BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Live Pic With T9 Keypad Shows Up

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Live Pic With T9 Keypad Shows Up
By Bla1ze on 9 Apr 2010 08:19 pm EDT

Just last week I was speaking with Kevin about the 9100/9105 keypad situation that has come up recently. I mentioned to him that we'd been seeing the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 for a long time now and if another keypad was being added to the device, surely we'd have seen pics of it by now. Guess that topic is kind of dead now considering the picture Ronen posted up over at BerryReview.

As you can see on the left is what we've come to know as that BlackBerry Pearl 9100 while, on the far right you can see the rumored T9 keyboard attached to what may or may not be the 9105 device we've seen mentioned lately. Looking at the pic, would any of you all even be able to use that keypad? I think I'd get so frustrated with it, it would end up tossed out the window.

Source: BerryReview

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Live Pic With T9 Keypad Shows Up


I really hope they offer this both ways. I'm really looking forward to this device, but I would want it with Suretype.

There is NO way I could go back to T9. Every once in awhile I have to plunk out a message on my wife's LG Venus and can hardly remember how to message on it. All other Mfgs are moving to QWERTY devices - why would RIM want to move away from them?!

T9, isn't that what the cavemen used? Is Ashton Kutcher going to come out and say we have been punked now?!

They better not come out with that monstrousity of a T9 keyboard. If they do I guess we're partying like its 1999. But seriously RIM, the object is to go forward, not backward.

i think everyone on here is more against it because they have experienced suretype or full qwerty and i can totally agree that i will never go to T9 but it is not a step backwards as most say in a sense because its a business decision to sort of make the pearl open to many other who might like T9 such as teens or adults who prefer it because they are so used to it. They are attempting to make the pearl line with more options so it will have a larger buyer percentage. im pretty sure it wasnt meant for us crackberry users :p

Hmmm. It seems like more and more of these upcoming devices aren't meant for the "crackberry crowd" but are for budding/exploding markets like India and the likes of the low-end entry-level customer... :( 9300 Curves and these guys!

...the screen is on, but the backlight is out on the "9105" keypad? Is that possible? I can't remember from my old 8800 days. And why is the screen clear on the other two devices, but all blurred on the T9 device? The lighting seems slightly off to me...meh...I love SureType...somebody find out if there will be an offering available through Verizon.

Oh boy... that can't be right. You'd think RIM would be working on a flip or a slider for all the... what's the politically right term... hipsters. How they're always trying to get the item that is the current trend. Cough*iPad*Cough. Don't forget that most "kids" show off, so if their friends have something that has T9 or a slider they'll get their rich parents to buy it for them.

The t9 keyboard is an important part of many developing countries to adopt smartphones. RIM's newly emerging market such as Indonesia and Philipines, many people dont use the entry level pearl flip (kickstart) because of the multitap. Its hard to use. And when a huge market of users have nokia phones, this t9 stratus is sure to grab that market that dont want to use querty or multitap.

Notice the picture of Kompas on the Nexus one. It can be assumed that whoever leaked this picture must work for a mobile operator in Indonesia.

I think the normal T9 keyboard could be very attractive to the "older generation" My technologically challenged mother is very comfortable with the traditional T9 keyboard and she wants a blackberry but when she played around with my 8900 she was not satisfied with the qwerty keyboard, this might just be the solution!

I think you mother would just need to get over the learning curve. My mother used to be T9 for her texting with my sister then she got the pantech dou with its slide out qwert keyboard and she loves having it. We had a good laugh when she went out of town with my dad and forgot her phone and was required to use my dad T9 and boy did she complained about it.

she used my 8900 later on and she liked the keyboard. You mom just needs to get over the learning curve and she would never look back

Personally i dont like the t9 at all! i had a metro! and when i got the pearl it was the best step for me! in used to the sure type! and you have the never to put t9 on it! i cant text! will defiantly not be getting a 9105! that's just a disgrace to have on a blackberry!! this is going to bring people from the normal phone age to that phone and i dont want the newest thing that everyone else has! its bad enough that everybody has the curve 8330 is being used by everybody!
now i understand why most people are going to iphone

Yeah, I get the whole "appealing to a larger consumer base" thing, but this keyboard is really regressive. The people who want a blackberry don't want a T9 keyboard. The people who want a T9 keyboard generally, don't want/need a blackberry.

