BlackBerry Pearl 3G and BlackBerry Curve 3G now available from AT&T

By Bla1ze on 17 Oct 2010 04:15 pm EDT

If you've been holding out for a BlackBerry Pearl or Curve 3G, now is your chance to finally pick one up from AT&T. Announced previously while we were at DevCon10, AT&T has kept to the date listed in the initial press release. If you're looking to grab either one of these devices the break down in pricing is as follows:

  • BlackBerry Pearl 3G - $149.99 after instant rebate.
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G - $99 after instant rebate.

Those prices assume a new 2 year contract and a data plan of at least $15 or more is required to be purchased as well. Remember, both of these devices are BlackBerry 6 capable despite coming pre loaded with OS 5. But what I really wanna is, any former 8100 users out there excited to finally see the 9100 arrive on a US carrier? Thanks C_h0use!

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That pearl is slick. The only curve that I have ever been enamored with is th 8900.


Both look great, except for the LCD on the Curve, looks a little like the Curve 8520 (a little cheap).


I don't get how this phone can be a successor to the 8900 and and 8530 and not have a 480x360 screen or 3.2 MP camera? The 8900 was the best curve and I don't understand why these new curves are bumped down in specs?


I don't think the Curve 3G is really meant to be a "successor" to the 8900, sadly. It's just another entry-level BB. I think RIM just wants 8900 users to go to a Bold or tour or something.


Love the look of the new pearl 3g. Would love to see a cdma version. Anyone know if there's one in the works?


I'm a bold user and I have always loved my pearl (1st bb that i had)

Now I'm going to change my white 9700 for a pearl ASAP!!


My wife is pumped about the pearl! She still using the pink 8110. I kinda want the curve myself.


The 8100 was my 1st BB and even though I upgraded to the 9700 I miss the Pearl. Seriously thinking of picking one up and unlocking it so I can use on TMo


If that 9780 doesnt hurry up and come out then i might just get that pearl... C'mon att give me what i want! Please and thank you.


i was using a 5 year old pearl, I am extremely happy.


Very excited about the Pearl 3G finally coming to my carrier.
Not so excited that they are thumbing their noses at us with that price.

I have to wait a little longer to see if those prices drop before I can finally upgrade from my current 8100.


But $550.00 for a no contract price??? You can buy the Torch 9800 for $500.00. That is insane in my opinion. Guess I'll be waiting a lot longer to pick one of these up.


Unfortunately, I'm still stuck with my 8100. I wouldn't mind getting an update but I just can't afford it right now. Maybe someone would be kind enough to give me a better phone *hint* *hint*.


Unfortunately, I'm still stuck with my 8100. I wouldn't mind getting an update but I just can't afford it right now. Maybe someone would be kind enough to give me a better phone *hint* *hint*.


For us T-Mobile people we can get a Pearl 3G with AWS band from WIND (Canada) or i-Wireless (Iowa). However, neither company's phone will support T-Mobile UMA.


Almost everything is cheaper in the US as compared to Canada (the Torch being $100 cheaper than the cheapest one in Canada w/ no contract). Why the Pearl 3G costs so much more in the US though with no contract is beyond me :-o In fact, since the Canadian vs the American currency is almost the same, I'm surprised that there's still a diff in pricing :-/


The best I can figure is that AT&T is still putting their weight behind the Torch. Thus pricing the Pearl out of immediate reach and making the Torch look more attractive, price-wise.

However, Amazon has it with a new AT&T plan for 1 cent this morning. I don't know what else is involved in that deal, I really didn't look too far into it. Besides, I'd be upgrading, but I could start a new plan if I think I could get by with losing my current unlimited data plan.


If this ( is what you were looking at - it is $0.01, but it's not an actual phone, just a little bit of plastic. Too bad - a penny for a pearl would be sweet.


I was doubtful, but searched again and found

so it really is sweet! I would be switching over from T-Mobile, who seem uninterested in the Pearl (and BlackBerry in general) for reasons that I cannot really understand.

I'll lose unlimited data, but 200MB/month for $5 less seems like a pretty okay deal to me - my current usage on my original Pearl 8100 is about 20MB/month as it stands, even doing more with the newer phone I should be fine with that (especially since the 9100 has Wifi - N!) - now I need to upgrade my wireless router...


I feel your pain I did it for a lonnngg time, this phone is like the jesus phone for pearl 81xx lovers. It's everything you love about pearl and nothing you hate about your 8100.. It's the best.


I have a curve3G and what I love about this device is the processor 624mhz and memory/ram 512mb I have all the power of the bold and torch but don't have to pay the bold/torch price.. Well in this case ATT sucks cause they have the curve3G the same price as there bold/torch.. I have sprint and the curve3G is $150 cheaper than the bold9650