BlackBerry Passport receives GCF certification

By Bla1ze on 9 Aug 2014 04:16 pm EDT

As I'm sure most folks know, smartphones have to go through several certifications before release and the GCF is most certainly among them. After landing at the FCC earlier the BlackBerry Passport has now been certified by the GCF.

What does it mean? Mostly that things are moving along behind the scenes for the BlackBerry Passport and everything seems to be on schedule for the noted September launch and eventual release.

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BlackBerry Passport receives GCF certification


Can't wait to get the second one off the production line

Via the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

The first one is for Chen, the second for Prem! ;-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Third one is for the founding member of "Club Passport" aka the founding member of....well you will get the picture if you read below....

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I think what's happening is that the Classic is a complimentary device to the Passport. There's nothing "new" or " innovative" about it so there isn't going to be as much buzz about it. Passport is BlackBerry's featured device at the moment and ALL the focus should be on it.

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What?! You mean BB actually has some form of marketing plan that is NOT geared towards self-destruction?! :D Have to admit, the Passport went from the P(@$$)port original renderings/pix to a device that intrigues me the more I see it in live pix, never mind the bolstered specs.

Go BB and JC!

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Other than having that touch motion on the keyboard there's nothing new with the passport and I would hardly could that game changing.

Biggest baddest maddest QWERTY ever?
Widest / highest pixel count horizontally for document reading and browsing, all that on a 1:1 and without rotating ?

So the Note was / was not innovative....
... oh yeah, and a fingerprint reader... :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Walt....except for the fact that the Classic is going to be a big seller for all those Bold 9900 owners chomping at the bit to upgrade to a phone with a trackpad

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Please bring out something about classic....badly eagerly desperately waiting ;)

Once  BLACK  never back !!

I have to agree with you 100%. Nothing seems to be going on when it comes to talk of that phone...... At all!
I think this phone will be amazing for the people still holding on to the os7 . New and Classic features combined.
Myself.....I am passport bound!

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Personally I feel like the classic is just the satisfy to the "we want the belt back" crowd. Don't really see it being more than a Q10 with slightly better specs and trackpad. I don't blame them for not really hyping it it's coming later anyway.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

I'm interested in both, I swore I would stay all touch now that I have made the transition but I think the Passport may change my mind...


When you think about it, having the Passport would give you all touch AND keyboard in one. Talk about having your Kate and Edith too, I mean having your cake and eat it too.

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September launch and "eventual" release

I thought to launch an object you have to also release it?

Z30 144GB

Launch is more like we have a brand new phone it is the BlackBerry passport, it can do that and that

Release, it will be available to buy in those retail stores !

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Well, availability will likely vary with markets but the major markets are supposed to see phones in stores in September, I believe.

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I think it's September for launch in London, but probably not available until another few weeks.

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Very common to launch a product to build hype and pre-sales for its eventual release. iPhone was originally announced on January 9, 2007, and it was available on June 29, 2007.

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This is blackberry we're talking about here, announcement, launch, and release are three completely different things put out at random times with no relation to each other.

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And all far enough apart to ensure that by time the device is let loose all hype and excitement about it is completely lost to all but the die hard fans.

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I believe the launch date is basically the first release, then it gets released gradually in other locations. For example the Z3 was launched in Indonesia then it was later released in other countries gradually.

LOL. You must be new to BlackBerry! They are known far and wide for announcing a product, and then waiting until all the sizzle has left the room before they actually release it.

I like the design and I won't be the first though. My Z30 is still gorgeous. Let's see what the early adapters will say about it.

Via Z30

It's all about the price... regardless of looks.

Mr Chen and Mr Beard need to get the price for the Passport and the Classic absolutely spot on.

BlackBerry is not Samsung or Apple so don't try to price accordingly.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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I agree with you Ricky boy. JC has a real opportunity to put BB back on the map, so don't blow it. I would like to see some really aggressive pricing ($500). Would be satisfied with $550-575. At this price, people can get the phone at a carrier subsidized rate of 0 down.

