BlackBerry Pearl 3G now available from Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile Pearl 3G
By Adam Zeis on 3 Sep 2010 09:34 am EDT

The BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9100) is now officially available from Wind Mobile. The contract-free device is priced at $300 and if you pick one up now you can save 50% off on an accompanying data plan. Monthly plan prices vary depending on your use, but it's overall a good buy and worth being free from a lengthy contract. The Pearl 3G sports Wifi 802.11 wireless n, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G (duh) and SureType keyboard. Head over to the link below for more.

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G now available from Wind Mobile


Still confused over the fact no major US carrier is carrying it. I loved my 8120 and it would be nice to have the 9100 without going through the hassles it takes to get your hands on one.

My sister would love this device, as anything normal (say the Bold) is too heavy/big for her. she would like this.

Yeah I'm just a little confused on why no major US carrier has this yet. I thought it would make a good phone for my second line. And I waited. And waited. Then the torch came out. Not a fan of touch screens or sliders. So now I just wait for the revamped version of the 9700 and it should be out sometime with in the next weeks from what I read. So it looks like once this does get to a Major US carrier it might just be a feature phone.

Would it be possible to buy it from Wind, unlock it and put it on either Telus (myself, $350 with them) or Rogers (my girlfriend, $425 with them)?

WIND is aws, the bands are incompatible with Robellus.
You can use it on Rogers on EDGE, but not on Bell/Telus because their network is 3G only.

This phone is nice and small with lots of features.

Not sure why it is taking so long to release to the US.

The reasons might include wanting to release the Torch first to build some momentum with the Torch.

Maybe they also have too much of the 8100 in the inventory.

Interesting, I just noticed however that the ATT Wireless website no longer has the 8100. Not sure when it was removed from the website. So I'm guessing it might arrive at ATT soon!