BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Spotted Running T-Mobile / WIND 3G?

By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2010 09:49 pm EST
BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Spotted Running T-Mobile / WIND 3G?
*UPDATE*- More higher res pics found here from @CellGuru*

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is the furthest thing from a secret on the interwebs. The latest news is that it'll be rocking T-Mobile and WIND 3G bands. Up until now it's only ever been spotted touting the typical AT&T and Rogers 3G so if the above pic is to be believed some 1700mHz love is headed your way. Not that it wasn't expected but if you have been bummed about the possibility of not getting an AWS 3G version, chin up. If the pics are correct you should be able to grab one as soon as RIM acknowledges what the world already knows. The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 exists and is coming soon to multiple carriers.

[ @alphatectz / @CellGuru ]

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Spotted Running T-Mobile / WIND 3G?


My BB journey began on a sunset 8100 running t mobile. I now enjoy my 9700 but look forward to seeing more about my beloved pearl successor. If RIM would have came out with this alongside the bold, a long decision would have to be embarked upon. Honestly idk which I would have chosen.

Yet I would much prefer a reved up Tour such as this. I also started my Blackberry Journey with a Pearl (albeit 8130 from Alltel). The Pearl is much better if you want to use one hand to type. I type faster on the pearl with one hand than on the Tour with two.
I think.... lol

i've had 7 BBs...i'm not sure why..i think i kept breaking them to be honest
i started with the 8350, it broke (got ran over) so i got another one, then moved to the 9000 which i found too big for my liking...then i got a Storm, which i hated, though less than the damn iPhone...then i got a 8110 Pearl, which i loved dearly, it put my faith back in RIM and BBs in general, unfortunately the software got corrupted, so i immediatly went out and got a new one, which my mrs now has as i moved on to the 8900 which i am most happy with, and she is waiting for the 9100 with much anticipation =) as soon as it's out i'll be getting for her, and i myself am waiting for the BB Atlas =)

MUST HAVE 9130!!!!!!!!!

I hate my storm, loved my pearl, would rather have a 9230, a high-end flip pearl, but hey, begger cant be choosers.

anyone want to trade my store for an 8230? haha I know there is the market place, but I cant seem to commit to formatting my thread correctly.

OK,,, I took back my 8530 in hopes I can upgrade to 9100 from 8130 on Sprint. SOMEBODY has to know HOW LONG we have to wait!!!

OK I upgraded my 8130 to an 8350 that I took back so I would not lose my upgrade! HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT!?>!?!?