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Oct 31, 2016 ShopBlackBerry has extended their great deals on Priv and Passport!
If you still haven't taken advantage of the ShopBlackBerry offers on Priv and Passport, BlackBerry has now added some more time to the clock. Continue Reading →
Sep 21, 2016 Rare BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android goes up for sale on Kijiji
Remember before the Priv was announced there were multiple sightings of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition caught running Android? At the time, it was caught up in the codename confusion and was better known as Oslo and well, we know now that it was in some ways, a test bed for BlackBerry's Android smartphones. Although they never went on sale for the masses, a new Kijiji listing might allow you to get your hands on one. Continue Reading →
Jul 12, 2016 Snag a BlackBerry Passport from Amazon today for only $315
Looking to get your hands on a BlackBerry Passport? If so, you might want to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day. Right now, if you head on over to Amazon, you'll find three different versions of the BlackBerry Passport available with special Amazon Prime Day pricing of $315. Continue Reading →
Jun 29, 2016 BlackBerry offers up to $225 off phones at its New York pop-up store
BlackBerry is currently running a Summer Spectacular sale at its New York pop-up store, offering up to $225 off BlackBerry smartphones along with a free accessory bundle through July 12. Continue Reading →
Jun 22, 2016 BlackBerry launches summer sale on Passport and Priv
BlackBerry is currently holding a summer sale on its Passport and Priv smartphones, offering up to $150 off select devices. Continue Reading →
Mar 22, 2016 BlackBerry Spring Sale: Save 20 percent when purchasing a BlackBerry Passport!
Spring has sprung and to kick things off, BlackBerry has now posted up a sale on ShopBlackBerry where you can save 20 percent off the price of a BlackBerry Passport or BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. Continue Reading →
Feb 12, 2016 BlackBerry offers Priv and Passport discounts through Feb. 29
BlackBerry is currently offering price cuts on both the Priv and Passport through February 29. Continue Reading →
Jan 28, 2016 BlackBerry offers smartphone savings and free accessories until Feb. 24
BlackBerry has launched a special winter sale, allowing people who buy the BlackBerry Passport, Passport Silver Edition or the BlackBerry Priv to get a free accessory bundle worth up to $99. The Passport also has a price cut of $20 during the sale, along with a $30 price cut for the Passport Silver Edition. Continue Reading →
Dec 16, 2015 UKarbon skins are a great way to change up the look of your BlackBerry
Skins for devices have been around for some time though they're becoming few and far between for BlackBerry 10 owners. However, that is changing as a UK based company has started to offer up skins for BlackBerry 10 models. We take a look at a few of them. Continue Reading →
Dec 15, 2015 Buy a Priv, get a free case and USB dock from BlackBerry until Jan. 5
BlackBerry has launched a special holiday offer that allows people who purchase the Priv, Classic, Leap, Passport, or Passport Silver Edition smartphone from its official website to get a free sync pod and device case that have a total value of $95. BlackBerry has also cut the price on the Passport and Passport Silver edition. Continue Reading →
Nov 24, 2015 BlackBerry offering special pricing on select devices for Black Friday
The holidays and Black Friday are quickly approaching, and if you're looking to pick up a new BlackBerry for someone (or yourself), you'll want to check out the deals BlackBerry have announced. Right now, select [BlackBerry 10](/blackberry-10) smartphones are on sale through December 1. Continue Reading →
Sep 24, 2015 Get a free accessory bundle when you purchase a BlackBerry Passport from CrackBerry Canada
Since it's the anniversary of the original [BlackBerry Passport](/blackberry-passport) release, [there's no better time for our CrackBerry Canada store to offer up a deal on the device]( Right now, if you purchase an original BlackBerry Passport in black, we'll be giving away a **FREE** OEM accessory bundle as well. Continue Reading →
Sep 16, 2015 AT&T shaves $100 off their BlackBerry Passport pricing

AT&T shaves 00 off their BlackBerry Passport pricing

Looking to get your hands on an AT&T BlackBerry Passport? If so, the carrier has now made it a little bit easier on the bank account to do so by shaving $100 off the pricing. Right now, you can head on over to the AT&T website and pick up a BlackBerry Passport for only $99.99 (Reg. $199) on a two-year contract or if contracts are not your thing, you can opt for the no-contract pricing of $499.99. That no-contract pricing puts it in line with the original BlackBerry Passport available through ShopBlackBerry including the red and white version, but if you simply must have the more rounded off AT&T version it's a pretty sweet deal. Of course, AT&T will also gladly sell you the device on some of their AT&T Next Plans as well with those starting at only $16.67.

