Live Images of the New 3G BlackBerry Pearl 9100!!

BlackBerry Pearl 9100
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Nov 2009 06:10 am EST

First Live Photos of the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100!!

OoohHHH BaBy!! Any BlackBerry Pearl fans out there? I know there are. And I know so many of you have been waiting for Research in Motion to release an updated version of the candybar-styled BlackBerry Pearl 81xx Series Smartphone. Good news. The wait is getting shorter, because what you're looking at in these photos is the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100! 

We've actually been sitting on these pictures of the new 3G BlackBerry Pearl 9100 for a while now with this post sitting in the queue ready to go live (for obvious reasons -- source's request -- we can't always post stuff the second we have it), but now that it's out there (good stuff Sal!!) we can post these babies up. Be sure to look below for more photos.

As you can see, the new BlackBerry Pearl (has gone by the codename stratus and/or striker we think.... codenames are so confusing sometimes) gets its styling from the latest generation of the BlackBerry Smartphones. The new Pearl really looks like a narrowed down BlackBerry Bold 9700, but with the full physical qwerty keyboard swapped out in favor of a slick new SureType design. We didn't post any photos of it here, but under the battery door the new Pearl features a newly-designed battery. Lots more specs and info to come soon, but for now enjoy the photos! For those who appreciate a small device, this is going to be the one you want. 

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker) Images

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 (codename striker)

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Live Images of the New 3G BlackBerry Pearl 9100!!


Sal had the first pics, so its definitely not the first live pics. Nice pics though, its a beautiful device.

Hey... just fixed up the post title so there's no confusion. Not trying to take anything away from Sal.

I actually had this post written up for over a week now with the photos and title written as such - just couldn't post it quite yet, but had wrote it up as if it were first (was going to go live with it soon).  As soon as a glimpse of the 9100 showed up anywere though then was fine for me to go live.  Should have re-titled to reflect the layout (wasn't thinking about it last week when I prepped it) but published it live off my berry as soon as i saw it pop up and did link to Sal's.  All good either way. It's a nice device!!


I have an 8100 and I love it. I actually tried to upgrade to the G1 and I hated it. I took it back & kept my pearl. It does so much more than the G1. Has anyone heard when or if the 9100 is coming out, I'm holding out for that one.

I'm glad to see they're updating the device that made me a convert from dumb phones.

My 8100c is still in mint condition, with less scratches than my 9000. I forgot to put a screen protector on the 9000, and don't use a rubber skin much on it, like I did with the 8100c.

well I am not a perl fan but I know alot of people are - this would be the perl to get it looks awesome :)

pearls were always ugly looking for me, but damn O_o that one looks reaally nice and sleek

My first Berry was the Pearl 8130. I would love to have one of these. Kind of Looks sweet. I love the size. Any Specs yet?

Pearl was my first BB phone. I love that phone, I felt like I was on top of the world with it. So its nice to see the upgrade to it. It looks good, for those of you looking for a entry BB smart phone this is a good start.

I still have my 8100 and I'm planning on replacing it with the 9700, but this is tempting...

That looks beautiful, too bad I'm more of a full key board person. Rocking and loving that NEW Blackberry Bold 9700

Finally, it's the Pearls time to shine!

My first BlackBerry is a Pearl 8100. I enjoy it a lot up to now. I was planning on getting the new Bold but when I saw this, No way I will switch to any BlackBerry device no more. The Pearl will always be the winning BlackBerry device.

Thanks for this refreshing news!

Mabuhay Pearl!!!

I would love to have this one to go with my collection. What would be even better is if they stopped focusing on remaking their devices and focused more on the apps and software. Still really cool.

Beautiful even though I'm not a SureType person. If it's got 9700-type specs it's a winner.Now scrap those horrible Pearl Flips!

Hey, I love my Flip!!

Had an 8100 Pearl, but got so tired of people looking and constantly asking me "...Is that Pearl in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" that I traded it in for the more compact 8220, and haven't looked back since (or had a look, for that matter...)

Random comment or do you have some design critique to go with your comment? Would love to know why you say it is junk.

its the same thing as every other blackberry device, but smaller...OHH WAIT it has wifi now like OMG!!@!@ took them long enough...ohh and it has a TRACKPAD!!#!##@!#@# really thats the best that they can come up with??

