The BlackBerry Passport teases us with another video appearance

By James Richardson on 2 Sep 2014 04:50 am EDT

Another day and another nice slice of Passport news. We've already seen the next BlackBerry 10 flagship a few times on video and once again it's teasing us prior to its official launch.

N4BB managed to get there hands on this three minute taster and although it doesn't really show us anything new, these videos are always exciting when featuring unreleased devices. What is does give us a nice indication of is the size comparison next to the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30 and what a beast it is.

I clearly can't wait to get my hands on the Passport and test out that magical hardware keyboard. With the ability to not only swipe predicted words into place, but to also use the keyboard as a trackpad - allowing for scrolling up and down web pages, this device looks to be the most productive mobile tool to ever grace our hands.

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The BlackBerry Passport teases us with another video appearance


Yes, though I don't think that piece matters much. If you actually went to the source, they have details on the release.

Planned launch is for late September, with availability in Asia and Europe in late October. This is exactly in line with what I would expect BlackBerry to do (and mind you pathetic as usual). This information is corroborated by the rep at Wireless Wave who indicates that BlackBerry will be targeting non North American markets first, and from there move into North America. This could mean no Passport availability here until November.

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Nope, pathetic because they are incapable of releasing a device on time. There will be close to a month delay from announcement to availability in stores.

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I wouldn't use the word pathetic, but I will definitely be upset if I have to wait till November for this. Seems like it's taking forever to release the Passport. Feels like I've had this Q10 for ages!

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If you really have to have it that fast, why not order a compatible version from one of the countries which have it first?

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I want to agree with your comment about the delay from announcement to delivery being "pathetic." At the minimum, the phone should be available to purchase out of contract directly from BlackBerry within days of announcement. I'd like it to be available online on the same day if the separate sale date isn't going to generate buzz and headlines.

In reality, BlackBerry's CEO already unveiled the Passport at a shareholder's meeting or quarterly earnings report some time ago. I wouldn't blame the press if they didn't cover the second announcement. I mean, at some point, it's not news anymore. And, I get that Chen will always put pleasing the market before the health of the device division, but you won't see any CEO who is serious about moving mobile devices behaving like that.

But, that's just an aside, the real problem is that interest and enthusiasm peaks around the time of your announcement. The longer potential buyers have to wait in order to buy a device, the more that excitement dissipates and the more time they have to hear objections. By the time the Passport will arrive, it will already seem to many buyers like old news and they'll be looking at the Lumia flagship or iPhone 6 as the newer or latest and greatest devices.

How can I predict this? I've seen it happen to BlackBerry over and over again...

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Finally, someone puts a Z30 On top for comparison....Z30 is taller and Passport is wider....interesting trade off...

Wonder when we can get our hands on one of the bad mama jammas at a USA carrier near me.

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I suspect that ATT will be the 1st US carrier. Verizon had their shine with the "exclusive" Z30 holdings. I am waiting patiently with T-Mobile, ready to leap to ATT as soon as they release it (hopefully).

"Few can take it to the Chen"

Yeah I sure hope you are right! I'm on AT&T but using a international Z30. I'm tired of carriers not carrying BlackBerrys. Now BlackBerrys are not even carried in stores anymore :( I do think T-Mobile Is done with BlackBerry :( ugh so sad. I remember back in the day BlackBerrys took a quarter of the store.

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I'm on T-Mobile also, so I'm looking to switch carriers soon. I have the Z10 now but I miss the physical keyboard. I went to the Sprint store over the weekend and asked about transferring since my wife has sprint. He asked, "What kind of phone would you want?". I said, "BlackBerry" and he laughed in my face looked at my wife and asked if I was serious. Now I'm going to have to go over to AT&T and figure out how to explain my ride or die relationship with BlackBerry. The passport is making me excited.

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Yeah unfortunately it's true :(
I hate how all carriers don't support BlackBerry and all they do is make fun of it. I never went into a store and they say, 'come check out the new BlackBerry '. Instead they say iPhone or samsung. And when I do mention BlackBerry, they laugh and say no stay away from them, they are bankrupt and won't be around anymore. Plus no apps. I hate that crap! But look at BlackBerry's marketing!! Sucks!!!! I don't have one person that knows what BlackBerry 10 is! So sad

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I hate the font on the keys of that keyboard and am leaning towards the Classic instead. But seriously if AT&T is the first carrier to carry it, COUNT ME IN! Haha I'll be lining up on their doorstep like I'm waiting for the next iPhone! Haha

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Yeah, I know. :-)

Calm down, no violence, please.
(no names either, so we keep the peace
on CB... )

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I agree, Prem....just watched the classic movie "The Warriors", again the other night......we don't need nobody getting "jacked" up in here.

