BlackBerry offers up another look at the revolutionary keyboard on the BlackBerry Passport

By Bla1ze on 10 Jul 2014 05:50 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Passport now out there and in the open, there is still some folks who don't quite grasp how the keyboard and trackpad will work together or how it adds to the level of productivity one can achieve. To help offer a better look, BlackBerry has now posted up more information on how the keyboard will work along with the touch-enabled keyboard. For most CrackBerry readers and Passport fans, this likely isn't new information. In fact, the post kind of sort of leaked early but just in case you missed it the first time around, have a look!

BlackBerry Passport is a unique device that was built with productivity at its core. The revolutionary new physical keyboard is responsive to touch, so you have more ways to control your smartphone without having to use the touchscreen. With rows of touch-sensitive physical keys, BlackBerry Passport combines the efficiency of tactile typing with touchscreen-like navigation to deliver on that productivity promise.

This way, you'll be able to keep your eyes on the goal – getting things done. (If you're a developer, head over to the Developer blog to learn how you can take advantage of the new BlackBerry Passport keyboard in your apps.)

With the Passport's touch-enabled keyboard, you'll be able to navigate web pages, apps and e-mails by lightly brushing your fingers over the keys, which helps with things like scrolling and cursor placement. It's a minimalist design that maximizes BlackBerry Passport's already-awesome amount of screen real estate. You'll be able to read documents faster, as well as keep your fingers close to the keys, ready to type.

  • Faster scrolling: As noted above, you can use the keyboard to swipe up and down to scroll on long lists in a document or on a browser page, keeping your fingers off the screen and focused on what's happening.

  • More intuitive cursor control and text selection: This is a classic BlackBerry productivity enhancement reinvented for the Passport. Double-tap the keyboard, then drag your finger across the keyboard to drop the cursor at precisely the right point. Or select the text just as you would on an older BlackBerry: hold the SHIFT key while dragging your finger across the keyboard to extend a selection.

  • Smart, contextual virtual keys: The Passport's QWERTY 3-row keyboard creates a clean-looking, right-sized layout. There is also a virtual 4th row on-screen that smartly shifts depending on context. So if you're typing a password on-screen, the 4th row would automatically include numbers and symbols commonly used in passwords. If you're typing an e-mail, the '@' symbol will be displayed, and when surfing the Web, the colon and backslash characters needed to type in a URL will be displayed. Like I said, smart! With a little practice, most Passport users should find themselves typing faster than ever before.

  • Flick to type: Stuck on a word? BlackBerry 10's next word suggestion feature learns from you to give you smart, personalized choice of words you're likely to type. You then just flick up to complete the word.

  • Easier delete: Made a mistake? No problem, just swipe back (left) to Delete the last word, just like on our virtual keyboard!

  • Entering an accented character? Hold the letter key down, and then lightly tap on the key to add the appropriate accent!

It's one thing to look at this device and think it might not be for you but as we've mentioned many times now, it's one of those things that can't be fully realized until you actually pick it up and use it.

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BlackBerry offers up another look at the revolutionary keyboard on the BlackBerry Passport



The problem is this statement
"Passport is a unique device".

When the Z10 came out, press reviewers did not understand that this device has different swipes and buttons compared to the iPhones that they were used to.
"They" just don't get it. They only want what they have; Apple advertising says that their product is 'the' best.

It will take a concerted effort in BB advertising and marketing to make the Passport "the" newest and best device. Otherwise, failure.

Don't think it's intended to compete with the iPhone, that would be a disaster. The Z10 has swipes similar to iOS, the push and hold to delete stuff on bb10 is annoying and not intuitive. I've had to explain this to everyone who initially uses bb10 coming from BBOS or other devices. iOS uses swipes to delete which is much more intuitive. Sure some things in iOS 7 were copied from bb10 but implemented in an intuitive way and I've never seen ads of apple having to show how the products work.