Wow retarded comment of the yr goes to....

Anyhow so what if its the same device but better specs...they arent that much different to the iphones are they?? RIM are sticking to a form factor that works for honestly believe in your little mind that RIM are going to change the complete layout and looks of the Pearl??...geez get over yourself FFS.

Anyhow not a really a fan of the Pearl series of phones but great to see that RIM are bringing them up to date with 3G and wifi and also the trackpad.

Looks like a very nice sleek device.

haha - so after all of that garbage you just said, your final comment was you are not a fan and you basically stated my points about the wifi and trackpad, but in a different context...LOL nice work!

you were just kissing RIM's butt :)

I don't understand where the huge problem is with this unit....its a pearl...the compact of the blackberry world. I mean what did you expect here? a touchscreen and no connectivity upgrades from the original?

Obviously its going to keep that "Pearl" appeal..and follow along with the design and functionality of the new generation of BB's.

I think it's been pulled off perfectly.

...Kind of like how they brought back the Dodge Challenger lol

Old school appeal, new school

Kudos to RIM. <--oops was that ass-kissing? lol

lol this phone is far from perfect moron - it will still take 7 minutes to boot (which is a HUGE problem).. i dont know about you, but that is just a little annoying (well that is with every blackberry)...any yes i will always think that pearl sucks (they should design a new model instead) - not a lot of people like 2 letters on one key

and your comparison to the dodge charger is beyond must not know too much about cars either...but hey, you are doing OK! :)

for the guy who made a comment about being a tool? would you like to elaborate? was it because i dont like the phone that you love so much? WAAAAAAA get over it loser

You may think that two letters on a key is stupid, and I may hate that form factor too, but that doesn't mean there isn't a market for it.

If you want to keep going with the car analogies, I would never buy a pickup truck. This doesn't mean pickup trucks are stupid and should be banned, it just means that I don't like them.

RIM does introduce new things. The first SureType phone was a big change for RIM. The Pearl was too for introducing the trackball. The Storm was the next major change. It's only been a year since the Storm, revolutionary changes happen 18-24 months apart. That's also no reason to not refresh existing models. If you have loyal Pearl owners don't turn them away by refusing to update their phone and instead telling them to get a phone in a new form factor that may not work for them.

Regarding the problems with BB OS. Hardware design and software design are not interchangeable skills. I say this as someone who does software work but could never design new phone hardware. Slowing down the pace of new phones wont speed up the pace of software, they're two different divisions. RIM is working on their OS, this is very clear. But that's no reason to not introduce new phones in the interim.

>> great to see that RIM are bringing them up to date with 3G and wifi and also the trackpad.
The 8120 already has WiFi, so the 9100 is not the first WiFi Pearl.

What, then exactly, were you expecting? A mini-Storm? An all-new form factor? A RIM-labeled iPhone? It's the updated Pearl for crying out loud, not a whole new invention.
You don't like BlackBerry phones? Fine. You're entitled to your opinion (no matter how wrong it is), but just what did you think an updated Pearl would have? What would you have added?

My first bb was a Pearl too... Loving the looks of this baby but would be great if there was an all white option... Can imagine everyone rocking out their pearls while dumping they're bold 2 aside...

My first BB was a 8130 that I loved. Aside from it being a little slow sometimes it was a great phone. I now have a Bold 9000 and depending on the internal specs on this baby, I may drop the Bold for the smaller form factor and really sexy look! These pictures are really impressive. What a nice way to start off my Friday morning!

Ahhh the Pearl...this is where it all began. All the later models were built off the Pearl 8100. Good to see that it's finally being revamped. Looks awesome !

I started with a Sprint Pearl and think the form factor is a winner for carrying a phone. I have a Bold 9000 and really miss the sleek design of the Pearl. Never had a problem with sure-type and custom dictionary. I got as fast on that as I am now with the Bold. Just takes a little practice.

I kind of miss the highlighted number keys from the original Pearl, although the all black keys are quite sexy.

I may downsize when my contract comes up.

if only it was a world phone, i'd be on that. i have a 8130 now, but i need a world phone & wifi, so i am waiting on the tour2. but if i had to choose between the tour2 & a world 9100? 9100, hands down.