Purchase the BlackBerry Passport from AT&T

Continue Reading →
Aug 27, 2015 Pick up the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition on contract from Carphone Warehouse in the UK


Every so often I find myself heading over to the UK carriers and retailers websites - more than often to see who's 'not' selling BlackBerry 10 devices. Today I ended up with Carphone Warehouse who historically have been pretty loyal to BlackBerry. I was quite surprised when I hit up the BlackBerry Passport page as the two color options were not quite what I was expecting - Black or the new Silver Edition.

Continue Reading →
Aug 25, 2015 Announcing the winner of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition bundle!

BlackBerry Passport SE

BlackBerry recently released the brand new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, and it is beautiful. With a refined design and featuring an awesome looking silver finish, the BlackBerry Passport SE has us all anxious to get our hands on one, and we know many of you feel the same! So we gave everyone a chance to win a free Silver Edition Passport along with a bundle of accessories and some CrackBerry goodies! And now that the contest is over, it's time to see who has won!

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Aug 23, 2015 BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition captured on video running Android

Before the weekend kicked off, the folks over at 4GNews posted up some images of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android Lollipop but what most folks missed was that the images were taken from a video. Rather then posting just those images, we decided to wait and see if the video would pop up and sure enough, it has now appeared. The device appears to be the same device that leaked out earlier but this time around, we get a good look of it in action running through some of the settings as well as the Google Play Store.

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Aug 21, 2015 BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition review!

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Box

Let me preface this by saying I never really intended on giving the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition a full blown review. From the onset, I pretty much considered the device 'just another version of the Passport' and overall I feel I was right in that assumption. It is just another version of the BlackBerry Passport, but it just so happens that it's the nicest version of the BlackBerry Passport available to date.

With that in mind, it's certainly worthy of a closer look, even if the majority of the changes are cosmetic rather than internal. I'm not going to cover every single aspect here like I would in the review of a a brand new device. Instead let's just take a nice overview of some of the changes that I think are most important to those who may already be Passport owners trying to decide if they want the Silver Edition or, the more likely scenario, those who already know all there is to know about the Passport but haven't pulled the trigger on purchasing one. If you're looking for a massive run down I fully suggest our original BlackBerry Passport review instead.

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Aug 19, 2015 Which version of the BlackBerry Passport do you prefer?

Which version of the BlackBerry Passport do you prefer?

Now that there is essentially three different versions of the BlackBerry Passport available for purchase, excluding the color variations which increases that number even further, we figured we should ask which version is preferred amongst our readers. Perhaps you bought the original version but now really, really want the Silver Edition or perhaps, you picked up the AT&T version because it was cheaper, but you really wanted the original.

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Aug 11, 2015 BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition available in Vietnam starting August 24

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition available in Vietnam starting August 24

Hot on the heels of the initial announcement of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, BlackBerry has now announced the device is headed to Vietnam and will be available starting from August 24.

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Aug 10, 2015 We're giving away a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition bundle!
We have a brand new BlackBerry Passport SE to give away. Keep reading for details on how to enter! Continue Reading →
Aug 07, 2015 This BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition appears to be running Android instead of BlackBerry 10

This BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition appears to be running Android instead of BlackBerry 10

As I'm sure just about every CrackBerry reader knows already, BlackBerry has officially announced the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and as expected it's running BlackBerry 10. But what if some of the pre-release versions were set up to run Android? A new set of images, as well as a video, have now appeared over at Mondo BlackBerry which appear to show off just that. A pre-release BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android.

As we know from history, it's pretty easy to fake a BlackBerry running Android through the use of any of the launcher apps on the Google Play Store and about 3 minutes in Photoshop but there's something a little bit more interesting about this set of images and video. A few signs that maybe, just maybe, this thing might actually be legit. To be clear, I'm not saying it is. I'm just saying, there are signs that may otherwise not be accomplished. Which signs you're asking? Let me tell me you.

  • Icons - If you look carefully at the photos, you can see BlackBerry Safeguard is an icon on the device. Even through the use of a launcher, I've never been able to get that to show up. BlackBerry defines Safeguard as all the security measures on their device. Even though it's a bit of inside baseball, when they send out device review documents, Safeguard generally lists BlackBerry Protect, Picture Password etc. Meaning, if they are working on Android they could have coupled this into an app as a central spot for all things related to BlackBerry specific security. There's also a few others that wouldn't carry over if a launcher was used as well such as Help.

  • The device powers off - The images show the device powering off. Although it's in Portuguese, 'desligar' means switch off while 'encerrando' means closing. Unless there's some Photoshop magic happening here, that device is actually powering off via the power button. Something that wouldn't be controlled via a launcher as it doesn't tap into those controls. Just like the Android settings when accessed through the Android runtime can't turn off WiFi or Bluetooth, they also can't shut off the power.