This keyboard looks cool and innovative although the squared edges and design is overall ugly, this is probably a personal preference like the Pontiac Aztec for example. Some people still like them but won't appeal to the masses. Hopefully we see this keyboard in action, it's one thing to say it works good but with all the double typing and keys not working on the Q10 it makes me a little worried. I will definitely be trying this out myself anyway!

Posted via CB10

I don't think playbookdrew is referring to text deletion. More for items like a message in the Hub or a photo in the Pictures app. Granted, I don't find swiping to be any more intuitive.

Long press works perfect for me. BB10 is extremely easy to use. Just watch a few built in tutorials and your off to the races, and you will never look back.

Posted via CB10

I think the iPhone can claim their swipes and buttons are more intuitive; but the reason people don't get stuck with how to do things is because most people they know have an iPhone and they can just ask.

Personally, I ALWAYS get stuck with how the hell to do things in the iPad apps. Most of the time, I find that I need yet another app to do it.

Posted via CB10

"The squared edges and design is overall ugly, this is probably a personal preference like the Pontiac Aztec for example. . ."

All we need is Walter White! Heisenberg! Make this phone ugly-hot for the masses!

Really? The most annoying thing you find about BlackBerry 10 is that you have to press and hold to delete things? I find that odd because on the iToy you have too double tap the home button just to close apps.

Posted via CB10

I found that to be an odd statement, as well. He/she made it sound as difficult as having to go down to a river, fetch water, and bring it back up a hill to his/her house for use. The "gimme" generation is so dramatic about everything, that it makes me laugh to read their comments. I mean, does his/her little finger hurt after SOOO much holding and deleting? It's SOOO annoying. :-D

Posted via CB10

I agree that "they do not want to get it".
It is all in the seemingly bottomless money pot that drives the Apple advertising and marketing program.

Only time will tell whether the Passport is unique enough to capture the imagination of the fickle consumers. At this point the main competitor may be the super-sized Samsung Galaxy's not the Apple iPhone.

I agree. Users stuck on the simplicity of the iOS did not understand BB10. And never stayed with it long enough to realize how great it is. BlackBerry has to somehow get the message out: "Stay with it. You'll be glad you did!"

Posted via CB10

I agree. Blackberry must market this and aggressively advertise this. The Z10, Z30, and Q10 were basically "quiet" releases. If BlackBerry wants the consumer market back and to make gains in enterprise they need to let people know they are still around and creating great products. Does anyone know that the Z30 has a louder and crisper speaker than the HTC One's boom sound speakers?

Posted via CrackBerry App

Corners need no rounding, it's what makes the phone classy and sharp. I too was initially thrown off by the unexpected corners, but I have grown to appreciate and even love them now. I would have it no other way. The person who made those corners is a bold genius. Someone please give him/her a raise. This phone is sexy beyond words. It reminds me of a rolls royce phantom, with the sharp but uber classy corners and lines, and the big square grill. This may indeed be the rolls royce of cell phones.

Posted via CB10

Not to mention the fact that they are creating a new unique style for the new BB10 devices.. if you look at the Z10, Z30, Q10 and Q5 you can actually notice that they where created in different moments and while trying different stylistic approaches.

Now with the Z3 and Passport they are unifying along devices a new BlackBerry style, that will identify the "new BlackBerry era".
Classic will still have the rounded corner because.. well it is the classic BlackBerry.. but the square corners are the new direction..

Posted via CB10

That is until you will drop Passport and it will land on one of these sharp corners. Rounded corners tend to distribute impact force better.

Posted via CB10

I disagree in the case of the passport. The sharp edges are what gives it that bold and unique look. Rounding them off would make it look like giant Q10......that would be hideous!

Posted via CB10

I agree with rounding the corners. I see nothing classy about the sharp design, I still don't like it but I guess we'll see when it's released if the general public finds it appealing or hideous.

Posted via CB10

This is probably the best looking BB device till now. I hate rounded corners, nothing new about it. Every phone has standard rounded corners. There is Classic for ppl who like rounded corners. Passport looks fantastic just like its name. This might be the first pkb device i will own. Can't wait to try it.