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I'm afraid, Passport is not about price. Those who can afford it will buy it. People who are price sensitive have the Z3 or the Classic to choose from. :)

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Have to disagree there.

If this is priced any higher than $450, it won't sell. There's no compelling reason for someone to get this for a premium price given everything else that's available from competitors. Take a moment to think about it not as a fan but as an unbiased user looking for a device. Paying a premium for an oddly shaped keyboard device with a crippled app store?

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And I'm going to have to disagree with you there. The shape of the phone has nothing to do with the price first of all. The app store crippled? The Amazon app store is an addition to the already existing BB world and the android experience is continually being improved. The passport is a premium device, so deserves a premium price tag. Look at the specs, it is an expensive device to produce when you look at the internals. If it is priced higher than $450, it will sell..... just not to you.

Yes. It is crippled.

There no native way to purchase audio or video without installing another app with different credentials. One app store for games, one for music, and currently none for video. Doesn't sound premium to me.

The Amazon app store itself has sub-par performance ( how long does it take to start), and getting anything off of it is hit or miss with respect to compatibility. Again, not a premium experience.

The oddly shaped screen translates into even less compatibility, and makes one handed use even more awkward. There's already countless threads about compatibility issues.

Wedging the space bar between the third line of keys also makes the keyboard not exactly standard.

As a fan of BlackBerry many of us overlook these, but to someone considering purchasing this device these could be deal breakers.

So no, I don't think it will sell very well, and even less so at a premium price. As a fan of BlackBerry I hope I'm wrong, but realistically I think it will be a dud.

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Damn good points right here. I agree it's a very different mindset between either a BB fanatic and a brand new user. There are reasons that would compel both parties to go for the phone or not

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So you are trying to suggest that a full bodied app store is what makes a device premium? You have not even considered or addressed the fact that the specs of the device are superior to most flagships currently on the market and soon releasing. In regards to the shape of the device and position of the space key etc, that has no relation whatsoever to price. Just because a company does something different from the norm, doesn't mean they have to entice consumers with price. One handed use on a Note 3 is not very feasible but does that make it cheaper? No. A premium device comes with a premium price tag, that is the bottom line. I am not speaking as a fan but from the perspective of a general consumer and also from the perspective of the producer (BlackBerry).

If you are looking at this as the producer, perhaps therein lies the problem - not knowing what your customers want. While there is a segment of users and soon to be users longing for a qwerty, the market as a whole has moved vastly beyond it and fully embraced touchscreen.

The example of the Note is a great one- it caters to a specific segment of their user base that want large screens. But they offer a slew of other devices for those other users that want a smaller touchscreen. By releasing the passport without any touchscreen successor to the z10/30, BlackBerry is ultimately pushing those users (who were the most eager, early adopters of bb10 you would want to stick with the platform) off to the side for some indefinite time of over 2 eternity in tech.

A premium device means it encompasses the full package. Specifically: Current, Upper tier Specs, mass availability, non crippled functionality, complete eco-system for content. Anyone buying a smartphone in 2014 is looking at these at a bare minimum.

The passport 'may' have upper tier hardware* (depending on when it comes to market, and what the competition announces within the same time frame) but it is being presented in a non standard, yet to be determined (by sales numbers) form factor. This may be a hit, but there has to be some carrot to the user on the edge of buying this- why would I risk paying $600 for a big device that has a weird keyboard and no apps? (that is what people will say)

Like I said, I want them to succeed, and do things k that this line may be a niche for them, but it will cone at an expense of neatly every single other user that is done with qwerty and wants a new touchscreen with flagship specs on Bb10.

App evo

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yes , fellas. we really recommend JC for the new premuim blackberry passport. we ve been looking forward to seeing something like this. let the price be affordable. we know tht it ll sell either up or down . but im of the opinion that let it be affordable to us too. im a blackberry die lover . and i like it tht the blackberry is coming back to the take its position again.