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I'll pass on the stylus. Having used a Palm device for many years in the past, I would prefer a good keyboard (physical or virtual). I highly doubt that anyone has improved the stylus input method. Plus, your screen gets all scratched up. I went through screen protectors like crazy.

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Can you guys please stop teasing the Passport? Yes we want it, and we want it now, it's unbearable with all of these tease going on..

I used to think this way, but I've been programmed by BB and AT&T to wait foreeeeeeeever. Yes I will get this phone when it comes (if it's Verizon first then I will depart AT&T). Honestly I wish I could just buy it full price on-line in September but I guess that's impossible.

Take my money! But BlackBerry is like, "Nooooo, no money, nooooo." TAKE IT ALREADY!!!

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It's taken me a while to warm up to it, but now I'm getting excited about trying one out. I like my Z30 too much to give it up, so this would have to be an additional device. Not sure if I could swing that.

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I've changed my view from respecting the design but not being sure that I want one to being absolutely convinced that I need the new BlackBerry Passport!

This new BlackBerry is the business!

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At 1:45, did they leave tape on the Beast? At first I thought it was damaged. Still, can't wait to get my hands on 1.

Awesomematic Chentasticness.... !

Yeah, love me some PDFs on that thing. Or just plain old web browsing without squinting...

I could even imagine creating a whole Drupal website on this. Wouldn't try that on a tablet or standard all-touch.

(Actually, this thing IS all-TOUCH, it just not all-SCREEN! lol)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Seeing the video makes me like my Z30 even more. BlackBerry Z30.... the best smartphone never advertised.

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And me. Loved it since the day I got it. I can't believe there wasn't a lot more media interest in the Z30 as it is freakin' awesome and it just gets better the more you use it.

I've always been one to want to upgrade to the latest device, but this time I am torn as the Z30 is so amazing.

Agreed. The question of how painful it would be to juggle two devices makes me wonder if my desire to have the Passport is strong enough to sacrifice my Z30 down to being a backup. If only you could have two sim cards programmed to the same number: both phones receive all calls and messages in sync, you just decide which one to use as you want.

Debating using the Passport as an actual tablet and tether it to my Z30. Use the Z30 for calls and texts but can have all emails going through the Passport. Seems like so much trouble though... and I would want my BBM account on both!

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OMG I have a BlackBerry Z10 and I'm dying to have Z30. But after that, I am dying to have BlackBerry passport. It look so amazing.

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Still on the fence. I'll probably pass and either wait for a Z10 successor or pick a Z30 to tie me over.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

i respect BlackBerry for trying something different with their handsets. Passport will certainly stand out. the keyboard/trackpad is a very cool innovation (a first of its kind equipped on a smartphone right?) i can definitely see certain people mainly business types looking to do everything from the one device on the move. they have to get the software right though. people won't buy it if it doesn't work with their systems.
personally i think it's still a little too big for my liking, i'd prefer something small to fit in my pocket. i have a Q10 at the moment and looking at checking out the Classic.
i hope BlackBerry do well from it thoughm

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One thing to keep in mind, it's not BlackBerry putting this information out. Chen has said he wants to plug the leaks. Obviously not getting them all. Or, he's allowing select leaks. But this is nowhere near the lead up to the Z10. It’s actually been a bit quiet. Considering we're less than a month from launch, there's not much official stuff out there.

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The Passport will be a success! It's not lacking anything. It has the screen size, battery life and a physical keyboard! A+

One word, advertising. As always, it doesn't matter how great your phone is, if you can't generate some appeal and interest around it then it's over.

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Wow can't wait. Can anybody tell me about launch dates in dubai. It is simply irresistible.

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Video not working in the CB10 app, and opening in the browser just gives me the message, "You don't have permission to view this content."

