BlackBerry Passport will show there is a better way to accomplish more with its touch-enabled keyboard

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2014 04:49 pm EDT

That's according to BlackBerry who may have just slipped up a bit on a post to their Inside BlackBerry blog. You see, the post went live not that long ago but now it has gone missing meaning whatever was contained in the post, BlackBerry was not quite ready to say as of yet. However, it's the internet and nothing published to the internet can just disappear into the ether and the post has been captured.

Great keyboards have always been a part of the BlackBerry heritage. With our coming Passport device that has generated a ton of interest, we set out to create a smartphone that would break through and deliver a step change in productivity. Passport will show there is a better way to accomplish more.

Besides the massive square touchscreen, we've added a new innovative, touch-enabled keyboard to the Passport. It integrates the excellent tactile feel and performance you've come to know and love from our keyboards, along with the same capacitive touch technology found on modern phone and tablet touchscreens.

Ever been annoyed by your fingers obscuring, or worse, smudging, your touchscreen? Or had difficulty getting the cursor to just the right spot? Passport's efficient design makes those problems things of the past. You'll be able to navigate web pages, apps and e-mails by lightly brushing your fingers over the keys. It's a minimalist design that eliminates dedicated arrow keys while maximizing the already-awesome amount of screen real estate. You'll also enjoy Passport's other custom commands that take advantage of the touch-enabled keyboard to boost your productivity. Here are some of the ways:

  • Scrolling: As noted above, you can use the keyboard to swipe up and down to scroll on long lists or in the browser. Keeping your fingers off the screen and focused on what's happening.

  • Cursor Control and Text Selection: This is a classic BlackBerry productivity enhancement reinvented for the Passport. Double-tap the keyboard, then drag your finger across the keyboard to drop the cursor at precisely the right point. Or select the text just as you would on an older BlackBerry: hold the SHIFT key while dragging your finger across the keyboard to extend a selection.

  • Contextual virtual keys: In addition to the Passport's very clean physical QWERTY keyboard, we have added a dynamic virtual row on-screen that smartly shifts depending on context. So if you're typing a password on-screen, numbers and symbols commonly used in passwords will automatically pop up. Or if you're typing an e-mail address, the '@' symbol will be displayed. Or if you're surfing the Web, the colon and backslash characters needed to type in a URL will be displayed. And if you need access to any special symbol or character, just swipe down on the keyboard to see all of them at once. Like I said, smart!

  • Flick: Stuck on a word? BlackBerry 10's Next Word Suggestion feature learns from you to give you smart, personalized choice of words you're likely to type. You then just flick up to complete the word. No more Darn Auto-Corrects, as you type faster and more accurately over all.

  • Delete: Made a mistake? No problem, just swipe back (left) to Delete the last word, just like on our virtual keyboard!

  • Entering an accented character? Hold the letter key down, and then lightly tap on the key to add the appropriate accent!

BlackBerry might be getting prepared to put this post up right this very second but if not, you can head on into the CrackBerry Forums to read more from it. Of course, there's always the chance this post might go missing as well, we'll see if I upset anyone in Waterloo. ;)

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BlackBerry Passport will show there is a better way to accomplish more with its touch-enabled keyboard



"hold the SHIFT key while dragging your finger across the keyboard to extend a selection."

Yah, awesome feature!!! IF there was a shift key... LMAO!!!

Yeah just thought of that too lol. Nobody else noticed?!!??

Unless changing LED back light on the keys itself or pop up at bottom of screen like Q5/10 does.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

If you look at the picture, I would suggest the shift key lies right under his thumb. You'll see the letters B, N, and M to the side of his thumb and then there's one more key you can't make out. I'd say that is the elusive shift key. Of course it's always better to bitch about stuff when you haven't seen everything or got all the information I suppose.


Of course its an enter key thats going to be awesome virtual shift key, anyone tried that shortcut on a z10? LOL. Heres another thing. Love the enter and backspace still nicely beside each other. Will go great with the tactile options. I will start a thread now on 'Keep tapping backspace while hittting enter on Passport'

Hey, thanks. That never occurred to me. I can see where that would make sense that it's the return key. Thx for that.

Yep, wondered about that too.
I wonder if the "chin" has some capabilities too...

Now just imagine those features on a full 4-row keyboard with the typical symbols printed on it. Awsome+10000000000. Oh well. They felt they needed to gimp it before adding some functionality back in rather than just building on top of an already good thing...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Damn my first choice was classic after reading all these features I'll go with PASSPORT! And please please BBRY have a great marketing strategy with this PP...