I am a Blackberry fan and defender but when you physically see devices like LG G3 or HTC One M8 you say 'damn it... why...why so late in the game, Blackberry... why?'. Why can't Blackberry push out G3 or M8 devises like?... is that so difficult? Yes, Passport is coming and it seems a good device... but late!

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I don't think that the Passport is late at. How can it be late when there is nothing else like it?

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

True! New niche "qwerty phablet"...that's going to be copied in 3..2..1..

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I love this phone. Without marketing its dead though. BlackBerry needs to realize that business is also not as differentiated as it used to be. A smart phone is part of everyday life for many. Business or personal. Consumers have been using iphones and androids for business and pleasure for years now. On a good note, i cant wait for this phone. Q10 is gone when this bad boy arrives.

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Glad to see Passport moving ahead on schedule. The delays in the release of previous devices was not well received so it would be nice to see Passport and Classic make their respective debuts on time. Go BlackBerry Go!

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Agree BlackBerry need to up the anti in the marketing department. Also, if you going to launch, surely release at the same time. People are enthused at launches, why have a cool down period before release? It's basic 101 sales technique BlackBerry.

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It's very common to launch a product to build hype and pre-sales for its eventual release. iPhone was originally announced on January 9, 2007, and it was available to consumers on June 29, 2007.

Computer manufacturers and automobile manufacturers do the same. They want consumers to know what they have coming out so that they hold off from purchasing from a competitor.

I'd hate to not know that the Passport is coming in September and go out and buy an on-contract Android device at the end of August.

It had better launch in September, or else they'll be finding a lot of fans moving to fresh iPhones and Galaxy phones.

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Here is how that doesn't work. September 1st, BlackBerry announces the Passport shipping in Oct. Everyone wants to buy it. Between Sept 1 and Oct, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft announce new phones, shipping 1 week later. The Passport is now old news by Oct, and few buy it. Heaven forbid the Passport is delayed.

At this point, BlackBerry will lose when/if Apple & Samsung announce new devices regardless of any other factors. In fact, everyone knows that the iPhone 6 is coming soon, so there's probably a limited # of consumers who will pay the Passport any attention. It would have been ideal for BB to have launched the passport last fall- when the iPhone got a very modest update.

True and the only thing that iphone has in its favor over Samsung right now is the recent bad software update, especially on the att system that cause the phone not to connect. You have to turn the phone on and off multiple times a day after this update: 4.4.2.

Its not really up to blackberry to do all the marketing,it's the carriers who will be selling the phone. If they will support bb then it might get recognition, without them no matter what phone bb puts out they will struggle.

Well well well.....i must admit I was one of those who said " what an ugly phone" buuuuuuuuuut I have changed my mind....looking sweet babe, looking sweet lmoa

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+1!! When I first saw the leaked 4.5" x 4.5" screen (without the rest of the device), I couldn't imagine who would want it! Seemed like a horrible idea!

Now...I simply can't wait to get one!

I think JC was pissed about that leak because it didn't do the final device any justice...

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I followed the link provided and it says the marketing name is BlackBerry PassPort. Wait, what? That can't be right. Please let it not be right... it's Passport.

I do love the phone, but capitalizing the second "p" in Passport looks like something the critics can easily lampoon.

BPWiebe on the super smooth Z10.

Yeah, I guess critics hating on it will find a way, and that second capitalized 'P' would be low hanging fruit.

One thing BlackBerry can do to differentiate from all the rest, is launch AND release on the same day...or maybe within 7 days :)

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With the pre-registration BB might have something there,find out where the most demand is and launch it in accordance with clicks or admirers,sounds like they are onto something that won't break the bank and ,It's all good.Buy some BB Stock.

I don't know why you think this phone will be in stores for consumers. Launches in London, doesn't mean it will be available to consumers or sold through carriers.

