It's Official! BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Coming to Sprint Q4

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2007 10:54 am EDT

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Looks like the folks at Engadget got their hands on Sprint's 4th quarter phone line up, and there's good news for Sprint BlackBerry users - the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is a coming!! We knew it was coming, but it's great to finally see this on official Sprint letterhead. :)

Back in early August leaked slides finally provided visual proof of the long-rumored Pearl 2. And in mid August we ran slides of Verizon's BlackBerry Pearl 8130 (touting a November launch date). The CDMA Spring BlackBerry Pearl 8130 will of couse have GPS (look for GSM 8130's to offer WiFi) and will run on Sprint's high-speed EVDO network. BIG Picture w/ Details after the Jump.

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BlackBerry Pearl 8130

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It's Official! BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Coming to Sprint Q4


Why is it when a carrier releases a new bb, the CDMA carriers get GPS and GSM gets wi-fi? Is this some sort of agreement with the carriers and RIM or what?

I'm going to upgrading from my 7130e soon, and if rather have wi-fi then GPS from TELUS Berry's.

Hmmm seems first there's bogus information the release of the 8820 and now your saying this.

Could you give us a list of your sources?

If you follow the hyper links within the text, you will see the sources are linked in multiple places.

Engadget is the source for this information (click the link above that says "source").

Every post made is sourced whenever the story/news comes from elsewhere. In the case where we receive a "tip", we always indicate it as a tip/rumor until verified by other parties.