BlackBerry Pearl 3G Passes Through FCC As If It Were Already Approved

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2010 01:22 pm EDT
BlackBerry Pearl 3G Passes Through FCC As If It Were Already Approved

Just because all the official announcements have come from Canadian carriers, certainly you weren't thinking that US carriers were going to be passing over the BlackBerry Pearl 3G were you? Engadget has just spotted both the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and BlackBerry Pearl 9105 in the FCC approval database. No US carriers have stepped up to the plate to claim they will be exclusive or official carriers of the device. But, given that the BlackBerry Pearl 3G has been seen in every flavor but CDMA it's pretty much a lock in that AT&T and T-Mobile will be onboard. With RIM touting a May release across the board, expect to hear from the mentioned carriers soon.

Source: Engadget

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G Passes Through FCC As If It Were Already Approved


PLEASE!!!!!! VZW just announce the new Bold. I'm literally jonsing for this phone. I'm on crackberry every 2 mins hitting refresh looking for any new info. I cant take this. I think my blood pressure is going up. There is nothing wrong with my Storm2 but I'm a crack addict. I need a fresh hit. PLEASE!!!!!!!

I'm waiting for local sprint store to get this in. Almost thinking of getting this and selling my curve, nothing wrong with the curve, just really like the "powerbar" size of this phone. Would fit into my pockets a lot better then the curve. I can learn to live with the. Different style keyboard.

No reason not to have a 9130.

This is a good phone and should sell well, but lets not pretend that it will be some carrier's flagship model. Just release it to everyone from the start, and let it get the market-hold it deserves...

This is a great form factor...size/look/color ways IE: red/black.

Excited to see this phone being used, its just so handy and works well for those who love them, my friends just zip through it and master the keyboard better than any phone i have seen.

Good Job RIM

but...wasn't the original pearl available on every carrier? i'm wondering why vzw wouldn't want this sweet phone

I just spoke with cs at T-Mo to let them know I would get one (to replace an ancient RAZR or maybe two (to replace a G1). Nothing like a little gentle encouragement while reminding them that last quarter wasn't so good.

They need great phones.

Looking at the Roger's release notes about launching Pearl 3G, it says: "Gradient red finish, available in Canada only from Rogers".. But no other colours are listed. I want pink!! What is the point in RIM releasing the Pearl 3G in all these lovely colours if we don't even get the option of choosing one of them? I really hope it's not coming in just the one colour. Any ideas?