They need to start teasing us with this phone features with a 5-10 seconds advertisement on prime time TV.

I'm liking the short term PP.
Let's have a PP, motherf****r
A PP is a cell phone for doing all your sh*t
With Cursor Control and Text Selection,Contextual virtual keys
And though timing may be crucial, few may choose to leave
So share the news and we'll all buy a few or just renew
Let's have a PP!

Yeah a dark theme advertisement with a GLYMPSE of the keyboard for a second or two. With a simple questiOn at the end PASSPORT READY? plus the logo of the BBRY.

No, not really, I mean, the touch features of this new keyboard, but on a traditional keyboard. It'll add to the already usefulness of a full keyboard without changing the configuration from the keyboard you have at home on your PC...

look at your keyboard on your PC it's the exact same as this except the bottom row is on either side of the space bar.

if anything ti should be faster because you don't have to reach for the space bar when 2 finger typing.

I'm more worried about the lack of alt and shift key.

It will feel weird at first but doesn't look any less effective.

Um, yah... splitting the V and the B and moving the whole bottom row starting with the B over to the right so the keys no longer line up like they do on the regular keyboard, and moving the space bar up, is not "the exact same" as the keyboard I have at home...

Do you look at your keyboard when you type? I hope not. I sure don't. I know exactly where every key is in relation to every other key. This means the b is under and between the g and h, the n is under and between the h and j, and the m is under and between the j and k. In the Q30, the m is now under the l, the n is now under the k, and the b is now under the j. Yah, that's "exact same" as the keyboard at home. Right...

You also don't type on a phone keyboard like you do on a PC Keyboard. Are you seriously that opposed to change? Just get over it and deal. Maybe it will be better and faster. You don't know it won't, you only assume. And Assumption is the mother of all f*uck ups.

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Totally agree! Change is good but some people have such a hard time with it that's why they should stick with the classic. I want the Passport just going to give it some time before I get one and watch for all the reviews so when I do pick one up I know what to expect!

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LMAO at the "just get over it and deal" comment. No wonder so many companies will make thing without caring about customer input. I'm sure that's how you make the ideal product in your book right? :-D

Don't worry, just take whatever they throw at you, criticism will not be tolerated! LMAO!!

Some things haven't changed for a reason. Imagine if a car came out with the gas peddle on the left side, clutch in the middle and brakes on the right?

Well, according to some people, that has to be better because it's newer and if you disagree you're afraid of change!

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I just don't get why you guys are tripping out over something you haven't tried yet..
The gas pedal analogy is a bit dramatic. The funny thing is that that analogy is completely wrong because UK cars driver seats and gas pedals are completely on the opposite side. Ignorant much?

no but a PC keyboard is much different then thumb pecking,

Your muscle memory will adjust in the matter of days.

If you say so. I just don't feel the need to. I made a mock-up showing just how much more room a 4-row keyboard would take up. You should go take a look. Spoiler Alert: It's not much...

To me, you're requiring more adaptation for absolutely no gain. So far nobody has given me a single tangible benefit to the design. Whether it'll work or not, I'm sure it'll work, but what benefit it has over a full keyboard with the same capacitive features added on top of it, no one can come up with a clear answer...

Again, until there is a "need" to, I don't see a reason for it. Still couldn't think of an actual benefit that I've been wanting or needing to removing the symbols from the keyboard and then shifting half of a row of keys over. I'm sure I could adapt to it if I used it enough. But the question is, why?

I can't tell who this was a reply to, but if it was to me, I have a standard one, where the m is under and to the left of the k, the n is under and to the left of the j, and the b is under and to the left of the h...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Yh that is a fair point. Well I hope it isn't any less productive / difficult to use than the traditional 4 row keyboard

For my specific needs, the Passport is automatically a fail. It'll be a lot less productive. No shift, no alt & no numbers on the physical keyboard; I might as well get a full touch screen phone. I spend all day networking and promoting the venue that I work for and getting people's names and numbers and making lists in Remember to organize then by day, venue and availability.

Looks like my only upgrade options for the near and foreseeable future will be the P9983 as I do not want nor do I need a track pad.

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Hmm really weird because in this post, under cursor control and text selection, it talks about holding the SHIFT key down whilst moving your hand along the keyboard for text selection. Maybe it was taken down because there were inaccuracies.