  • The Keyboard - As you can tell by watching the video, the touch input comes off as being rather terrible but you'll also notice that moving around the device via the touch-sensitive keyboard also works. Granted, some apps that run through the Android runtime already work this way but, in my testing at least, I've never been able to use any Android launchers in that manner. It usually works within apps but never outside through a launcher.

With all that in mind, I'll once again reiterate. I have no idea if this thing is legit and if it is, no one is talking about it, so it should go without saying that everyone should take it with a HUGE grain of salt. That said, if it's a fake it's a pretty damn good one and I'd really like to know what tools were used to put it together because it appears to be integrating in ways that really should not be possible. Also, if you ordered a Passport Silver Edition, don't expect it to arrive running Android.

Source: Mondo BlackBerry

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Aug 06, 2015 BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition now available through Amazon

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

If you've been holding off on picking up a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition until it was available for purchase through Amazon, your wait is over. The device can now be ordered through the online retailer in the US for $549 and you could have it as early as August 7, assuming you're an Amazon Prime member.

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Aug 05, 2015 BlackBerry highlights the design process and changes for the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

BlackBerry highlights the design process and changes for the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Looking at the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, it's pretty easy to say it's just another Passport variation but really, there's a bit more to it than that. Sure, it shares the same specs with some slight changes to the dimensions but as we now know from the official announcement, it also includes a few deeper improvements as well.

Tasked with updating and improving the design, was Di Tao, BlackBerry's Senior Industrial Designer, who spoke with the Inside BlackBerry blog about the motivation to evolve the existing design of the BlackBerry Passport, what exactly has changed in the design as well as what inspirations were used in the design process.

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Aug 04, 2015 Will you be buying a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition?

Will you be buying a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition?

The day has arrived. After months of rumors and speculation, the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is now official and ready to roll out to those who have been patiently waiting for the full details. Kevin has already given it a look in his hands-on video and we've loaded up a nice photo gallery showing off the device, plus we have a special offer in place through the CrackBerry Canada store for folks who want one to call their own as soon as possible. But the ultimate question we're asking here, now that it's all out there and everyone can see how great the device really looks, will you be buying one? Let us know!

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Aug 03, 2015 BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition gets early unveiling thanks to Swiss retailer

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

UPDATE A previous version of this article noted it being a German retailer. That was incorrect. It's a Swiss site. Apologies for the error.

Just in case the previously leaked images along with the media gallery going live on the BlackBerry website wasn't enough to convince you the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition is close to being announced officially, online Swiss retailer PCP, has posted up some details highlighting the device. This time around, we get a look at some possible pricing as well some further confirmation of the specs.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Passport



`hello pple we brought bb passport this its da best phone ever but i have to asusprise that wen wipe all the settings it takes morethan 48hrz this is not good 4days am offline pple upgrade coz we lossing ur jobs not contacts till 5days

Wife has the classic and have the passport for over a year which I sold to go back to a q10 / iPad combo. Love the classis size and track pad, but it's gutless. Passport great strong performance, but not thrill about the 3 row physical key and Virtual keyboard combo. Blackberry please give the classic the same specs as the passport.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

i tried to wipe my passport silver edition but it is taking ******* huge time to wipe...why is it so is just stucked at 98% for 4 i tried to update through blackberry link still the same me if theirs any fast method...

Hi everybody, have a great day !
I am using BlackBerry Passport but it doesn't work display there on the screen has written
friends please help me what will I do it and how can I set up the screen ?!

With many thanks Kelvin.

Hi, I am thinking about getting the BB Passport Silver. Will BB keep updates for the phone after the launch of the Priv? Are they looking to bring out a Passport with android? Thanks!

I like blackberry very much , but unfortunately i just have curve 8520 , and i want to get blackberry passport , but i don't have money , pls is there is any easy way to get one free , cuz i like it vry much , pls guys help



I entered my id in my new passport and logged in without inserting my simcard, also I turned on anti theft, then I gave the PP to my cousin,he didn't wipe off the phone, he just tried to alter the mail id in BlackBerry ID section of settings, but it was not happening, the he told me so tried some vague things and in process I deleted my Id,and also his,then we created same id again and tried to put the new id,it was not accepting, then we wiped of the passport with BlackBerry link,when it restarted it is saying that anti theft feature is on,so u will have to put the Id with which u logged in,but I am trying to put the recreated id with same mail id, it doesn't accept. I went to blackbery service centre they say they can't help us,they gave me toll free no in India,but those nos r not working, I tweeted on BlackBerry help, they say contact ur service provider vodafone,when I contacted them they say they can't help it,u will have to contact BlackBerry support centre, now where should I go,whats the use of such feature whre even company can't support there users,please let me know if u can guide me. I had bought the piece from amazon, usa.