Whats the point of having a blackberry with such a dinosaur like keyboard? Thats just like using a regular phone! I really hope they don't go in that direction with this phone. i like qwerty keyboard on the pearls...

How about rather than developing a T9 berry no one wants, they put just a little bit of effort into their OS.

I hope the next berry has a better OS, a better camera (3.2MP is the best they can do? Really?), a 4.3" screen, and is super speedy.

Oh wait... I just described the EVO =D If only I weren't in Canada... lol

So true. every dollar they spent toward revamping or polishing up their os would have a higher turn than spending it on junk like this.

the 9105 probably will not require a data plan, which fits my needs since i have wifi all around my campus and do not want to pay for data.

but this phone would be attractive if i could buy the 9100's keyboard and switch out the 9105. that way ill get the subsidized price for the phone without having to pay an extra $700+ for data. that way, ill be able to save 700+ per line and use that for other more important things, like tuition, vodka, or tequila :).

but i dont think thats physically possible. i dont know; i havent taken apart a pearl before.

what with texting-while-driving bans being all the rage. It's "illegal" where I am, but I still do it on a regular basis. I love my BB, don't plan an going back to anything else, but I miss being able to text by feel, only having to look at the screen at each word, as opposed to every letter or two. BB functionality with "touch" texting would be SO cool. Better yet, why not an option enabling T9 texting using the full keypad's number keys? I'm surprised no-one's written an app for that already.

you can with one hand on suretype. you just have to get a little practice in. i live in california, so i know what you mean.

I have the 8900, and the more I think about it, T9 texting on the QWERTY number keys could be a huge "best of both worlds" kind of thing. I know I would love to be able to "T9" from from my QWERTY, decreasing my chances texting detection on the road.

using a t9 is like using a nokia or sony ericsson. lol. cant go back on that style of keypad/keyboard.

The T9 keyboard style isn't looking too attractive on a BlackBerry branded phone... let's all hope they don't release it looking like that..seriously, what are they thinking!!?

Welcome to the mass market RIM. Let us celebrate as a potential wordwide market share leader/ high ROI deivce is released, and helps gain the company revenue in the developing world and the lower end of the smartphone market. This will ensure higher end devices like dakota and its successors can continue to have the funding to be developed. For those that feel RIM's product line is continuing to go down the crapper because of phones like this being have no foresight of things to come. Keep up the good work RIM. Continue to look at new markets not just the market phone geeks like us on hereare in .

I have just received the Pearl 9105 from RIM, I prefer the semi-qwerty keyboard. The T9 is ancient and its very difficult to go back typing on it.

One of the main problems I had switching to my berry's qwerty keypad was the fact I couldn't do it one-handed anymore; my hand wasn't large enough. I could do that on a T9. But what makes a T9 work is whether it's easy to go back and forth in the list of suggested words, and adding new words.

I'd still stick to my 8900 and I love typing on it. But I do think that a T9 keypad would give the Pearl the slimmer form factor that series has always striven for.

i guess i just dont care what RIM does, and i might be one of the few thats quite happy with my berry for the most part.. T9 might be archaic to most of us, but there must be enough of a market for RIM to consider it.

and if RIM can generate more revenue, that might actually lead to more money to spend time on revamping their OS.

I am keeping my eye out on the droid line though, and if i were to leave BB for a phone, it'd likely be that one.. but i've got another 1.5 years left on my contract.. so i'm not going anywhere anytime soon.. but i have a feeling much like every other time in the last 5 years, when i decided to leave BB, i always end up sticking with it lol.


...lots of my colleagues just read email or fire off few word forwards, "Dervy, sort this.". Some don't want a "geeky" QWERTY keyboard. Some don't get SureType. T9 would work for this significant group.

I prefer QWERTY, but I'm all for expanding the family, you know?

Can't say I'll add anything new to what has already been posted, but here's my 2 cents.