It seems like the Pearl has been the starting BB for many people just like myself. I really did like the the form and keyboard layout of the Pearl but the internal memory was too low. If the 9100 has a good amount of memory then I may think of getting it probably as a backup since I have the Tour now.

Even though I prefer a full keyboard, I've always thought the pearls were the best looking Blackberries. This one does not disappoint. Looks very thin, and would be comfortable in the pocket, if not the pocketbook.

Bud does it have volume controls and convenience keys on the sides? Hard to tell from the photos.

If we are dreaming, i would love a new pearl, or tour/bold with a real keyboard AND touch screen. (has this been done to death in the forums?)

Sigh. Can blackberry ever diversify. Their phones are so damn boring. Bold Curve Pearl Emerald Nightstick Storm Transmisson, whatever goofy names they come up with, they pretty much all look the same.

hooray for 3G and WiFi!
Great looks, now just add a better camera and plenty of RAM, and you've got a sale. Long Live SureType!

I always thought the Pearl was one of the best BlackBerry devices. It is actually really easy to type on, maybe easier than the Curves. I didn't like the Pearl flip, so it is good to see that the design has gone back to the original form with a few tweaks. This should be a great device. I wonder what carrier will pick this up? Maybe AT&T? They decided to pass on the Pearl flip, maybe they will pick this one up.

This looks good. I've always like the Pearl, but needed 3G, so I had to get a Bold 9000. If they can pack in all the features of the Bold 9700 into this device, then it's definitely a winner.

You know, I've always enjoyed the form factor of the Pearl and this updated device looks just as hot. I started out on a Pearl as well (even though now I am a non-blackberry user) but I must say, it was a most enjoyable experience.

I hope this is way better quality than the crappy fip I have. My 8100 was the best but from this pic with the crooked track pad I'm not going to hold out much hope. :(

Im loving the new look of the pearl! I like how on the newer phones it says the name on the back. As someone said already, welcome back pearl!

Love this a lot better than the Pearl Flip. Not to say that the Flip was ugly or anything, but I think RIM shouldn't have gone the Flip phone route for people that really use the phone as a messaging device. Too bad I have my Tour now, but hopefully they release this as pre-paid possibly and use this as backup just in case. Crossing fingers it comes in White like my old 8100

Never been a fan of the pearl and i'm still not. But i can say that is the best looking one i have seen. I still need a full keyboard. Got a 8900 trying to get hold of the 9700.

ONE HAND OPERATION IS BACK. qwerty's, whether virtual or physical, absolutely suck when trying to operate while driving a vehicle (not that i condone it). if this has better specs than my 8900 i might go with this rather than a 9700.

I still have my Sprint 8130 and have been waiting to see what Rim has to offer. Only complain: internal memory.

having 2 8100's and an 8120 still but rockin a javelin this
in what i wish mine had looked like, nice looking phone.

i used to have a pearl, and I loved it(until I upgraded to a full size blackberry). Anyways though.... I find the name to be a little un supportive now.... What i mean is that the phone originally was named for its "pearl like" track ball, and that is now gone. Maybe thats why they came up with a codename like kevin was talking about.. IDK maybe I am just over thinking it lol........ either way it is a sweet looking phone. I love what RIM has done with the new body styles of these last couple of new blackberries.

Nothing against the ladies out there. It's just that a Pearl 81xx is too feminine. The 9100 looks more gender-agnostic. Now, if they can sqweeze Wi-Fi (and UMA on a T-Mobile version) this could be a true winner!

Wife just happened to be walking by my monitor while I was viewing this post and said "ooohh..that's cute". Now she wants to upgrade her Pearl 8100!

wow... never have been a big pearl fan.. but im diggin the upgrade... wouldnt trade it for my s2 tho lol

This new pearl is looking kinda hot! Getting flashback memories of my old pearl ::sniff sniff:: We had some good times together...good times lol

Im liking the new pearl. I guess this isnt the final product? Looks like there are a lot of gaps on the phone. Especially on the back where the camera is.

Not saying that it might not be good but it is ugly as hell it looks like a cross over from a storm and a no track ball phone come on RIM They could have come up with something better then this i think it looks like a 90's remote control for a VCR lol good luck pearl lovers

RIM appears to be removing the external charging contacts from many models: Storm, Storm2, 85XX Curves, and now the Pearl 91XX. BlackBerry charging cradles/pods sure beat fumbling with a micro USB connection, especially in the dark. I guess RIM has forgotten about all the USB connection issues that occur after hundreds of insertion/removal cycles. I wonder whether USB connection problems will replace the trackball complaints on the forums...

