip 8230 fairly soon.  From the looks of it, they'll have the device in both black and pink. Nothing else is new device wise, but at least it's another BlackBerry option for all the Cellular South subscribers out there.

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Blackberry Pearl Flip Coming Soon To Cellular South


It feels like Verizon takes forever to get devices. Maybe I'm just a brat but I need a new berry for my fix.

I almost feel more excited about this than the Tour. Maybe it's because it's something different, although the Tour does look to be the best of the standard Blackberry models. I guess I'll see when I can try one in person.

I'm have been with Cellular South since 1996. I'm excited that they are getting new phones like the Flip. I'm ready to upgrade from my Pearl. I hope they do get the Tour, and soon, otherwise I will have to settle for upgrading to a Curve.

I'm going to venture out and say unlocked like it is on my 8830 from them. Don't see why they would mess up a good thing :)

yeah, that is what it says. what's the confusion about? again, ev-do is cdma's version of 3g. GSM arent the only ones with 3g. but i hope GSM's 3g flip come soon hehe

Good thing new designs are up for buyers to purchase but it would be best if more colors are available or do you have color choices to change the phone's skin? You know buyers have different personality and would mean a choice for different color.