I am, too. As a woman. With average-sized hands, I'm torn. I love the idea of the larger screen, but also like the return of the Bat Woman Utility Belt on the Classic (though it will be too large for one-handed use as well--my Q10's almost too big as it is).

What might tell the tale is who carries it. My company's on Sprint, which sucked with respect to selection and support of BlackBerry styles (Z or Q). They were awful, also at delivering the OS updates.

Lots of thinking to do. I'm the CEO of the company, so if I say we jump ship to another carrier, we jump, but day-amm.

Posted via CB10

:) This phone is totally built for productivity and typing with two hands will definitely give you an added advantage, speed wise.
Personally, I can't wait to lay my hands on my Passport - the beast!! No Carrier will come in between me and this phone. Haha.

No offense to anyone, but this is gonna flop so hard that all the flops in flop land will laugh their floppitty flop flops off.

Posted via CB10

^and yet you took the time to comment....

"I love when people boast about their its a passing contest"

Do us all a favour and flop off.

What is it with these retards coming on here making stupid comments. Go play with ur crapples and Androids.

Posted via CB10

You're probably right honestly. That doesn't make it any less amazing or desirable though. I'm also hoping that BlackBerry has a particular partner behind the scenes on this one, so it is more or less a custom built device with a guaranteed user base that will then also be available to other interested buyers and the general public. Definitely don't expect a ladder amount to be built and sold in the first bit though.

Posted via CB10

So you wrote that out, proof-read it, and still hit "comment" anyway? You've offended humor sir, with your attempt at the same.

This will a learning curve for most of us, rest assured, I'm very excited about this device. It will be like falling in love with BlackBerry all over again.

Posted via CB10

I still enjoy my z10 it does what I needed it too do, and I have the spare battery charger so I am fine, I can see this phone for a certain customers.

Nice point. I have the Q10 with the spare and I'm happy with it. However I want to experience the BlackBerry Z series but that's where I get a bit baffled do I get the 10 and bundle in white on sale or do I wait and get the 30 so I don't have worry about the bundle? My thing is the 30 better than the 10 or are they similar! :-/

The Z30 is MUCH better than the Z10 in almost every area. Most people who say they don't like the Z30 complain about it being a bit big for them. Other than that, most prefer the Z30.


Posted via CB10

I absolutely love my Z10 but I have to say that the battery life is horrible (it's out of gas by about 3pm for me with heavy use). I'm going to the Z30 when my contract is up in February. The Z30 battery is far more superior with a slightly larger screen. Go Z30 for sure.

If you are a 'heavy user' of the Z10, then get (as I did) a "BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10".
When hooked up, the aux battery re-charges the main battery in a minute.

You can find it right here on Crackberry. The Z10 charging bundle is awesome, have 2 full batteries at all times, and never have to worry about finding an outlet like the ichumps.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

I'm NOT a fan of where they have placed the "SHIFT" key. The Q10 has a shift key on both the left and right side. Typically, I just hold a letter down longer to get it capitalized, but now, I have to make sure holding it down doesn't get me an accented character. So where does the "ALT" key go now that the SHIFT key will pop up on the visual keyboard?

I am going to presume that a long hold on the Passport keyboard will be the same as on my Z10/Z30, you get the capitalized letter first, followed by the accented characters. I highly doubt they would take away the long-press for caps action. I think we will see a lot of hybridized actions that come from. Both virtual and physical keyboards.

Posted via CB10

I'm getting one the moment a decent silicone case and screen protectors are available. Have kept my Z30 in both, and still in mint condition


Hey, look at that, I'm up for an upgrade in September. :D

If they round the corners just a bit, I'll be out first day to grab one. If they don't, I'll still buy one, just likely wait a few days.

Posted via CB10

The primary question: will I be able to synchronize Outlook 2013 64 on 8.1 installed version using USB cable?