Im very happy that BlackBerry as an independent brand might survive because Ive been a first adopter addict since day one. However they seem to be paying an unacceptable price to professional users like my self as a working tool by losing their sense of audience; an irritating example is the infantilisation of BBM but more seriously selling to Amazon its right to access the contents of my BB by making the Amazonapp store irremovable or access controllable on my otherwise excellent Passport which if not addressed means I shall reluctantly switch brands

I have a BlackBerry Passport i am facing problem in Linkedin app. when ever i open Linkedin app its give me error " Unable to retrieve top news from linkedin. please try again later".

please help me out.
phone software, apps all are updated till 22-3-2015.

Blackberry phones Ha what a joke. I cracked the front screen and now the repair people say the camera and lens are cracked. Now is the touch screen the camera and lens then what is the object on the rear of the phone if not the camera. They also say that the entire front that is the screen and on the rear the camera and lens are one unit and costs more than a new phone

I love my Passport! I am so glad I waited before purchasing a new smartphone. Perfect! Battery, camera, keyboard, it. I am no fan of bloat ware apps and do not play games on my smartphone so that deficiency is not a problem. Great device! I dunno about the red one though. It's called a BlackBerry...not a RedBerry (or white for our Canadian neighbors).

I would love love love to win a BlackBerry passport!!! Sign me up!!!

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

SO I went into the local ATT store with the wife to trade out her iPhone. I asked the rep if and when they may have a BB Passport.

He replied: "Never, we don't and wont carry that nor any BB in the stores you will have to go on line to buy when its available! Sad!

Have posted 3 questions but no replies so far...
C'mon experts please say something...
Here are again my 3 questions:
Does the Blackberry Passport....
1) have Blackberry Bridge and internet tethering to connect with the Playbook?
2) work with the TMobile network?
3) run Whatsapp?

I'll stay with my Z10 for a while.. might be skipping this Passport with 10.3.1 upgrade and wait for next offering from BB

If Blackberry is really serious about the rebirth of their smartphones and want to compete with Apple and Samsung, what rationale would support them not releasing the phone soon after its debut? Why the long wait for release in countries like the US where there are a number of consumers who want an alternative? Why not allow providers other than AT&T to offer the Passport when it finally comes to the US? In all, you can't sell pencils if there are no pencils on the shelf for the consumer to buy!!

Got my Passport today. Screen is amazing. Love it. So, where do I get a SIM card for AT&T wireless for it? Tried to swap out a SIM card in an AT&T locked Q10, but it is too big.

They still not seem to get it right: Passport sold out in UK and Germany, but still available in France, Canada and the US. Why does this always happen at the start? I have no idea about supply chains, and I understand that you need specific models for almost every country (QWERTZ, QWERTY etc.), but is it to bold to think that you'll sell more of those hot phones in large economies like UK and Germany than the few they might have sold from yesterday until this morning? WHY??? No ads, no marketing and no product on sale. If I had shares of BBRY, I'd sell today.

I am luvvin' the Passport.
Me want one.Me likey!!!.
The screen display looks as sharp as a tack,and it is so different to anything out there just now.
This should/must be the must have phone.
I love my Z10 to bits,and would not part with BB10 OS for a second.
But I would trade in my Z10 in a hearbeat for the Passport and BB10.3 :)

this is great,so so unique and uncommon,this is witty invention,its look so nice,BRAVO sutre this will set another pace in the world of technology.

I am a Chinese, six months ago I started to pay attention BlackBerry Z10 phone, I like it very much, but in our country do not have, two months ago, I finally decided to "adventure" from the United States to buy one, then use to make me more like BlackBerry. See this Blackberry passport, so I was very surprised, very much like to have it, after seeing friends and colleagues are also very fond of, I believe this will make more people like blackberry passport!

i am using a Q10, this a nice device to use for my personal, the only problem i am facing is battery backup, overall its an amazing device, much better then any android device.

I am a Q10 user and I absolutely love this phone too. Thinking of getting a Passport, but I am not sure yet. Forget Android, I got a S4 for work and after 2 days I sold it and bought my Q10. I don't want 4 mail folders on my home screen, a LED notification light that can't be configured properly and tonnes of useless stuff on my phone. If you want to play, buy an Android or Apple phone, if you looking for a professional phone, buy a Blackberry.

Hi! I m from Nepal and unable to access BlackBerry World.when I tried to open it says,"there was a connection problem.BlackBerry world must closed " please help me. how can I fix it? It bring a huge problem.i am unable to download any app

Blackberry (smh), this is a winning companies' phone; however (in the same BB fashion), they didn't go all out.
Watch as some other manufactures copy this phone and put in a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution (Quad HD) which is the standards for phones , leaving BB in the rear AGAIN!
Come on blackberry stop coming late to the party!!..dang!