Lets say that the T9 version has wifi, but does NOT require a data plan. All the organizational features will still be there, just lacking the "push" when out of wifi. Then I could see some users (esp new users) wanting this

I think RIM should stay with the Suretype keyboard, but I'd like to see pics of the rumored full-QWERTY for the pearl that I've heard about (but have been to lazy to search for). I think that the pearl format is too small for a true QWERTY but maybe they could pull it off. I also think that RIM should use a keyboard more along the lines of the 82XX series pearl (larger keys) but again that's just me.I don't think you could do that without making the device taller

Personally if the "suspected" specs hold true, then apart from the screen and perhaps afew other details, what you have is a 9700 stuffed into a pearl sized body... and that makes it something I'd take a good hard look at.

I (for myself... as in this is my opinion) think "efficient" is the best way to go. Why drive a huge truck around as a commuter vehicle if a sub-compact will save fuel, is easier to park, cheaper to insure, and covers the same need? Now, if you do actually need (not just want/like) a larger vehicle then go for it.

My next berry will either be the 9100 or the C2 (unless something else comes up in the meantime). 9700 is a sweet device, but I like small/efficient over a larger device that is somewhat overkill.

it seems to be adressed to the normal mobile phone (Nokia etc.) who does not like too many keys ;)
My mother always says that she does not like the qwerty or suretype keyboard.
But writing mails with T9. No way, couldn't deal with it.

For all the people saying they wouldn't like or use this, guess what, it isn't meant for you, if a simple change to the 9100 hardware like this different keyboard style appeals to a slightly different market than usual for rim (such as people still happy using t9 dumbphones) then it has done its job and for those that want the form factor and suretype you have the 9100 instead.

Rim's policy as far as hardware clearly hasn't been one size fits all for quite some time so why is that any different with this one.

I have two phones and I actually called verizon and told them to take texting and emailing off the one phone because of that t9 style keyboard...I do everything from my pearl...I just wish the new one would come out already!

It isn't going backwards, the suretype model is for you, this one is aimed at people who still use T9 and for them it will be a step forward.

I miss T9 sometimes, usually when I have only one hand to type. Other than that, I love my QWERTY keyboard.

And well, some friends of mine complain about the keys being too small for them. This could be the solution for them.

Whats with the Nexus 1 in the middle? Maybe a hybrid BB that runs Android???? Probably not. But would be awesome. I hope BB gets it together at BES and puts out something groundbreaking.

The T9 keyboard works pretty sweet. I never could get used to the old Pearl multitap style and this works more like a regular mobile phone. I hadn't even seen the pictures of the 910x with the qwerty keyboard (I know, I should look here more often) :)

(and an ex Pearl user...) and trust me, we DONT want T9... all of my friends who have phones with T9 talk about how much they hate it and how theyre next phone WILL have a full keyboard. So yes, BlackBerry is going backwards. Why? I have no clue. I use to have a Pearl (8100) and I loved it, easy to text with without having to many buttons (love my Curve though, it was time for an upgrade...) so I dont see how other countrys would have a problem with it, if so, buy a normal phone. I dont udnerstad you BlackBerry...

yeah... i type on my 8530 with one hand... alot and i dont think i ever used two hands on my 8100 so... Im not sure what u guys are talking about...

I though they were dropping suretype and qwerty wtf is this t9 bs man??? suretype is MIIIIIIILES ahead of T9 when it comes to ease of use, lt's be serious here... and qwerty owns all.

I had been hoping Palm would make a smart phone sans obnoxious keyboard. I am a fan of T9 because it is so much faster and does not tie up both my hands. I have a busy life-style and have no time to huddle over a little tray with both thumbs flying hit and miss regardless of how trendy it is. I have sold a lot of the old pearls, and I'm still stumped on how anyone could enjoy them. I had no idea why any one would want a qwerty until a customer finally explained that for those who are less literate, T9 predictions can be a nightmare. For myself, that is not a factor. I just need an efficient tool that will fit hand or pocket. Looks like the new pearl will do this quite nicely.

Seriously,how much typing do you do on a smart phone? Getting serious for me means parking in front of a computer, typing 60wpm for half an hour, and then getting on with life. I would never consider doing this work on a keyboard where all 10 fingers were not taken advantage of, unless I was stuck with no life in a confined area for long periods. I suppose it just depends on whether your phone is a tool or a toy. If it is a toy, the general consensus is that I-phones are more attractive to the illiterate, and Blackberry appeals to those who need an incredibly time-saving tool.