BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Now Available from ATT

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Apr 2008 04:50 pm EDT

BlackBerry Pearl 8110With the excitement surrounding FREE Curves today, I didn't notice (thanks for pointing it out Bla1ze!) that the new Blackberry Pearl 8110 is now available from AT&T.

Like the 8310 Curve, the 8110 Pearl is available in both RED and TITANIUM colors and is equipped with GPS. On a 2-yr contract the 8110 rings in at $149.99, which is actually $50 cheaper than the WiFi equipped BlackBerry Pearl 8120 AT&T recently launched.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. WiFi or GPS...if you can only have one of these features inside a Pearl, which do you go for? I know my answer. Go for the WiFi equipped 8120 and get a GPS Bluetooth puck like the Freedom Keychain 2000. Now you have both!

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BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Now Available from ATT



Does anyone know if all my apps including OTA will work with the 8110?

I called to purchase the 8110 today and the AT&T guy wasn't sure if it would.

If I use desktop manager can I use the "switch device" option to move everything over to it?

I love my 8100 but want the GPS on the 8110!

What information can someone give about keeping the apps I have to work on 8110?

I know 90% of what I have will not work on my friends 8130 and everything I have I downloaded and purchased for the 8100!

Help please