WES 2010: BlackBerry Pearl 3G Features Easy SIM Card Install and Removal

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Apr 2010 10:22 am EDT

If you've owned a lot of BlackBerry Smartphones over the years, you know that when it comes to things like the battery door latch, SIM card and MicroSD card design and placement that RIM is always doing something different. Sometimes the designs are winner and sometimes, well, you can struggle with removing that SIM card for what feels like hours (especially if your name is Bla1ze!).

Enter the new Pearl. When pulling the battery door cover off the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G, we were a little confused for a second by this bright orange tab we were looking at, until it sunk in what we were looking at... a super easy and convenient way to remove the SIM card from the device. Check out the video above to see the mechanism in action. Good stuff right there!

Reader comments

WES 2010: BlackBerry Pearl 3G Features Easy SIM Card Install and Removal


Ok, I will play the cynic.......

What is the material of that big area the card sits on once you pull it out? I could just see the rubbing of the card on that space building up static and causing it to fry the card.


But seriously, nice little design there.

Just wondering... I have yet to remove my SIM card, why does everyone need a new way to remove their SIM card anyway? What consumer issue does this solve, and how is it more important than other issues which are unresolved?

Look more carefully. This device is very small already, they needed to figure out a mechanism for the SIM to be inserted without taking up much space; right below the camera is the perfect spot. This leaves more space for a powerful battery and this being a 'mini 9700' the extra space gained to fit a good battery is vital.

I like it, you have to admit that at least once we've all tried to take out our sim cards for one reason or another. I know just last month I had to so I could activate my old phone & clear out it's memory, this is a really nice design & with such a small device they definitely needed to figure out a way to make it easy to remove the sim once it was in place.