BlackBerry Passport: How does it size up against other devices?

By Bla1ze on 27 Jul 2014 04:23 pm EDT

Ever since BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled the BlackBerry Passport, there has been a lot of noise made surrounding its size, shape and design. None of that has really fazed BlackBerry and they've been going through the process of explaining why they designed it the way they did for anyone who wants to know more and is excited for the Passport arrival.

While BlackBerry has shown off a couple images of the Passport sitting next to some other devices and previous leaks offered a look as well, there's still a lot of folks wanting to see it next to X device so they can get better idea of just how big the Passport really is.

A new video on YouTube offers perhaps the best look at size comparisons thus far, though it's entirely based off of mockups, it might help folks visualize things a bit better. The videos are so good, we'll forgive the misspelling of BlackBerry. ;)

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BlackBerry Passport: How does it size up against other devices?


We saw what you did there... I was just watching the video... third in line probably

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You know the only thing better than being first? Being the last in line to get the last device in stock :)

Turn it sideways it looks like a microwave oven........if can get it in stainless steel it would match my other appliances.
Any apps available to warm up pizza?????

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Bahahaha just about fell out of my chair laughing! That comment was hilarious.

**Look! It's Zedzilla!**

> The videos are so good, we'll forgive the misspelling of BlackBerry. ;)

Crackberry is so good, we'll forgive the misspelling of fazed. ;-)

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Turning it sideways isn't even necessary seeing the aspects ratio. It looks the same from all sides, so there's no need.

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It doesn't change the screen aspect, no. It DOES change the touch-sensitive keypad from horizontal to vertical, and it is then more useful for long documents.

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Idk bout this one BlackBerry..looks too clumsy for normal opinion.

Using my lovely Q10 only CBOD

Thanks for sharing that blaze. I'm really excited to see how the passport's screen size/aspect ratio will handle pdf documents.

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Massively awesome, with that pixel count s.i.d.e.w.a.y.s.

Can't be anything but awesome!

Even the Note3 has "only" got 1080 AMOLED, this has 1440 LCD... and we know how nice the Z10 screen is.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yeah but your comparing a new device to one which was released in October. The Note 4 screen is suppose to be 3480 x 2160 QHD which is suppose to release the same time the Passport is.

Seems like the LG G3 reviews tell the 4K display is nice but not jaw breaking... so the race towards more ppi is nice but after some value, the eye does not see the difference.

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Although I'm unlikely to buy one (price, and I've only just bought a Z10), I'm really interested to see how the industry reacts to it. Of course, if Apple produce their own 1:1 device and claim they thought of it first, then you know it was a great concept. :)

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They don't claim they invent features..they just highlight that they make it the most easily accessible (or something along those lines).

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Plenty of people here thing BlackBerry in innovative with the Passport....

Apple takes existing product and figures out how to use them in a new way that people will enjoy and will be willing to pay for.

BlackBerry is still catering to the past and what worked for them once before

I don't and never need other people's opinions and experiences determine my choices in life. Passport rocks.

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Thanks! I would like to see the Lumia 1520 in the comparison line-up as well, but I guess that is very similar to the Note? Size matters, but it isn't everything of course. It is size, shape and physical keyboard with the Passport. With larger phones with good offsetting display enhancements, after a few weeks you get very used to the size and it loses its negative novelty. In the form factor tradeoff inherent in any device, the larger screen is always high-value to tri-focal me, but I know a lot of younger eyes are comfortable with small, hi-res, tiny-font displays. So I'm predisposed to liking larger screens. And I also do not like holding any phone of any form factor up to my head when taking or making a call. I much prefer either using the car speaker system or my Bluetooth, hands free headset. So what would be a deal-breaker to some, the comparative oddity of holding a very large device up to your head, is a non-factor almost all of the time for me.

Thanks for the helpful video!

I think it's a remix version of Whitney Houston's How Will I know. I can tell by the lyrics. :)

[ mass follows class, class never follows mass]

Your Sig is false.

Class always follows mass.

Hip hop music, fashion, language. The so called upper class steal everything from the masses.

Compared to the z10 it looked like the perfect Size! I want one so badly

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

I'm thinking that the touch keyboard will permit us to select apps. Kinda like the trackpad on the classic. Should help one-handed use.