Are RIM engineers practicing the same planned obsolescence that fared so well with the American car industry?

I love the look of this phone...have had pretty much every blackberry out there but somehow for being rugged, reliable and fun to use the Pearl still rocks. sure it may not be the fastest, biggest etc....but you can throw it around and it won't break.


WHY? can someone explain why someone would by the pearl over the 9700? its about a half inch less in width than the 9700

Ummmm... I would buy it because it's a half inch slimmer than a full sized berry. "Bigger is better" only holds true for some things! ;)

Why you ask, well here is my story. I downsized to the Pearl about three years ago due to problems talking for long periods of time. I have a tech support position and my biggest problem was that a "wider" phone caused my hand to cramp up from having to hold it for long periods of time. Since switching to the slimmer Pearl, I rarely have this issue. This may be fairly unique, but for a guy with small hands, the wider BB's can make a difference. And in case you are wondering, Bluetooth isn't an option as I am usually wearing a headset for my office phone while talking on the Pearl. I tried several different combinations and the Pearl works best for my unique situation, even though it isn't the best BB out there, I'm thankful RIM makes this model phone.

Why wont just let the Pearl rest in peice, no need to resurrect it again for a come back tour. Let it die like the 7130.

I Started with a pearl 8100 and was happy with it. Seriously, if this one was out a bit earlier, I wouldnt buy my bold ! Of course, I can't complain about it but I do love the Pearl for some reasons. Anyway, I think the sales of Blackberries will grow up xP

Wow that looks really nice! So much better looking than the original 8100 series Pearls. As well that track pad is the shizznit.

Looks like the BMW 1 series just got a refresh for the new model year. I really like this. In my opinion, this device will sell like mad if the carriers are smart and subsidize properly for it.

The main competition for a phone like this is somethin like the Palm Pixi which is already priced down to $25 on contract.

I have a 8230 Pearl Flip and I absolutely love it! Im more of a flip phone person (I think it's more feminine looking) but this would be a nice alternative if they stop offering the Pearl Flip.

the 3rd picture from the top looks like this won't have the "standard" Usb... or is that just the way it's angled...

i hope it doesn't change, it's nice having everything use the same wires so i can bring one charger with me.

I'm stoked, i was just talking with my friends last night about how they should come up with a new pearl, i still have mine and go back to it when i bike so i can still use one hand.

everytime i see new blackberrys come out i think about how Tour owners got screwed. look at the trackpad compared to the trackball, it's ridiculous. and the USB slot is on the left instead of the right, unlike the tour. when vzw gets the tour 2 every tour 1 owner should raise hell.

I have to say this device does look sexy as hell but I am in no way a fan of the pearl keyboard. If I was waiting for the new pearl to drop I WOULD be excited about this device though.

Going to go with the 9700 in the next couple of days.

I cut my teeth on an 8100 and then won an 8120 through T-Mobile. I loved both of those phones until I got my 8900. I think this looks great! I'd check it out for curiosity sake, but I don't think I could go back to the suretype.

I just upgraded from the pearl to the 8520 because of the trackball headaches ....
dont get me wrong the 8520 is nice but i miss the smaller size of the pearl, now RIM has made the pearl better :(

I wouldn't go for a Pearl, but this is a real looker. Prob my second fave now after the 9700.

Speaking of, kevin can you tell us if this 9100 is much slimmer than the 9700?

Love it, love it. I got a ol' 8100 around here somewhere, but I'd love just to have a brand new Pearl to have as a backup :D

I have had 2 models,the Pearl Flip 8220 and recently..the 8900. I have been lost since my Pearl 8100 broke. This made my day seeing this news! What a beauty! I hope it comes out soon, I'm tired of carrying this brick called a Curve in my pocket any longer! The Pearl flip is a joke, so cheeply made. So I got a 8900, nice, light, nice lines, but small keys, and its not 3G. This Pearl 9100 would solve my 2 year quest of finding Blackberry happiness. Dorky to say, but I admit I am worthless without my Blackberry. It's scary how much we depend on these devices. When's the last time anybody remembered their friends number? Or actually used a watch, bought an organizer, owned an alarm clock, etc. A Blackberry saves me a lot of money, it saves us all go out and buy...I don't know...another newer Blackberry! Ha!