Posted via CB10

Probably something stupid, like 600+£ off contract

Posted via CB10 on glorious Z10 powered by

This phone will not be priced for the "masses", so $600 or Pounds is not really over the top. There is always Z3 for those who can't afford a phone over $600 or Pounds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 v. BlackBerry Passport; may go back to Android for app support if the Passport doesn't cut it.

Posted via CB10

This had to be designed with the medical industry in mind. Reminds me of the prescription pads doctors used before printing came along.

Posted via CB10

This keyboard sounds amazing. After using th Z10 keyboard I really thought I wasn't going to need to use a physical keyboard again. This sounds like it has the pluses of the virtual, flick up, swipe back to delete, etc and then some.

It's actually got me quite excited about phones in general, there's been a lack of any innovation at all and just bloat creep but this, this could change everything.

Posted via CB10

I am hoping to buy one from BlackBerry.....i am on Verizon....I just want to show it off at the new Medical city I work at :D
I'm in I.T. Department working Digital Media Crestron

" The sleeping giant is about to wake up " Me

I don't need to see it in person. The day that phone is available in the USA I'll throw my Z30 in the garbage can.

Posted on my Z30

Wondering about one key question:

How can one type safely but fast special characters in PASSWORDs on a keyboard just with letters?

Any clue?

Posted via CB10

Virtual keyboard will be self adjusting depending on contex.

Posted via CB10 on glorious Z10 powered by

Big, Bold and Beautiful , Baby. The BlackBerry passport. Innovation at its best. But hey Apple is bringing out a bigger screen and Android is allowing you to load up your lock screen with more crap. Wow, didn't see those mind benders coming.

Posted via CB10

Good pic. "hold the SHIFT key while dragging your finger across the keyboard" now makes sense. The earlier post didn't show the virtual 4th row where the SHIFT key would be.

"Entering an accented character? Hold the letter key down, and then lightly tap on the key to add the appropriate accent!"

This is something I hasn't heard about before. Lightly tapping vs actually pushing down a key... interesting.

Posted via CB10

It isn't due out as soon as the passport and is also a more conventional approach to a device so I'd be quite surprised if they did many previews like this for it.

BB must realise that they need to convince people about the shape of the passport before it launches so that they can benefit from the early interest and not have it used up while people get used to how different the device looks.

I'll take two if BlackBerry shop doesn't mind. (girlfriend fell in love with this one).

Posted via my bad a** Z30!!!

Feel bad about having gotten the Z30 just two weeks ago.... well.... will have to spend more money in September.... unless someone wants to make me a nice birthday gift

Posted via CB10

I did not know about the swipe left to delete. You always learn something new every day :)

Posted via CB10

Works on the z's presently. Swipe with one finger to erase one word, two fingers for two words and so on.

Posted via CB10

Many people use the new Z series phones and miss some of the features. Swipe down on the keyboard for symbols. Swipe left to delete a word. two finger swipe on keyboard to make it disappear.

My Mugen 3800 battery is awesome. Easily get two days use. Too bad BlackBerry didn't make the Z10 come with such a powerful option. Love my Z10.

Posted via CB10

Gimme link to that battery on amazon/ebay please

Posted via CB10 on glorious Z10 powered by

Too bad that they didn't offer something like it as an accessory, but nowadays people don't expect their devices to last more than a full day so the aim seems to be the thinnest device that can comfortably do that if you are a sensible company or a device thinner than that if your fans are willing slaves who will find ways to keep it charged.

Blaze your right, I have to see how it feels in my hand before I change my mind from the Classic. I do love the technology in the keyboard, and the screen real estate. I hope the U.S. gets it when the rest of the world does.

It looks like a beautiful piece of technology, but with commas and periods placed where they are in the virtual band, typing sentences will be awkward at first.

Blackberry always.....

I don't think the keyboard will be nice to use. The keys are cramped in a very narrow proportion which will make it very uncomfortable with most of the weight above unsupported, and with the sharp corners as well, I don't think it's gonna be ergonomic.