Nice video, I very much like the "not having to rotate" in order to view pages or videos, size doesn't scare me, it's still a device that I would consider to replace my Z30. However, my ideal device would be a 5.2-5.5" 1080P Quad Core Z50...;)

If this becomes a hit, which it may, I can see Samsung delivering an Android version to compete with it in 3-6 months...I so hope this thing is a hit.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

How they sort it out with the double typing in BlackBerry Q10 serious handicap shall we have the same problem with BlackBerry passports or BlackBerry never learn from it s mistakes!

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They confirmed it will not be present on subsequent devices. Beside, not all Q10 have this problem, and Q5 don't have this problem either.

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In your dreams. More likely to be 600$ or 700$ off-contract, like all premium phones.

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Good thing they put the names of the other phones in the video because most of them looked the same to me.

It is actually not as big as I thought it would be even comparing it to the Z10, will be getting one for sure.


+1. Not my style of phone. If BlackBerry doesn't announce another full touch soon, I'll go Z30 to keep me entertained for the next little while.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Yh tbh my favorite mobiles are my current Z10 and xperia arc s.. purely elegance

Wish they could continue the Z10 legacy sometime soon

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Only thing I am concerned about with blackberry isn't the device....the device is amazing but 10.3 and amazon app is important they focus big time on the android runtime improvement with jelly bean 4.3 android performance needs to be stellar big time.....if consumers pick up a older device like the z10 and it lags with android performance it won't look good on bb.....that said they need a z30 and z10 successor with a quad core processor and GPU to handle it.......dont want to hear people complain or candy crush and so on lags.....passport with the right commercials will definitely outshine the competition because it's different they need to make sure they are aggressive in marketing.

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+1 agree
Don't need to focus so much on the devices, give your attention to the App.....

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Interesting to see the Passport in comparison to the mock ups of other phones. I think BlackBerry has a winner here. However, this guy is doing a better job of marketing it than is BlackBerry.

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Think of two Q10's put together!! :D
Thats how big it is, if i'm wrong, I will for sure know! :P

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Maybe I'm crazy... but I was actually hoping that it would be a bit bigger. His thumbs look a little cramped on the keyboard - no more than other devices but not much "less" either.

I would love to see the success of the Passport bring completely new designs to the playing field... Can you imagine a PlayBook-sized Passport-style BB10 device? I love my Z30 but I would buy one of those in a heartbeat! And one for each of my unborn children!! I will still get at least one of the regular Passports either way...

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I also would like it a little larger. Not tablet sized but just big enough so that I never miss a tablet and could read large documents, etc. This is close but might not be quite big enough. Maybe the resolution will make the difference.

The video was totally useless as far as I was concerned. Somebody makes a cut out, waves it around for a while and that's called a comparison. I think not. Wait till you have a real one to put up along side other phones for comparison sakes.

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I thought the same thing. A cardboard cut-out, and this guy calls it a comparison.

Blackberry always.....

Fulltouch Flagship would sell better. Seems like BlackBerry not want to make money, and they could

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Having said what I did above I do think that the Passport may in fact be a winner and once it out and once I can physically hold one then I willmake my decision to upgrade from my z10 or not.

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Holy mother, it is MASSIVE next to the Q10. Surprised how small the screen looks next to an S5 and G3 though.

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Get all those popular Apps from Android and IOS, make it a BB10 App or improve all the bugs we getting from the APK or BAR downloads. I love BlackBerry device but it's like driving Ferrari without Stereo system or Power seats!!!!!

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I will a passport dammit. September is so far away. :(
When i really like something and i wish to have it i want it NOW! :(

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I think in my opinion for BlackBerry to success and have a chance be competitive once again is improve improve improve x 1000000 times on their Apps.

To point out something very true is that BlackBerry devices were biggest in the market share once because people was able to use Push mails and BBM.

Later on IOS try many IM and fails and finally came up with Whats App now LINE, and also able to use push Mails everyone start to give up BlackBerry devices and the starts of BlackBerry downfall begins.....‎

BB device is like a Ferrari with power car seats or a radio....properly like buying a Ferrari with not air conditioning......

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When the BlackBerry Passport is released, the only picture that I want to see is Simon holding this beast. That will be the best way to gauge its actual size in my opinion.

I think in my opinion for BlackBerry to success and have a chance be competitive once again is improve improve improve x 1000000 times on their Apps.

To point out something very true is that BlackBerry devices were biggest in the market share once because people was able to use Push mails and BBM.

Later on IOS try many IM and fails and finally came up with Whats App now LINE, and also able to use push Mails everyone start to give up BlackBerry devices and the starts of BlackBerry downfall begins.....‎

BB device is like a Ferrari WITHOUT power car seats or a radio....properly like buying a Ferrari with no air conditioning......

