BlackBerry Pearl 3G Information Live From The Vodafone UK Launch Party

By Bla1ze on 19 May 2010 06:19 pm EDT
BlackBerry Pearl 3G Live From The Vodafone UK Launch Party

In Canada, many retailers have already started their ordering processes for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G. With pre orders being taken, shipments in transit and some folks even being able to score the devices in a small percentage of stores. Across the pond in the UK though, Vodafone is just revving up for their release of the sexy new BlackBerry Pearl 3G. Luckily, we've got some information to share with you all that comes to us from an attendee of the event, big thanks to chirag for sending this stuff in too us. Read on for more details on what to expect when the BlackBerry Pearl 3G goes on sale for Vodafone UK.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Live From The Vodafone UK Launch Party

First off, folks in the UK will be pleased to know that their will be no lack in selection of colors when the device is launched over there. The BlackBerry Pearl 3G will be available in black, white and pink from Vodafone. According to the information, the devices being shown off are currently running on OS This differs from what we have seen here in Canada where they are being released with OS It's plausible that the Vodafone versions will see an update before they hit market.

Ready for what may be the disappointing news for some? It appears that only the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 will the only version available at launch. But that said, Vodafone is still open to options depending on sales of the 9105. If it does not do well, they are said to have the option of bringing in the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100. To close out, no official launch date or pricing was announced as of yet but, it's expected to fall in line with that of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 which starts at $0 with a minimum of £25/month tariff. That's it for now, we'll let you all know if more details emerge. 

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G Information Live From The Vodafone UK Launch Party


Hopefully they will add the 9100 to the selection. Surprised it is free on the £25 a month BlackBerry tariff though, I thought it would be free on the £30 one the same as the 9700 Bold2.

Nevermind - I just checked and the 8520 is free on the £20 a month BlackBerry tariff, so the 9105 is actually 'priced' between the 8520 and the 9700

Presumably the carriers think that this version is better suited to shift people over to smartphones than the 9100, but given how long the previous model was still being sold by the carriers it does seem odd that they don't seem as eager to cater to upgraders.

Kind of ironic that a device likened to crack is now acting as a gateway drug to the smartphone world now instead.

sweeet... so i guess im going to need to get a crackberry reader in the UK to help me out here... and ship me down a white 9105 the second it becomes available!

sorry you guys over in Canada but last I've heard these will be locked to the vodafone network, probably the reason for the software discrepncy. As for the 9100 I have it from a good source that it will be available SIM free for £130 plus £10 back from RIM, this may change before the launch though. the website and stock sheets still only show the 9105 in black, though other colours may be forthcomeing at a later date.

Ossprey: Are you saying you can order the 9100 from RIM at some point? Because Rogers, from what I understand, is only releasing the Pearl 9100 in gradient red (and I would like a different colour).