BlackBerry Pearl 9100 No Contract Pricing Revealed For Rogers And Bell?

By Bla1ze on 21 Apr 2010 07:20 am EDT
BlackBerry Pearl 9100 No Contract Pricing Revealed For Rogers And Bell

The folks over at MobileSyrup caught some information for those of you out there still waiting on the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 to arrive. The information is pertinent to those who are on Bell and Rogers/Fido and while it's still not a release date it does show that carriers are one more step closer to making this thing actually happen.

As pointed out in the above pic, the no contract price for the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 will be set at $449.99 seemingly across the board. The only carrier not noted here is TELUS which will likely end up being the same anyways. Still waiting on "contracted" prices and while MobileSyrup is thinking $49.99 for this, we'll go with the safer bet and say anything under $100 is fine by us.

Source: MobileSyrup



can't wait... I'll be torn between the 8530 or the 9100...


Currently Rogers sells the 8520 with no contract for $449.99 and w/contract for $29.99. They should be pricing this phone around the same price (if they have morals).
Bell carries the 8530 for $399.95 w/o and $24.95 w/contract.


That's a huge ripoff. If you look around you can buy an unlocked 9700 for that price.

vinny jr

I want to know what kind of memory this baby will have. I have seen many so called rumors but little facts. What kind of camera, memory and all those important things. Loved and still have my first blackberry pearl 8120. I use Vlingo for everything anyways and do very little typing on keyboards. I hope this has a 5 mega... camera with a ton of internal memory. Come on Rim, hope you stepped it up.


If you've been to the 9100 forum right here on this site, most of the specs are known. It's basically a 9700 in a smaller form factor (and narrower screen) including a 3mp camera, 3G, Wifi and GPS.


Sweet to see that it's going to be coming, but as F0nage said, you can get an unlocked 9700 for that price (or if you're so inclined, get one from Wind for the same).