BlackBerry 101: Using the Native BlackBerry Password Keeper Application to Store Account Information

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2010 02:22 pm EST

One of the native applications I use regularly on my BlackBerry (multiple times per day) that I've noticed for some reason many BlackBerry users either do not use or don't even know it exists is the BlackBerry Password Keeper. On newer devices you can find it by default within the Applications folder on the homescreen ribbon.

The BlackBerry Password Keeper is extremely handy and does exactly what you would think it would do... it provides a centralized location where you can store critical account information. You create one super duper master password for the BlackBerry Password Keeper and from there within the Password Keeper client you can add multiple accounts containing account/login information for the various sites/services you frequent. Be sure to watch the video for full details.

Soooo many people in this world still either use one password for every account they have or different really, really crappy passwords (something1234 anybody??). The BlackBerry Password Keeper features a Random Password generator which makes it easy to come up with crazy passwords. And since the BlackBerry is remembering the passwords instead of your brain, you can make each different account you use feature a different crazy password. All in all, I'd say it's a good thing. 

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BlackBerry 101: Using the Native BlackBerry Password Keeper Application to Store Account Information


Ryan reviewed Splash ID back in 2008... maybe we'll follow up with a new video walk through of it shortly. Definitely a good app

I pass on the Password Keeper; as I prefer Ascendo DataVault. It syncs with my Desktop (not wireless), but at least I can backup my data to my desktop; make changes and sync back to the Blackberry! Very simple to setup and use... Rather than lose all my data and trust on the last backup to have all my data thru DM....

If it actually did anything, such as auto fill web fields, I might consider it, but as it is it's a very basic wallet application of no use.

Auto filling web fields would defeat the purpose of needing a password to access the information...

On a side note, KeepassBB2 > password keeper.

1password handles autofill on the iphone securely by requiring the master password first, then filling the fields. Its a very hand solution that password keeper really could do with.

I use password keeper, religiously. Plus, I upgrade/wipe my device fairly often and must say that DM and PK have never failed me.

Since KeePass has database-compatible clients for every platform I'd ever care to use (and many I don't or might someday), I prefer to stick with that option. So I can basically copy the .kdb file over from my desktop, and open it with the BlackBerry KeePass app.

But one thing I wish both of these apps would do (but neither actually do) is browser integration.

i know keepass isn't flashy or anything but it gets the job done on pretty much every computer/smartphone OS i've ever used


Can we get another option that says "No, I knew about it but foudn it to be a waste of memory and deleted it"?

I dunno, maybe I just have a good memory but i never found a need to store my passwords anywhere

I prefer the desktop functions you get with a 3rd party app like DataVault. Worthwhile app for the few bucks they charge you.

my memory doesnt get any better when im sitting in front of my pc, so i needed this solution there and on my bb. keepass did that. and syncs the same database between the 2, so always on same page. password keeper, only on bb. thats why i dont use it.

I think i will look into the other apps recommended by some above, but i like the looks and features of the native Password keeper, so i might just use that one instead; it would do the job i need. Great job there kevin.

The other option on the poll is - I know about this, I know how to use it but I don't care to use it.

That's me! I'm not "too lazy to set it up! :)" I just don't want to use it.

I find it a useful tool and would probably use it if I used my BlackBerry for my work (I use password keeper on my computer at work).


Good timing for me, I am the one that was to lazy to set it up, as I was literally finishing reinstalling password keeper on my Tour I saw this. I decided to try KeePass instead though because of the sync feature

ok is it just me...but that 2nd phone he was handling doesnt look like anything on the current doesnt look like a 9700 cuz of the 2 side...but it has a trackpad....someone fill me in?

ok is it just me...but that 2nd phone he was handling doesnt look like anything on the current doesnt look like a 9700 cuz of the 2 side...but it has a trackpad....someone fill me in?

I never thought I'd see the day when Crackberry has a blog/post on something such as this. I had to laugh. The random password generator is the best thing that RIM came up with. =D

Yeah password keeper has proved to be a VERY handy feature on my 9700 & my previous 9000 & its something i use alot & store important information on.

and it has a desktop component.......
no contest....