Yep, so in a way, they kind of pointed out one of the several drawbacks of this new keyboard configuration. They are like: "Yah, isn't it great that you can simply hold the shift key and scroll on through to highlight text?? Oh wait, you can't do that anymore... um, take it down guys until we find a way to spin this to an advantage..."

Duh simple.

Double tap, cursor shows up, place on screen with a tap, pop up shift key on bottom of screen, draw til your hearts content.

Done solution. Next.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Oh, wow, if that's true, then hey, I take it all back. I mean, I'm envious. What takes me, what, 1 whole step, now through the miracles of engineering has cut down to a mere 5 steps? Man, that's amazing... Man, I can't even use my keyboard anymore knowing that this amazing feature is coming... :-D

Same here. While I was really hoping for a device that would essentially be the next generation Z10, the Passport is beginning to reach "Shut up and take my money!" territory for me.

I wouldn't go so far as saying "Shut and Take My Money" just yet but I'm liking it more and more!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I agree. These were some off the same kinds of sentiments spewed about the Playbook, only to have it produced, half baked. Sorry, for the foreseeable future, no Blackberry product will reach "shut up and take my money" status.

Blackberry always.....

You know all that just by watching a short video and looking at some picts? Wow.. can you tell me the winning lottery numbers?

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

LOL! I'm feeling the same way! I wanted one before, but now I really, REALLY want one!!

Posted via CB10

I'm interested in the virtual keys. Thanks for keeping us posted. I'm excited for this phone, not so much the Classic.

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Can it get any more awesome?!!???

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

And be waterproof that can with take more water then the galaxy s5 then we got ourselves a winner and a great camera and lots of options !

The choice is Simple, take my money so I can go on an adventure with my Passport.

Carbon Fiber Z10 w/Leather Holster

Guys excellent reduce of Simon Garfunkels' 'hop on the bus gus, don't need to discus much, just hop off the key Lee, and get yourself clean. '

Would love to see a commercial remade like that but totally cool not unlike that song 'if I could save time in a bottle' featured in the last Xmen movie.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

If he's American, Express buses to Canada will probably be needed in order to find a carrier selling it on launch day.

Interesting idea for a TV ad, show a bunch of youngsters using these puns while playing around with the Passport.

Posted via CB10

And a bunch of old guys groaning and holding their heads! Give those baby boomers a taste of their own humor.... ha ha ha.

Posted via CB10

I want one!! And i thought id never buy a qwerty phone again. This doesn't look like or sound like a typical qwerty phone. Its a little laptop

I'm in your club after the Z's, thought I would never go back but this device seems too good to pass up. Still want my Z50 though :-)))

Posted via CB10

Wow! Can't wait to see this beast in action. Hopefully the keyboard is not too sensitive or responds ok to accidental "swipes".

I know when I go real quick, I drag my thumbs on the keyboard sometimes.

The Passport sounds like it could be it for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Also my concern... idea is smart... but is it usefull.. it wouldn't be usefull if is it too sensitive... but it's really ambitious step by BlackBerry, therefore it's also risky... let's hope it works as intended.

Posted via CB10

But they say you just have to "brush" your fingers over the keyboard. Interesting to see how it'll work out for daily use. As it is, I accidentally unlock and use my phone when it's in my pocket.


Nicely done Bla1ze. I was just checking someone's BlackBerry Channel for this story and you're correct. It's gone. I will have to post this now. :)


Never desired it but the more infos we have the more curious I am. Might be an owner after all... if only I have a chance to be able trying it in store before (hope so).

That sounds so street wrong in so many ways to us old cats.

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Yup, love the flick keyboard, seems that they integrated the best of both worlds here. Can't wait to get it!

Posted via CB10

Wow sick. I was bent on getting the Classic but this description is seriously tempting me to ditch it for the Passport

Posted via CB10

Same ..the shape of it I'm not to sure of though guess I'll have to see it in person

Posted via CB10

Yup. I was set on the Classic as well, but after reading this description, I'm all "You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention!"!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Gimme a passport it sounds so awesome

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

A man with sunglasses will show up to talk to us. He will say: "Please look at this pen I'm holding {light flashes..} .
Now what was that we were talking about ?

This is friggin' GENIUS!