Sent Via the 'workhorse' AKA Nokia 3310

I like all the ideas and stuff, but I don't want an ugly phone, everyone that I have shown it to also says it looks pretty ugly, while they love the look of the classic, q10 and z30 (especially). Hoping the q50 or z50 is better.

It's true about what they say that "birds of the same feathers flock together". :) Are you surprised your friends think like you?

Very interesting device. I have not be so intrigued and curious about a new device for a long time (I was very curious about the Z10 before it got out, but not intrigued) .

Some of my questions are answered here with all those news.

Still remain the question about changing languages on the fly and another one : with a squared screen, what will happen with all the android apps that we already have (as port or from snap and others) .

And Now that there is a deal with Amazon, we will have the apps, but will it be all of them with 2 black bars on the sides. And when I talk apps, it's not just games. (Actually I have no other choice than to use some android Belgian apps (yes I'm Belgian:-p) for Trains, City transports, city Bikes, ...) [still hoping to have a native version of those ones] .

No, she meant awkward. See, Mia commented _without_ wearing her BB tinted glasses on. You drones should try it once in a while as well.

You do know what they say about drones, right? They are devoid of "human sentiments".
Don't let you bias or sentiments cloud your judgement and or objectivity. BlackBerry is getting its groove back, so do yourself a favour and get over BlackBerry's past misfortunes.

Disgusting, look at how they are forced to hold the device as there is no resting/grip room below the bottom key row... the blending of physical and virtual keyboards I do not think is going to work as well as they think... or be as adopted as they hope.

I still feel the time and effort that the passport consumed could have been better placed.

Posted via CB10

"Entering an accented character? Hold the letter key down, and then lightly tap on the key to add the appropriate accent!"

How do I hold the key down and lightly tap on it at the same time?

I am not sure what to think. My first impression is that the sharp corners are ugly. But should I get over it? I don't complain about paper having sharp corners because I want to use as much of it as possible. My biggest concern is the report there is no dedicated HDMI port. Anyone know if this is true? That would be a real bummer as I use it a lot and often need to be charging while tethered to a big screen.

Guess I am going to have to wait and handle one before I decided. Always before I have been able to pretty much decide what Berry is right for me before they are released. Thank goodness for CrackBerry! Any rumors on carriers yet?

I think it was b1aze that said that it uses slimport, which goes through your micro usb port into an adaptor into hdmi (adaptor is like 50 bucks from what I saw). The cool thing about it though is that the adaptor had its own micro usb port that you can plug your charger into, so you can charge while mirroring you device on the large screen.

I was actually about to buy one of these slimport adaptors in anticipation of the phone... But then I thought that might be a bit hasty.

OMG, Passport looks better than classic, I like the big and better screen..!! with a physical keyboard.

John Chen is serious about Blackberry unlike his predecessor as he was the one who is responsible for the awesome device debacle.. and the mess BlackBerry is in now!!

Looking forward to get hands on the device ASAP...!!

What is with all of the nay-sayers wanting round corners like it's an iPhony? I remember holding the NES controller, it was square and my indexes wrapped around it perfectly. The passport is the sexiest phone I've ever seen- if you want round corners stick with your iPhones & keep your pie hole shut. If everyone wanted round corners we'd all drive PT Cruisers & this world would be void of taste. But for people with class, we'll all have a Pass(port) ;)

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Fek, wanna love it, but....

What's the logic in *removing* the "symbol" characters from the physical keyboard..??? Why?? Who hated them there?? I can't figure that out...

That was my concern too, but I think they did it to keep it clean looking and remove some of the keys like shift and alt, so each key could be a bit bigger. And the bigger the better, keyboard-wise.

What I REALLY don't get though is why the keyboard doesn't make it all the way to the edge of the phone. They stop just a little short for some odd reason.

Drop protection likely. I'm more peeved by the little bits of plastic to the sides of the z and n that aren't joined with the bottom piece.