EDIT***Kevin, I think there should be a review of these types of apps....
I have used splashid, datavault, ewallet and am testing another one now....

I use it but would like the ability to store multiple passwords under the same heading. Currently I store them under the 'notes' heading. Eh...

Has worked great for me and does exactly what it should. Use it all the time when on the go and don't have my password list with me from home.

Thanks to BB for adding it!!

If you don't mind, could you capitalize the "i" in the first sentence? Sorry, but my OCD is driving me nuts!

Oh wow! So that's what that does?! I always saw it there in my Apps folder but never knew what it did. I stored all my usernames and pw's in my memopad. Pretty stupid, I know. Glad this was posted up here for idiots like me! :)

I love love love this program. It stores my life in a place where I trust the security of it. I tell everyone I know to use it!

I do like it and I do use it frequently but keep my most secure passwords elsewhere due to the porous nature of smartphones and their related software. I do wish that programs like roboform would be adapted to work with RIM products.

This feature has been so useful since I learned how to use it (very simple). I never realized how many passwords and usernames and accounts I had until I started logging them with necessary security information.

I currently have over 40 different accounts, which sounds crazy and know people have many more than that. I would be a complete tool without this app :)

One of the best apps on my BB. It allowed me to quit using the same three passwords for EVERYTHING.

I'm switching phones sometime this year (might give that STORM 3 a go (slider BB) and I'm nervous about bringing my PW keeper to the new device.

Another vote for KeePass from me. That all important desktop client and sync makes the difference.

I have used both eWallet and SplashID through palms, window mobile devices and now BlackBerry. eWallet transfers device type to device type the easiest since the desktop component was there. No point to re-enter all the accounts, personal information, software information, vehicle info, website ids & passwords to even try BlackBerry's program since it was as simple as installing eWallet on BlackBerry and syncing.

Have started using this all the time. Am currently unemployed and completing on-line applications is a chore plus each site has a different format for user id and password. Now, I just put them in password keeper and I'm done and can recall if I need to submit an application for another job. Also keep my website passwords there as well. This is great!

If I use Random Password and I try to access that web (bank for instance) from my desktop or any other desktop aren't I SOL ??? When I first got the phone I made the passwords in that app into asterisks. Don't see any way of undoing that even if I wanted to ???

My other question is, do I access that website right from inside the password keeper ???

I used the native Password Keeper to store my passwords. I backed-up the information consistently. Now my screen is cracked and I can not access the application on the phone. How do I get my passwords?

Last month I changed all my logins and passwords as precautionary measure. And (of course) this month I couldn't remember any of them. My husband said, "Don't you have an app for that? Isn't that why you own a BB?" Logged into Crackberry and found this post. Thank you for taking the time and explaining this feature!

i just bought my new blackberry bold 9000.. and it has a password keeper... and i try it.. but i dont know the password so can get in there.... i cant open it... i attempt 8 times.. im scared that if i reach 10 attempts my fone will be locked.. what is the first password?? 1234 en 12345 is not working... my password in fone dont work also... my pin also didnt work also.. help me..

I've downloaded the latest version of KeePass for the PC (v2.15) and KeePassBB (v2.0.1506)
They are not compatable. When I sync the two and try to open the database on my BB I get the error "The database must be from KeePass version 2.09 - 2.11"

I thought I'd download an older PC version that is compatable, but I can't find anything but the "current" version. It looks like these versions were published a year ago. Has KeePass dropped off the face of the earth? It seems nuts that they would go a full year without keeping their PC and BB versions sinced.

Or am I missing something? If I can't keep my BB sinced with my PC, then KeePass is worthless.

Does anyone know how to recover the password? I set it up a while ago and forgot my password. Thanks!

Password keeper information does not seem to be supported through an enterprise server. recently updated our company system and cannot recover password keeper.

Anybody have a solution??