No need for the trackpad, the keyboard is the trackpad. And I always envied the Z's "delete a word by swiping left" function. Now on the passport. Also no annoying on-screen keyboard popping up and pushing content out of the way,

Eat that, iPhone. What's BGR gonna come up with this time?

Pasted via CB chen

Something along the lines of. "New BlackBerry passport still uses a keyboard that no one wants" "still lacks the app support that ios and android have" "the form factor is hideous" "BlackBerry pits out an other phone with a keyboard no one wants".

You know in typical BGR fashion.

Posted via CB10

BGR is a joke of a site.. especially when it comes to BBRY "news". Case in point, look at the story today about about UK market share of BBRY. SMDH.

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

Quick patant that or copyright those statements! Then pinch BGR for whatever they copy ;)

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

The swipe back to delete is one of my favourite functions of the Z series. I miss it on my Q10... four fingers for four words, three for three etc. it's awesomeness indeed! Wish it could be done on the Q.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

You and I have crossed paths before in many threads about BB10's need for trackpad (you) and no need for it (me).

Like you I'm an older cat and we've both witnessed how software if written great can usually overwrite the need for hardware - my argument.

Seems BlackBerry has married the two so well together that not only is it more modern than both its potentially more efficient, accurate, productive and much more cool than both individually.

This product ALONE has boosted BlackBerry's patent worth and the company's as well! And the stock is showing it!!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

The only report I've had from someone who used the device is that the onscreen symbol selection is a deal breaker.

We've all become accustom to pressing alt and selecting punctuation and other characters in autopilot, now we have to get used to a new, fragmented system. This will be a hard sell.

Posted via CB10

It will.

And for those of us who type blind, having a space bar occupy the C V B N location will be hard relearn.

They have to get build quality [b][u]perfect[/u][/b]as well. With the Q's tendency to double type I'm not confident in having a touch pad baked into the keys.

Forever the critical skeptic, the thing also looks like a perfect candidate for "drop" insurance... it looks like it wants to jump from the hands and head for the floor.

Hope I am wrong, but it won't effect me. That classic is my next phone.


I wonder how the keyboard will hold up in the long run. With daily use, I wonder how they keys are gonna take it.


As well than any BlackBerry keyboard so far. They are indestructible except if you use the phone as a soccer ball.

Posted via CB10

But this sounds like you will still press hard keys to select the temporarily on screen symbol/number, so the only thing that's different is the presentation.

Posted via CB10

I wonder where's the SHIFT key they have mentioned? I don't see it on Passport's keyboard.

Posted via CB10

"Or select the text just as you would on an older BlackBerry: hold the SHIFT key while dragging your finger across the keyboard to extend a selection."

could be read either way, he's not being clear.

Check out the dynabook. It's a concept dreamed up by Alan Kay in 1972 and looks very similar to the Passport

That's pretty crazy how similar they are. Coincidence or copy? Either way it's pretty cool.

Posted via CB10

Very nice...I even think that I might get one on personal expenses in case my company is really going to drop bb's in favor of iphones...

Reading the comments this is exactly how BlackBerry should marketing their stuff. Seems Bla1ze has just generated some suspicious users who might be potential buyers of the passport! Well done!

Posted via CB10

My major bank/brokerage firm told me they will not adopt BB10 ever and are dropping BlackBerry OS at year end in favor of an unnamed BlackBerry replacement. Many are using Good on iPhone and I don't think it's very good. I'm off their network using a Z30 and might stay unplugged if BlackBerry keeps improving the OS and puts out very desirable hardware as the Passport appears to be. You can't really tell what a device is like until you get one in your hands and I look forward to checking this one out.

Posted via CB10

I've been thinking this for a long time. These article comments are filled with gems that deserve "likes" and "thanks". Make it happen Bla1ze!

I have to sah, that I love CrackBerry and this great Community!

Thanks for all of this Information!

Now I am sure, that I will buy a Passport!

It's a little laptop, what an amazing gadget! In the description by Bla!ze there's talk about a 'shift' key, where is it, 'cause I don't see it.

Another thing is, though I would love to buy one, I am a little frightened by the new keyboard technology. I mean, how reliable would they be? Will they break easily? BlackBerry can't afford any mistakes or they will be mocked by the media (again).

I can't wait....

Posted via CB10

My thoughts exactly. A capacitive touch physical keyboard. Not helping the cause of reliability, is it?
And I imagine it's gonna be hideously expensive, knowing BlackBerry's tradition of overpricing everything at the start.