This would be a good upgrade from my 8130 to the 9100 if it had Wi-FI and world capabilities.If not than I will probably up grade to the tour.

just replaced my pearl 8120 with the 9700. My pearl 4.5 OS is a great phone. I still have it and it's still just about new. I basicly went with the new 9700 because of the pad. Live in the Boston area and my pearl ran very fast, the 9700 flies. That is one nice looking phone, looks like it took care of all the pearl's short comings, battery and pad for one and I'm sure an updated OS. Great Job.


just got the 9700 after 2 pearls and lastly flip (that I was not too happy about). now with the 9100, damn, another switch is coming, but so much looking forward to it! any release dates? man, how am i going to explain another phone swap to my boss :-/

Santa has come early for Pearlovers :-)

Does it come with GPS???

My first blackberry was the 8130 and I loved it. I now own the tour and love it but miss the sure type. I wish they would give the sure type option with the full keyboard so I didn't have to type out every word. My son has the storm 2 but didn't like the sure type. Sure wish they had included it for the tour.

RIM needs to put more effort into their OS software instead of spitting out new phone models every couple weeks. They are all the same phone just different sizes with different names. Create a better OS RIM! Stop with all these models with crap software.

I hate the SureType keyboard, but it looks pretty nice. Hopefully RIM will give it a really good OS :) Too bad they are still on the Java platform - Java = Dealbreaker even though it is more secure. Blackberries should not only set their goals at security, it should also be known for its speed and give it a nice UI as well. Speed is a priority too for me =\ OS 5.2+ is moving off the Java platform or not? I have heard certain things about it, not sure whether it is a rumor or if it is true.

I love the new Pearl. The only critique I have is not of the Pearl but of the Bold 9700. How is the "Bold" 9700 so bold if this Pearl looks almost identical except in a smaller form factor? The "Bold" 9700 should stand out from the rest of the Blackberrys much like the original Bold 9000 did.

That being said, again, I love the new Pearl. Can't wait for it to come out!

I still can't get over the keyboard on these devices. I understand you get a slimmer blackberry but those keys are so hard to get used to. Single letter buttons ftw!

I hope it comes to big red. It would be nice to be able to switch to a device once in a while that I could just keep in my pocket. Don't get me wrong-- I love my S2-- but its a heavy m.f.! I would buy this retail and switch back and forth between it and my S2.

Blackberries have really evolved from where I started, and even where I started they had evolved a fair amount. My first device was a Blackberry Pearl 8100 for Rogers Wireless. Then I got it for Bell (8130). Then I moved in with the big boys (BB Storm1). I would love to get a hold of this device to get back to my bb roots tho.

Now I'm sure other people have noticed this... but wasnt the original Pearl named "Pearl" because of the trackball? And if so, why call the new device Pearl when they've done away with the Trackball? :P Still really nice, and hopefully inexpensive like how the original was compared to other devices at the time.

I'm sure they'll just rename it the Blackberry Pad for the final version so it signifies the pad like the pearl signified the trackball lol. Can you imagine that marketing blunder?? It is about brand image more than anything. The bold signifies 3g and leather, curve signifies the keyboard type, and the pearl signifies the sure-type approach like the storm represents the touch-screen versions. It is pure brand image more than anything.

That is a freaking sexy Pearl. The 8130 was my first BlackBerry, on a 9550 now, but that almost makes me want to get another Pearl :)

Good to see it join the next generation styling and functionality... lol my 8100 has turned out to be more reliable than my 8900's from rogers... *fingers crossed for my 9700*

I would ditch the Tour for an updated Pearl as it was my fave phone due to the ability to operate it completely with one hand and slide it back into a pocket when done. Also, I really hope they make it as rugged as the last Pearl which I dropped way over a hundred times with no consequences what-so-ever except a few scratches.. Except the screen which looks new as it was and still is protected by invisible shield type protection..

1. os 5.0>
2. 3.2mp camera
3. at least faster processor then previous models
4. more mem. space
5. and just faster everything!!!!

too bad with the way the qwerty layout of keys is, that u and i have to be stuck on one key.. since you is generally typed as "u" and obv "i" gets used alot too.