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One thing I noticed is that this version has the metal strip between the battery housing and the SD card and sim card housing. As opposed to the other videos I've seen from the Ukraine or wherever they were from. Those version just had an all black back. I like this version better. It's more stylish to me. Breaks up the monotonous of the huge back. Hurry up and come to vzw!

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I am really intrigued by the Passport but don't think I will ever buy a device whose battery can't be easily replaced, no matter how good it is. They always wear down. Yes, it's got a 2 day battery life right out of the box... but tell me how it's doing six months from now. :/ Battery fatigue aside, it's a matter of convenience and productivity... I always have a spare battery for those long work days on the road where charging is not an option. Two minute reboot and you're good to go again while other people hug the wall. (I wish they would also install a small capacitor to keep your BlackBerry alive while you do a 5 second battery switch) .

Say no to BlackBerry going the Apple route with their closed phone cases!

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Great idea. Capacitor to allow hot swap of batteries. You could bring the phone to a sleep mode (during the swap) in order to keep the capacitor capacity at its lowest.

Great idea! Might as well go with 2 batteries! it takes a while to load but yes the second could be a 1 or 2 hour battery or something so you never have to power down. Just long enough to give your main battery a good boost if you don't have a second fully charged hanging around you can pop it on the charger for an hour or so..

Just buy a remote battery pack if you're so concerned. Plug it in and let it charge your main battery. I haven't had any problems less with my Z30 battery since the day it came out almost a year ago now.

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I love the BlackBerry battery pack I have for my Z10. It can also be used an an external energy boost for the Z30, or probably any phone with a micro USB port.

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Still waiting for an official video from BlackBerry. Will they market this or is it only being presented to businesses during presentations of new BlackBerry software.

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Would have been great to have a dual sim functionality coming with the Passport and I wonder if you could scroll as well, using the keyboard, within a message to the right spot (would like a video showing it). It is a mess with the Q10 trying to tap into the right spot to alter a word in a message. In my opinion "the pearl" is making the difference when it comes to productivity, like the red trackpoints for IBM ThinkPads.

This is actually a very good insight into the actual physical size of the Passport in relation to the BlackBerry Z10/30. Must confess I was surprised to notice it was shorter than the Z30... but the OS looks fast and the 1:1 screen looks far less avant-garde in this video. It is growing on me... and I can't wait to see one in the flesh, in my hand. When that'll be in the United Kingdom, who knows though?

If "799" - we usually get straight $ to £GBP price (rather than a currency conversion) - is correct, that could be a deal-breaker for me though... £800 for a phone us pushing it too far. £650 is about the max to make it 'justifiable', I'd say.

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Nice to see some proper interaction with it for once at the start of the vid. Tapers off though with the size comparison stuff (yes we know it's wide and thin-ish).

Fingers->Q10->CB10->Your Eyes.

For those living in CH, the Passport has exactly (1:1) the dimensions of the current Swiss Passport.

So if you want to check the size, check it out.

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I think i'll get one as soon as otterbox makes a decent case for it. I wish they'd do the all silicone one again! The thing i like most about the touch sensitive keyboard on the passport is the ability to use it to select text for copy and paste, or just an edit. I feel like it will be a lot more accurate than a touch screen only device.

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Can't weight but the scrolling is backwards I've mentioned this before. The screen should scroll up when you swipe down on the keys like a mouse wheel or the original track pad.

Eg. If you use the keyboard to move the text selection cursor around and you get to the bottom of the screen the screen should now start moving up when you are pulling down. In the video it scrolls the same direction as your thumb, so does it invert when you start doing rest selection?

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I'm really hoping it will fit into a pocket, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen.

I used a holster for a non BlackBerry, and I found if I leaned over, the holster popped off, and the phone would fall on the ground. Are the BlackBerry holsters any better?

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I think it depends on what kind of pocket you're talking about. Back pocket of jeans, suit pocket, should work. Front pocket of pants begs the old "are you happy to see me or is that a BlackBerry in your pocket?" question. I don't put any of my phones in my front pocket. But that's me.

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Just notice than the screen with a row soft keys is close to a 4:3 computer monitor. Feel very natural to the eye. Where as the usual long screen phones are too narrow.

Oh, this teaser is killing me. Hi John, please make the Passport available to all the blackberry world tomorrow, please, please, please, I beg you.

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Meanwhile, Apple builds suspense for their big announcement next week by not dropping teasers.

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The intro to the video needs more lens flares and maybe machine gun sound effects.

