BlackBerry Pearl 3G Not Coming To T-Mobile?!?

By Bla1ze on 17 May 2010 08:55 pm EDT
BlackBerry Pearl 3G Not Coming To T-Mobile?!?

We've all been patiently waiting for US carriers to make some announcement as to whom among them is going to be launching the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. All the top Canadian carriers have announced it, yet US carriers are holding the information back. One rumor being heard for a while now is that T-Mobile has been noted as passing on the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. I believe Kevin even made reference to that notion in the last CrackBerry podcast (and he hoped it wasn't true!). However, other than them passing on it we've heard of no explanation as to why really. The only thing thought is that a newer device was to be headed their way.

Ronen over at BerryReview, posted some information today that brings that information once again to the forefront. Mentioning that the passing of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G could be because of a new BlackBerry Curve release that is up and coming. While the thought of a 3G Curve is great, we've already seen that the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is equipped to handle the 1700 AWS 3G that T-Mobile (and WIND) offer. The original Pearl series was a great seller for T-Mobile, to neglect the newest iteration seems rather foolish. If it turns out to be true, that rumored 3G BlackBerry Curve better be one heck of a device to sway those Suretype fans out there. Fingers are crossed that T-Mo announces the Pearl 3G still, and soon!

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G Not Coming To T-Mobile?!?


The Pearl is an important part of a BB lineup. I can't fathom that TMO would pass, altho they did pass on the 9000. Go figure. I would love to see the P3G, Curve 3G and Slider all make an appearance on TMO. One can only hope.

I had the old 8100 and I loved it! I know there are BB users that would like to trade in there old 81xx for a new 91xx. I think it will be a bad chose by T-Mo to pass on this great phone.

I love that T-Mobile is the only provider in my area that give me wi-fi calling on my blackberry. I love it since I live in an apt. But that's where it ends. They still haven't rolled out the 5.0 for the curve 8520. They have very few G3 and GPS blackberry. Come on guys. You can do better.

I'm really hoping that: a)the 9800 is coming soon-ish, b) the aforementioned is coming to T-Mo. Then my 8120 will be upgraded to that, but to pass on the Pearl 3G? Really? If I was not looking for a physically larger device (and touch) I would get the 3G in a heartbeat. I kinda felt this was the only big hardware announcement at WES. The new Bold was ok, but to put the power of the 9700 in the size of a pearl? pretty slick. T-Mo better have something else coming or not choosing the 3G is a poor choice IMHO.

Tmo would be retarded if they passed on this phone, so i highly doubt they will do that since the first pearl was so successful. Tmo is notorious for keeping leaks under wrap, so it would not surprise me if they are just keeping the 9100 from being leaked.

also, maybe tmo does not want to pay for exclusivity right for this phone. It just might be a while before it hits tmo.

Tmobile would be crazy to pass this up. The pearls are perfect starter blackberries. A lot of people who don't want big bulky phones would jump on the 9100/9105 band wagon.

Any carrier that sold a lot of 8100's will almost have to carry the 9100 series. Maybe they just aren't beating down the door to be first in the US with it.

Which, while not without its problems, was a good phone. If T-Mo doesn't pick up the P3G I will switch away from them. It's that simple. I like Blackberries that can be worked with one hand.

My excitement and happiness regarding this phone is just fading. I'm sick of RIM's lack of new information on a release date. As far as I'm concerned this phone does not exist.

This isn't RIM fault. They've announced the phone and show it on their site. It's the carriers that are dragging their heels and not saying anything - for no good reason.

Carriers only want to carry a certain number of smartphones, so they have to carefully pick and choose which ones are going to be popular.

With all the talk of future Window Phones and the very popular ANDROID phones, maybe T-Mobile didn't want to commit to carry all of the Blackberry Line... Maybe they want the flip phone instead of the Pearl, both would be marketed to pretty much the same customer base.

there are a lot of consumers that would buy the candy bar form factor and not the flip phone. they are different customer bases

Pearl Flip was the ugliest piece of **** BB has put out. What a waste of smartphone. TMO better watch out cause if they try launching another Flip BB in an era where competing carriers are launching stuff like *Torch 9800 running on OS6 (like they did back when the original Bold and Storm came out) then they are doomed.

What TMO needs is the 9100 running on an OS6! This will make a butt load of customers happy! And bust sales like never imagined. Who's with me?!?!

i hope this isnt true, because i know too many people that love their pearls, it's a great fit for people who dont want the bulky curve or bold

I personally will not spring for any phone with less than 512 mb memory! Not gonna do it! My wifes 9700 had half the 256 used up straight out of the box..Maybe T-Mobile can smell the coffee!

Increased memory doesn't mean anything when the pre-installed OS and other components take up significantly more space or when apps that are used to implement the new software increase in size.

Recently upgraded from my 8100 to the 9700. While I like the 9700 I liked the size and ease of typing on the 8100. Come on T-Mo pick up this phone.