BlackBerry Pearl 2 Details and Rumors

By James Falconer on 11 Jun 2007 12:18 pm EDT

BlackBerry Pearl 2A few anonymous tipsters have filled us in on some info regarding the new BlackBerry Pearl 2.

Having done our research and checking other websites reporting similar information, we believe the tips to be right on the money. We hope they pan out to be true because this is shaping up to be one nice looking device.

Apparent Features of the Pearl 2:

> Small, Slim design. 8mm thinner than the original Pearl.

> 2MP Digital Camera

> High-speed EV-DO

The BlackBerry Pearl 2 is scheduled to hit the market in the fourth quarter of this year. Should be good!

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Pearl 2 Details and Rumors


Have also heard that this BB will have WiFi. And since there are 2 letters on each key of the keyboard, it will be a SureType model.

Does anyone know if the BlackBerry Pearl 2 will be CDMA network ?? And will it have Spellcheck? Thanks.


I hope they do something about the covered speaker....the only thing keeping me from getting a really cool case for mine is that all the cases are designed to cover the speaker that I just bought a new back to UNCOVER-lol

I did think of buying one of the gummy ones and taking a razor to the back to cut slots for the sound.....hmmmmm