BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Launching May 4th on Fido?

By Adam Zeis on 29 Mar 2010 01:31 pm EDT
Fido Pearl 9100

We've seen images floating around for months on the long-awaited Pearl 9100. The crew at MobileSyrup landed some good intel and it looks like the device may be launching on Fido in May. This is the most solid news we've had on a launch date thus far, and hopefully we'll have more details in the coming weeks. WES is right around the corner, so assuming this holds true, we may get an official announcement and maybe even some hands-on time with the device itself.

Source: MobileSyrup

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Launching May 4th on Fido?


I'm a fido subscriber but I think I'm ganna stay with my 9000 I'm not a fan of the pearl series. Just my opinion :)

I loved the form factor of the Pearl. Will I give up my 9700.... I don't think so, but it is tempting

RIM keeps putting out devices but no
FLASH support
Web-kit browser
Device sales hi,user satisfaction lo
So why do I stick around

Software and hardware are two different things.

The 9100 will probably support whatever RIM adds to the OS in the near-term as far as flash and web-kit browsers are concerned, since it supposedly has the same basic specs as the 9700 (minus the screen size/shape difference and keyboard, obviously).

TMo's little bird said, 2 weeks of training for new devices to occur in end of March and beginning of April prior to new devices being placed on the floor. Still no release date. TMo has no pearls on stock to sell but, still have decoys on the floor, hmmm. But acknowledge that a "newer Pearl" is coming.

Oh wait, its not a contest xD
I still would like to have one, it looks pretty nice. I probably would use multitap instead of suretype. I can't wait for it to reach Mexico... probably in like another year? ¬¬