More than anything Blackberry has to keep prices reasonable or else the company is gonna again make huge writeoffs. The Z10 a great phone was marred by a ridiculous price of Rs.40,000 in India at launch & now has come down to approx 16,500 in just a year. I just don't want price to be a deterrent for something as wonderful as this Passport.

I like where this is headed. In my mind - to make this a seller - it will need some "proper" horsepower under the keyboard. Does anyone know about CPU, RAM, etc.? I could use a CPU bump in my z10...

stop picking it's better than what any current or former BlackBerry has so it'll be rocking our eyes Eeeeither, way, Eeeeither waaaaay!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

thank you for the correct info :)
457ppi is still MORE than welcome for a 1:1 1440X1440 display!
3450mAh won't get BlackBerry sued for copyright infringement of Apple's (Wall Huger) patent lol

Wow, this is amazing! I can't believe they can put that kind of technology in a physical keyboard, I'll have to upgrade soon as I can!

excellent all I expected and more .... too cool , will be absolute torture waiting for this , aaaaarrrrrrrgggh

I was going for the classic myself started thinking how unique the Passport will be will pay full price for this Phone!

Posted via CB10

First phone in years and years that is truly innovative!!!! I said first phone not first BlackBerry phone!!

Posted via CB10

I think the key here will be in its execution. If they bungle this thing (or the OS has "eerie similarities to the original BB10/Z10 rollout" of "not quite baked"), I fear the typical media overreaction to try and kill off BB again might be successful this time around.

Had to return my first Q10 b/c brushing up against certain keys (in my case, anything near the "R") registered as a "r" keystroke on my device. Infinitely annoying. If this were happening when half my inputs were via "brushing" the keys, I'd go bonko...

They make it work, though...and this thing might be just what the doctor ordered! Pulling for ya BB and my brutha Chen!

Posted via CB10

I'm sorry to say you may be right here.

BlackBerry and Foxcon need to battle test the HELL out of the Passport:

Keys first and foremost must be hammered on like a baby with full set of teeth trying to nom nom nom on it after days and days of no eating and go hard on just the keys durability for days!! Print on the keys should NEVER rub off!

Product should exude nothing but high class first class premium. No questions to both BlackBerry lovers or haters Alike. Everyone should see an should in and say - dayum, gotta hand it to BlackBerry they spared no expense and really did a nice job!

Marketing. I want $10 million in the first quarter globally to push this bad boy out there. Tag those web ads when ppl search for G3, G2, M8, iphone 6, Galaxy, Samsung, Apple, LG, that THIS also shows up on.mobike browser searches and ads in websites. Full USA, Canada, and UK 2 page ad across the countries advertising The only Passport you'll ever need/want (use want first). Fine print with a warning BlackBerry intends to protect its patents!!

The Financial Times, Globe and Mail, New York Times, The New Yorker.. ALL and similar high quality editorial prints and editorials to smartphone apps should have an equal full screen mandatory spread for 45 seconds!! Just enough time to initially possible off haters but force them to have an open mind and SEE for themselves not swallow scum regurgitated by some 10yr old pimple free hipster carrying his iPhone having sexts with Siri!!

BlackBerry start working with enterprises get Bloomberg Anywhere, Restore Eikon, TDWaterhouse and similar major investment firms, law firms, justice systems to really push the limits of such a device improve upon their existing apps. Open up API's document a few new processes for developers both large and small Corporate or Indie to really use and develop something new in Bb10!

In other words show the drama mobile world it's time to...

'get with the Fu*king Program!"

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

Foxconn has no part in the design or manufacturing of the Passport.

Posted via CrackBerry App

this looks so awesome. it would be nice if you could press and hold the "z" key as if it were Alt and the press or tap a physical key that was oriented with the virtual keyboard line to select # or punctuation. this would be like on a debit machine where you press the physical key located directly below where it says "chq" or "sav". this way people would remember that holding "z" and pressing or tapping "m" inserts a comma or what have you. alternatively you could just select it on the touch screen for less experienced users who want visual simplicity.

Dare I say revolutionary? This is exciting! I'm already sold on the Passport and did expect some sort of slick keyboard, but these details go above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I can see it in my hands now.


I had my heart set on getting the Classic (still learning that way), but the more I see the Passport and the more I read about it, I'm getting sorely tempted!

OK. No more Z30. I'm holding out for this one. One thing I can't stand is smudges. I mean, I wash my hands but I guess I produce to much awesomeness and it excretes through my fingertips.