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Why does the Z10 have 5 rows of icons and mine only has 4?

I'm still not 100% convinced on the Passport, because the screen is LCD and not LED. Does that mean no dark mode?

10.3 icons are a bit smaller so now you have 5 rows on z10, and 6 on Z30.

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Very nice, I'm waiting for the Passport but the other day I was thinking about to sell the Q10 and buy a Z30, but maybe I'll wait a little longer and I will keep the Q10 and buy a new Z30 :) just because I like the Q10 too much, but the Passport is coming :)


Is there any HDMI port on BlackBerry passport, if negative pl insert this port prior launching, it is important for all the Gulf employees and people. Thanks for considering our requests.

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I believe it's called Slim Port. Suggest you do a search on the Internet and read up on it; I don't that much about it myself.

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I heard in the news that Britain is revoking Passports! When did they get their Passports? That's not fair! I want a Passport too!

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Beautiful, absolutely #Beautiful! I really do hope this amazing smartphone will be a #success. I can't wait to have this in my hands this fall. Long live #BlackBerry!

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Of course the US has to wait. US are stuck in iCrap and Samesung devices. Hope I can get one on Amazon or somewhere prior to USA lunch.

Flicked on my Zed30. Did you feel it's power BlackBerry / QNX POWER!!!! Z30STA100-3/

Who cares about the looks and comparison, give us a good software review, what's new with 10.3 with the physical keyboard? Can you file emails using keyboard, can you reply, sort, filter, go back/forward with keyboard? Are there more shortcuts then there were with Q10?

How about screen resolution, how much are you losing at the bottom when you are looking at a list of emails with same font size in comparison to Z30?

Just hope that they should launch it with screen gaurd, protection cover along with other accessories. It would be really nice if they can do it

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I think so... The Classic is going to get out shined by the Passport. I'm afraid the specs on the classic are going to be outdated....

say NO to... Android / IOS / Windows

I love the passport but after getting used to the touch screen on my z10 and z30 i hope the plan on making and all touch passport cos that's what I am waiting for hope. I don't want for that long. Love me BlackBerry :)

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Didn't like the Passport at first but the more I see it the more I want it.
Posted by my Sexy Q10

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I'm definitely getting one! Just over heard my wife and kids talking about getting Daddy ( Me) the New Passport when it's release. Now BlackBerry hurry up and release the beast already!

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

They better come up with a good advertising campaigns for the passport. Let the world knows. How awesome BBRY is. #bbry4ver

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If verizon gets it we probably won't get to pre-order it till March I'm assuming

"Once You Go Black You Never Go Back"

I don't plan to get one, not that I don't like it because I do. Just too much device for my humble needs. What excites me is waiting to see how well the Passport is accepted in the marketplace and its impact on the fortunes of BlackBerry.

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You know, I'm not as disappointed as I thought I'd be. When the digital keyboard comes up on both the Z30 and Passport, there is less than a CM difference. So really, this phone is a major upgrade. I can see an All-Touch coming within the next 8 months. And wow, 3 active windows left to right.. this phone just takes my breath away. As much I loved the Blackberry Curve as my first phone 10 years ago, I was impressed with The Torch but the Z10 had me, it really had me. Then I got the Z30 and felt as if I'd never be able to put it down, I am use to the digital keyboard, however seeing the capacitive touch keyboard and how much space is taken up on the screen; I am not the least bit disappointed knowing I am losing nothing but gaining so much more in a Blackberry phone. Going back to where I started as a Blackberry phone user, I am satisfied having the best of both worlds.

Ouuu ok I didn't know the keybaord did that. I think I need to hold this device before I make a final decision. I was going to wait for the same specs in a Z10/Z30 form factor but I'm a little tempted now... UGH

I wonder if the passport is going to be sold through Verizon since they just discontinued the Z30 but still have the IPhone 4s on display an almost 4 year old phone!!!! I just don't get it.

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Personally, I'm hoping that when they launch the Passport, the device is rocking a nudie pic of JLaw as a wallpaper!

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Love the idea of the passport... sad charge is on bottom though... there's a reason IPhone's go through charging cables so quickly, my gf always takes phone to bed and it gets rested on the connection... I don't have this problem cause I don't use such I devices ;p but was really hoping they would keep the charge port in essentially the same spot

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