I want this phone! I think it is a niche device that will draw a lot of older blackberry users back to BB. I have used blackberry phones since the 8700 series and I always missed the width of the keyboard and weight of the 8700 series. The Passport has a huge square screen and an innovative keyboard that most of us will love use for hours on end. I am hoping that sucker has a big square battery as well!

alright alright.. better stop at this stage..



Your Passport won't be the same passport you know. Yeah, this is the BlackBerry Passport.

a passport into a New World (order)

OS - White Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

This device is a winner. Love the innovative keyboard and by removing the need for a touchscreen keypad, the amount of usable screen space dramatically increases. Big, Bold and Beautiful.

Posted via CB10

Initially, I was more excited about the Classic, but the more I see/read about the Passport it may be the phone that replaces my beloved Q10.

Posted via CB10

I use Docs To Go quite a bit, so I am excited about the possibilities for this device. But as others have said, when will we see it in the US, at what price, and on which carrier?

I love my z30, but it's too high, especially when going out to a bar.

I'm interested to see how the passport would fit in my pocket...

Posted via CB10

"can't be fully realized until you actually pick it up and use it."

Then this will be the kiss of death for it, Bla1ze. Unless Blackberry can convince telco's to start displaying WORKING models of these phones, they will go largely unused and unbought.

I can't wait to use it, I've envisioned this before it was ever built. I always say this phone was built specifically for me. Some one answered my prayers!

Posted via CB10

Did anyone else notice that Bob Barker and Morgan Stanley are CC'd on that email? ;)

Posted via CB10

Still a lot didn't get the selection thingy. -_- it says double tap on keyboard to drop the pointer then tap on the specific word you want the pointer to copy then drag. That simple guys... English comprehension sometimes fail on most English-speaking countries. x_x

Posted via CB10

I think for all the people who are complaining that the Passport is "too big" you may need some perspective. We're talking about millimeters here. Get an actual passport (not the phone; a regular paper passport) and hold it in your hand. See, it's not really *that* big. I wonder if everyone is just expecting it to be an Iphone by Blackberry. Break out of the 1984 mentality and look at a real Passport when it arrives.

Still not sold on the Passport. Will wait till I I see one at the store hopefully a live model instead of a dummy one

 BB 4 ever 

How can you have Faster Bis than Carrier speeds?!

If carrier gives you 20 mbps (lte), doesn't matter if BIS is 100mbps - you'll have same 20 mbps

Posted via CB10 on glorious Z10 powered by

Now, BIS plans offer less than carrier 3G speed as they are based on 2.5G EDGE which is over a decade old. Time to upgrade to, say, WiMAX or at least Evolved EDGE.

The question is if the 4.5'' is the diagonal of the screen or the side of of the square. It's the diagonal.


At first I didn't like the Passport, thought it was ugly, I was having my eye on the Classic to upgrade from my Torch 9810. BUT, the more I have seen of this phone I have to say I have completely turned around 180 degrees. I love the form factor, the uniqueness of it. I am very interested now, and can't wait to see more online video and reviews of it by the crackberry team. As to if it will be a big hit? I think if Blackberry don't get these new phones out in into the Telco stores so people can actually see and hold them, they will fight a losing battle. They need to MARKET THEM AGGRESSIVELY. Im in Australia, and when I walk into a Telco store one in 10 stores might just have a lonely Q10 sitting in the corner by itself, NEVER ever seen a Z30!!!!

Cant wait to try this bad boy out! Loving it more with every time I see it.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

This just might be the device that brings me back to BB.... currently using 1520, I miss physical keyboard so this has definitely got me interested.

How would "flick to type" work? If the suggested words appear on the screen, wouldn't it be easier to tap rather than flick? I don't have a Q10, so pardon my lack of knowledge here

Posted via CB10

I guess :
You have three words. They are positioned on left, middle, right.
Flick keyboard on left side for word on left, middle for word on middle, right side of keyboard for word on right?

