BlackBerry Pearl 9100 now available from Cincinnati Bell

Pearl 9100 Cincinnati Bell
By Adam Zeis on 21 Jul 2010 09:29 am EDT

A pretty decent surprise on this one, but it looks as if Cincinnati Bell is the first US based carrier to offer the Pearl 9100. While we were expecting it to land on AT&T or maybe even T-Mobile before anywhere else, the device seems to be fully available through the Cincinnati Bell website. Nothing new from other carrier releases we saw as it still includes the standard fare including 256MB flash memory and a 3.2 megapixel camera. So if you happen to be a Cincinnati Bell user and have been waiting for a device upgrade, head on over to their site and be one of the first to pick this guy up. Thanks Pat!

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 now available from Cincinnati Bell


Yeah what the nugget att. I was wish att first. But it's still nice to see that it made it here to the us finally. And I'm sure (or hope) the others will fallow soon.

i saw it last week at the Rogers stand, the rep told me and show me, he told me he just got them the day i got there

Ya' know... at this point, by the time AT&T gets the Pearl 3G, it ought be a 9110 with more memory.

Before anyone freaks out, I'm making that up. But it's a logical progression since it seems that the 9100 will be a year old by the time AT&T does get around to putting it out. Remember that news of the 9100 started leaking out in October of '09 (with real pics/videos following in November), and October is creaping up again real fast.

The only other thing I'd hope is causing the holdup, is from all the minor build problems (dust accumulating behind the screen, wobbly trackpad, funny feeling keys) and hardware issues (some spotty wifi issues) that have been reported in the Pearls that have been sold so far in Canada. And maybe AT&T wants to see better and consistant quality from the phones before they start selling them. I'd be okay with the delay if that's the case.

YEAH, this is awesome. I love seeing Dayton/Cinci/Columbus thrive. I switched to android but still love checking out crackberry. Seeing my favorite Local Exchange Carrier on this sight is awesome!

obvious you don't get around the midwest here, they (cincinnati bell) were the first to bring GSM/3G to the Miami Valley, and they were the first to release HSPA+. And they are the first doing fiber optics Internet.