Thanks for the find. It helped explain the keyboard more. The design doesn't even bother me because I can look at websites and not scroll side to side like an idiot reading. This is how Phablets should be. Not those hideous Samsung things.

Posted via CB10

If it is only the text you are reading, try switching to reader mode. No more pan and scan!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Price? Price? Price? USD650.00 is good Price!! but i think the price could be USD800.00 for one Awesome Blackberry Passport!! 3GB RAM and 32GB store!! Great!!

Please no!
Make it reasonably priced or suffer the same fate as the Z10. They have everyone's attention again with this device. They need them in people's hands more than they need an extra 150$ profit margin.

$600 max!

I'm getting much more interested in the passport the more I read about it and the more I see it.
I'm still concerned about how comfortable and ergonomic it will be in my hands but if it feels right I'm sold.

Posted via CB10. Over my carrier's data connection due to "Limited WiFi"

Needs a nice slick yet protective carbon she'll for this bad boy!!

 BlackBerry Z30  If it Don't Make Dollars, It don't Make Sense 

this is a so f.. awesome idea!! I mean I wanted that phone already. But now I would die for it! ;)

A commercial spot on TV just should show a nice girl ;))) using it! A lot of guys n girls would throw their 'Smartphone of the past' in the next corner to get the Passport.

A wonderful name for a wonderful phone!

BlackBerry will be back on track!!

I was looking so much forward to have the Classic. ..i still do! But can't wait to get the Passport in my hands.

Posted with my Z10 or Z30! ..mostly on my Q10. ..while I wait for a BB slider.

which petition? ;)

Posted with my Z10 or Z30! ..mostly on my Q10. ..while I wait for a BB slider and of course the Passport!

I'm really excited about the passport, but as a french speaking belgian, I use accents a lot . So my question is : with this mode of getting the accent done on the passport keyboard, will it not slow down the typing speed too much? I wonder?
One other thing : sometimes, I use foreign virtual keyboards (turkish, spanish...) to have an easy acces to special letters. With the passport, will it be possible (or just easy) to acces those special characters ?

I'm going to guess that the Passport will have the same multilingual keyboard we enjoy on the current devices. You'll be able to press and hold keys to get access to the accented variants, and the keyboard will automatically suggest words in the language you're typing in, with the accents included. But again, just a guess on my part.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

OK I'm getting pissed off man.....stop teasing us blackberry!!!!!! I'm getting phone and trust me I will impress every single user out who is blackberry and non blackberry lol. This phone is truly revolutionary and not just a full touch screen device that every body has....thank you blackberry for going in a different direction :)

Posted via CB10

They need to make sure store demo phones aren't locked in presentation mode this time. Passport will require some serious testing to see if the gesture-vs-type balance is right.

Posted via CB10

Mr Chen and the team Job well done.

Let's keep the software updates coming, Native apps too.Meanwhile improving android runtime, ease of use. Good move partnering with Amazon. But don't just stop there!

BlackBerry Lead
Do Not Follow

Looper Back Make Corleone Offer for TrackPad on BB10

Hmm, I wonder if this means the keyboard will effectively be entirely flat, with no individual key shape to help with no look typing.

Sounds really interesting...

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I got to play with the new passport yesterday! It is a beast of a phone. The feel is awesome and not gonna lie it just makes you feel like a BOSS! My only issue was that the space bar button needed to be lowered a bit. From using other BlackBerry devices like the Q10, Q5, 9900 your thumbs just intuitively reach down where you would think it normally is. Instead of hitting the space bar I tapped the bezel. I think I just needed more time with it though. I only got to play with it for 30 mins. The keyboard buttons are huge! Lol no more pressing little ity bity buttons. The screen size is more than enough to make everyone happy. Also when viewing pics they have a new thing where in transitions through ur photos! I thought that was cool. Lots of other thing but not gonna make this to long. Looking forward to it. Also one thing I heard is the September release is for Europe and here in Canada we might not get it till oct-nov. Please if anyone knows for sure please let me know

Posted via CB10

I'm hoping the launch date information is not correct otherwise I may be sporting an iPhone by the time this hits. Everyone in September or nothing.

Posted via CrackBerry App

What an IMPACT !!!

Why you posting this??? I was heading for the classic. But reading this makes me think of getting the passport.

This could be the device along with the classic, to save BlackBerry.

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