Now that it has a trackpad, can it really even be called a "Pearl" anymore? Wasn't the whole point of the "pearl" moniker for the tackball moreso then the form factor? RIM should have a contest for the BlackBerry community to rename the trackpad series to somethine else more fitting with the winner getting the first 9100 off of the assembly line or a special edition 9100. Just a thought...

that phone look's way better than the previous ones out, in fact it will probably kick the current pearls a$$ in everything !!!GO RIM, BEAT APPLE!!!!

Stunning... now they just need to put in an accelerometer, or make it possible to watch videos horizontally (a la ipod nano).

I'm in the same boat as so many others have stated, the pearl 8130 was my first blackberry that sucked me into the blackberry world and started my crackberry addictions, if I had the money available to purchase this phone at retail price, I would ditch my bold 9000 in an instant to go to back to my blackberry roots.

I'm in the same boat as so many others have stated, the pearl 8130 was my first blackberry that sucked me into the blackberry world and started my crackberry addictions, if I had the money available to purchase this phone at retail price, I would ditch my bold 9000 in an instant to go to back to my blackberry roots.

I currently have the 9700, but if this phone retails at a good price, I would actually consider on picking one up adding to the addition of my BB family! I went from bb 8100, 8120, 8320, 8900, now 9700...

I have to admit, the new Pearl 9100 looks really good! My wife had the 8100 and she loved it. If T-Mobile gets this one, she may get it (provided the specs make it worthy). I have the Bold 9700 (Tmo) and would never entertain the thought of switching (to any other BB that is)! Standing by, more to follow I'm sure.

I started out with an 8130, and am currently eyeing the 8520, but not sure how I'll like a full QWERTY after getting used to suretype. I just might have to hold on a bit longer, and see if it comes to my provider!

Being a Pearl user i find i like the size of the Pearl. I do wish i had the new bold or curve, but its small, fits in your pocket, and the keyboard is just getting use to. Although the style has needed an upgrade. I cant stand my cartoonish type icons (curve 8330, pearl 81xx). All my friends have the updated format (new styled menus such as bolds, curves, tours) and being a student no way i can afford $500 for a new phone. Im happy to know now RIM has come out with a new model on this phone. I knew they would some day, its just time and planning and now hearing they have trackpad, wi-fi etc. its nice to know its keeping up with its family of phones. Its needed it for a long time. I dont know how many trackballs I've gone through with my pearl but i cant wait till this phone is released.

I am psyched about this phone. Its awsome and stuff. But since i have a 8130 model. NEVER AGAIN AM I EVER GOING TO GRAB ANOTHER BALCKBERRY(unlsess its a storm 2) The Pearl that i have now is bad. It let me a bad expeirience into the smartphone world. ESPECIALLY BLACKBERRYS!!

Hi im a newbe to crackberry. I like this pearl, but the perarl that i had(1830) ruined my smartphone experience, and first blackberry expeirience. (sorry for my spelling) I liked my first BB, but after a wile, it got to be a crappy phone (no offense) I like this one though, I wish this would be my first BB.:p

this looks beautiful!!!everything about it looks good!love the size and sleek look..very sexy indeed!! i have the onyx which is hottt and adore it..however would love to have this little hot number too, to keep my 9700 company!lol. i wonder when it will be released in the uk..

i have a pearl 8120. i was so jealous when my wife brought home the 8520 and its trackpad. REDEMTION!!!! i can only hope this baby is available on the t-mobile network. (please please please)

When is the pearl 9100 coming out? I have talked to people in the AT&T store and they don't know anything about it! Help, I need a new phone and am waiting for it since I have the 8100 and love the size.

I just went back to using my little Pearl because I just love that phone. Glad to see that blackberry is updating. I am tired of carrying around a big phone, but I do like the blackberry features. Sprint probably will not carry it since it is new and cool, but a girl can hope. Anxious to see its debut.


I miss my BB Pearl. Graduated to the Storm, then the Curve 8900. I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

does anyone know if and when this will be released in the states? a friend of mine has been holding off on her upgrade to wait for this.

I am a Pearl 8100 owner and want this new 3G phone. Unfortunatley I am a TMobile customer and they are not expected to have this 3g phone for us, sigh, sad, skewered that TMobile wont have this, guess I'll have to leave TMobile !