Posted via CB10 on glorious Z10 powered by

I had commented on the forums about who would buy this ugly phone, i think I'll actually be picking one up, still think it is ugly and not for the masses, but seems like it will be a productivity beast!

Posted via CB10

"The revolutionary new physical keyboard is responsive to touch, so you have more ways to control your smartphone without having to use the touchscreen."

- ok but without the alt and shift key I have to use the touchscreen a lot!!
Capital letters are slowing down too. This is gonna be the slowest experience in typing ever.

Posted via Q10Bold

Yes, it will be. That's why you should not buy this phone. Agreed? OK, good.

Posted via CrackBerry App

How a capital letters slowing things? All qwerty BlackBerry phones since day 1 capitalize letters by pressing and holding the letter.


Finally! I can see Bla1ze's face, the first time you're showing what's beneath the hat all this time. ;-)

Well I hope the spacebar works as in all BlackBerry devices so far for email address input (1st press is "@", 2nd press is ".")


The sharp edges are great!!! It makes is even more different then the mass telephones out there.
Round edges makes the Passport everage.
I just like the Passport!!

posted via my Z10 

Using the keyboard simultaneousely as trackpad is a very cool idea. Like stated in the text one "actually [has to] pick it up and use it" to get a feeling. I'm a Classic addicted, but curious about the Passport. I don't think that it will be faster than the classic, in the end double tapping the keyboard is just not as fast as placing the thumb on the sensor, but its way better than having to use the touch screen. Another detail: Would somebody agree? I think the "compose mail layout" is not optimal. Too much of the screen is used for To:, Cc:, Subject:, Attachement etc. It looks like only 1/5 or 1/4 is available for the actual text. I know later on one could scroll down, but... well I don't know it seems to me a bit overcrowded.

Already massively sold out. Dying to get this device. Please release it with proper pricing.

I needs one so bad.

Posted via CB10

This better come to the states in September! Man, I could not wait for this badboy!!!

Posted via CB10

I've got to say that the Passport does look really 'different'; but avant-garde doesn't suit every taste. On the one hand, it sets it apart from all the other similar looking smartphones. On the other, it sets it apart from all the other similar looking smartphones!

One of the biggest hurdles facing BlackBerry is the fact that even though BBOS 10 has been out there for over 18 months, it hasn't actually been well received (for reasons other than its performance, which we all know is so superior). For that reason, people who otherwise may have 'given it a punt' could shy away from the Passport purely because they're nervous about learning a 'new' OS. (Plus BlackBerry is still considered a failing company in the minds of the masses.)

On another note, because it's a totally new size concept, I wonder if we'll see a new fashion in cases? I can see people carrying their Passport in a shoulder-slung mini satchel. They say fashions always go full circle... and that's how we used to carry the very first cell phones!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10.2.1

This looks to be an ideal business phone I love my Z30 but Im not great at turning the phone to see more so this will suit me down to the ground, my son, only problem will it be stocked so that we can go for a road test.

Hello guyz!
There's on thing i'm thinking about: as the passport is squared form, I really hope that BB anticipate the fact that the phone will have to be less weighted on top than on bottom, because if not, our wrists will be dead tired very quickly.
to make a drawing: have you ever played tennis with a 1990's racket? >>>wrist tired in a heartbeat because of top of racket is too heavy...
does anyone share my thought???

Peace all

I think typing on a phone would be much less strenuous than trying to hit a ball 20 feet using an improperly weighted tennis racquet.
I'd think that even if the phone was "top heavy", the simple solution would be to just spread your fingers a little further apart on the back. I think I read somewhere that they already said that this isn't going to be a one-hand-use phone.
In other words, I'm not too concerned about it.

The more I see this device the more I am tempted so a road test will be invaluable.

My main concern is the lack of a physical shift key. I use this a lot especially for paragraphs in BBM (yes I use it that much) so is there another way I don't know of or am I holding out for the Classic.

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure about this device help me I want to but it's not happening...for's definitely unique...