2015 before it's available IF it will even be sold on Shop BlackBerry. I don't see any Canadian or U.S. carrier selling this phone to consumers.

Chen has been mum on this for a reason and no carrier (s) announced. This is an enterprise phone.

Poetry in Motion

I'm not sure that carriers will pick up the phone or that it'll be available for direct sales through BlackBerry's online store in September, either. But, I hope so. The length of time between announcement and marketing launch and availability has hurt BlackBerry in the past. I'd much prefer a practice like Apple's where the device isn't revealed until a few days or maybe a week before it goes on sale. If BlackBerry did this with the Passport it would be a welcome departure from past practices.

In regards to "enterprise," I doubt that will be true immediately. In the US, enterprise phones are just less expensive and less cool than flagship consumer offerings. There aren't many large company's that deploy flagship devices. Right now, for instance, the iPhone 5 not 5s is a popular choice. At my work, they'll buy me an Android phone that's almost 2 years old or an iPhone 4s or a budget Windows Phone. They stopped making BlackBerry an alternative awhile ago -- except for me. I'd say in the US Apple is just killing in "enterprise" marketshare growth. I think this device is for what Thor and Frank dubbed "prosumers." It's actually a much more useful market definition than "enterprise." This phone should be for knowledge workers, entrepreneurs, and hyper connected people who will buy their own devices via BYOD or who are high enough up the food chain to get a special, premium device. Once prices fall, we'll see more sales to enterprise, although I could see some law firms or investment banks picking this up right away...

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As much as I think I would like this, I will not go for it since upgrading would cause me to loose my unlimited data plan. Also, as I stood in the ATT store today discussing a firmware issue with my daughters Samsung, I asked the sales person if he had heard of the new passport. he said yes and I asked if he thought they would carry it, he replied he did not know but they had removed all of their Blackberry's from the showroom floor and folks can only get them from online.

Not really promising!

Morons be like "price better be right!! Price better not be too high!!" well frick off this is a phone for people that can afford it. Its not for some dumb consumers who always complain about the price! Its meant for doing business and for enterprise, not for stupid people who want flappy bird or dragonvale. Its a business phone not meant for most consumers period. So stop crying over the price cause you most likely wont be able to afford one anyways.

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BB10 is mature now and BlackBerry are getting it right this time, the experimental / "beta" phase is most likely over.

Selling it cheap or moving towards midrange prices would send the wrong signal and probably kill the "high desirability" factor.

BlackBerry did it once before, phone for the pro became phone for the masses due to features, desirability, and well, BBM...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Which means 10.3 is on schedule, which hopefully means 10.3.1 is on schedule as well. ;-)

Posted from my big beautiful BlackBerry Z30!!! I love this phone!!

I'll buy both the classic and the passport cause I'm cool like that! :).

In all seriousness I like what the Classic has to offer - but screen is too small. Not having a landscape mode available makes it difficult for me to watch videos. Yes, I am a businessman but I like to also watch movies in beautiful clarity!

So Passport it is for me.

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This is a phablet. Is there anybody out there using samsung note with just one hand? A phablet is meant for 2 hands. Get a smaller phone if u wish to use with only one hand.

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My take on the Passport is that it will find (a lot) of friends and so will the Classic. With BBRY's current management and strategy my next purchase is a bunch of shares.

And then most likely the Classic.


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even though I will not be getting the passport (impatiently waiting for classic) im very excited for its release and hope its a success. recently my 10 year-old nephew asked me about the passport which was surprising because his family is ios lovers. I always talk about how awesome BlackBerry is and am hopeful that I can influence all 4 of my nephews to come join the BlackBerry family

I am a BlackBerry fan and loyalist since many years. Passport is excellent device but not for Z30 users. I will wait for my turn with Z30 successor.
Off course there is a gap available for qwerty devices and passport will fill the gap successfully.

From my Z30 Device using