New BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Video - Launch Imminent?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jan 2010 06:02 am EST

What a nice present to wake up to - a new video of the hopefully soon to be announced BlackBerry Pearl 9100. It's 4:45am as I'm typing this... I just woke up from a short winter's nap and am about to head to the airport to catch my flight to Vegas for CES 2010. The event officially kicks off tomorrow and in last night's Leaving for CES 2010 post I made note that maybe, just maybe RIM would announce the new BlackBerry Pearl this week. Could this be an omen then that it'll happen? The video was recorded fresh (it's blurry on the zoom-ins, but you can still tell the top post on the CrackBerry mobile site is from yesterday). I guess we'll know soon enough.

Hopefully RIM will announce the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 this week and will have some units on-hand at their booth for me to play with. If so, I'll be reporting back soon with a BlackBerry Pearl 9100 review (and some video that's in better focus!). Big thanks to our friend of CrackBerry for sending this in!

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New BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Video - Launch Imminent?!


I'm hoping launch will come soon. But, I fear it will just be an announcement of existence before an actual launch.

"Here is the all new BlackBerry Pearl 9100, it'll be available....soon"

2-3 mnths later, it'll arrive. That said, I hope I'm proven wrong.

Looks sweet I hope they release a CDMA version asap as my girl would love this phone and she is a Pearl lover

what are the point of these videos that dont show anything about the device part from flicking through the app menu which we have all seen a million times every day!

9100 shud be good but ill stick to my qwerty!

It seems a bit odd timing for this, I mean, I suppose it could be announced at CES, but it seems like this is going to come out a lot quicker than most devices.

And does anyone else notice the really bad leak of light around the bottom right of the keyboard and trackpad?

T-Mobile was the first to have the first Pearl, so I'm SURE we'll get it. If not, that means we're getting too many new good phones. Lol ; it has 3G luckily

I loved the size of the Pearl, and with the trackpad, YESSSSS!
The only thing I disliked about the Pearl was the screen clairity, hopefully that is better with the 9100. Can't wait to see what you end up with Kev!

Its a huge step up from the last pearl, that's definitely for sure. No way I'd take that over a tour though, like someone said earlier in the comments (lol). It is a nice upgrade. I saw this a few months ago on ebay, someone was selling it. How they got a hold of one, I don't know but it wasn't bad.

My wife had an old Pearl (8100) she loved it! I really didn't care because I had an 8320. The new Pearl 9100 is absolutely outstanding! I hope T-Mobile gets it too! Who cares if the look the same; it is a BlackBerry and the capabilities are limitless! Those who are in for looks only, don't know what they are missing! Keep up the great work RIM!!!!!

I'm just hoping when the actual production models start showing up, we don't see so much light leaking through the keyboard...

I don't understand the point of zooming in on the "About" screen but then cover it up with the thumb. Besides, it gets so fuzzy that you can't read anything anyway. And Sal's video posted last month showed everything of value in a much clearer video, so it's not like there's any secret that this model does 3G (and AT&T's bands at that - so take what you will from that), GPS, and WiFi.

Bluetooth's a given since even the original 8100 from years ago does that.

i don't think it should take too long to come out..what the heck..its not likes its a world changer or anything..i'll def sell my 9700 for one of these though as i like the compact size..

like said before... there is A LOT OF LEAKING LIGHT around the keyboard and screen. This scares me because that is a hardware issue that should be addressed right away! Its not like this is their first phone to make, so issue's like that should be NO ISSUE!

RIM i thought you were a Vet in this game???

RIM needs to stop overlooking flaws that shouldn't be there.IMO

RIM's not blind. I'm sure they're well aware of obvious issues like this. There's probably a reason why this phone hasn't even been officially announced yet, never mind being ready for production. It's like looking at an ultrasound and freaking out because you see a young fetus that looks nothing like a baby...

The Storm2 also had a bit of light leakage on the pre-production models that was fixed in newer prototypes.

Wow way blurry lol, and what's with all the light leak?!
Just like the 9700 light leak issues cept worse, oh well maybe RIM will get it together again one day. I may go back to my "solid as a rock" 9000 or maybe Android if this keeps happening...