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Will the Z30 that we just bought be able to run os 10.3?
500 bucks from blackberry for an unlocked Z30. Then this.

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Bought 3 Z10s day 1. Endured thick & thin to keep at it hoping will change to more advanced BlackBerry in future! Very disappointed with Passport. What on earth got into Blackberry to go back to Hardware KEYPAD? Such a blunder!

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Why I don't want it? But now the people who never wanted a BlackBerry when I was trying to convince them to get one now want the Passport?

When the Galaxy Note series of Samsung can such a popular device and furthermore can meet all its users requirements, the passport surely can even be better

That size is absurd IMHO. Might as well carry around an iPad or something similar. How uncomfortable it will be with that monster in your pants pocket

Thanks Blaz1ze.
From this video, you can clearly see that while the Passport is definitely different, it's not as outrageous as some sites have made it out to be. After watching, I want this even more.


My only concern is the jagged edges. Seems like it will dig into your hand or get in the way. Hopefully they address this with the actual release model.

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How sharp do you think they are going to be anyway? It's not like it's designed to double as a meat slicer LOL.

I have all BlackBerry but I am going to pass this "passport " because of the battery and also I am not into the key. I want ALL touch. I have the Z30 when dropped in water, you cannot remove the battery to save the phone from water damage. With Z10 , I have two spare batteries and never run out of power all day. If it were to drop in water, just remove the battery and put it in a bag of rice for two to three days depending on how bad in the water. Until BlackBerry can come up with something all touch, I will stay with my Z10

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Everything we know is made up and BlackBerry is teaching us that there is more to life than rectangular form factor for smartphones. I love my Z30 but will replace it with a Passport the day it is launched in Canada.

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It's a bold step....hard to say if it will be successful or not !

Don't ever expect huge numbers to come from this device.

It will have a niche market for sure...the fan-boys and nerds will be the early adopters.

If BlackBerry is serious about staying in the game, they have to be aggressive with new models with strong specifications - Quad/Octa core, 20 mp camera, waterproof devices.

Even if you argue that BB10 OS does not need high end specs to run, the market is accustomed go super specifications and need to see big numbers and super specifications from BlackBerry.

Z10 and Z30 definitely need upgrades soon. Don't wait.

Also, we URGENTLY need a 5.7" high end device to compete with the likes of Samsung Note 3, Sony Xperia and Nokia Lumia. It is a strong, established market segment that BlackBerry cannot ignore.

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I have one serious doubt about Passport--- the keyboard style.
Over the years, people have got used to typing in a certain manner and the keys placement have been optimised and frozen. I do not know how many people would adopt the new placement

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Actually, keyboards are slightly different on different devices. There is no real "manner" as I have to adjust between one device and the next...even if the devices are from the same manufacturer. As always, we will adapt...and easily.

it's wider than I expected it to be although this does not play against its elegant look. I don't think I'd buy it based on my way to intend a pocket device, but I'm sure guys at BlackBerry did design it to fit a jacket' internal pocket :P

 does it better!

Too bad they were limited by the size of suits pockets, because that demo clearly shows it's not wide enough.

Some people seem to be missing the point of the video. It was just a comparison of the size of the Passport to other well know devices not a proper review. The only question is whether the size of the Passport cut-out is accurate, it looks a bit smaller than I expected.

Also some guy said BlackBerry is doing a bad job marketing the Passport but the device hasn't even been released yet. Wait for the release and then pass judgment on the advertising. In the mean time if BlackBerry keeps the leaks coming public curiosity will increase ahead of the launch

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The only thing I hate with BlackBerry Passport are those "edges"... you really need to be careful with those corners...

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In that demo YouTube video.....was that an actual Passport? The screen never changed icons/apps when pressing the keys. Looks like it would make an attractive bookmarker as opposed to a cell phone. ;-)

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I'll be getting the Passport only because I've have every BlackBerry device since the 7000 series

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Any size is "useable". The variety of devices on the market today is proof of that. The Passport is definitely venturing into new territory with its current dimensions. The proof will be how well it is accepted buy the consumer. People are using everything from pocket-sized phones like the Q10 to large tablets. It all depends on their needs and requirements for portability. The Passport will be a hit but it won't be for everyone: just like a Q5, Z10 or (dare I say it) an iPhone is not everyone's first choice. Device section boils down to individual taste and needs. Go BlackBerry Go!

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Really good to see the second video and the size relative to the Z10. From the first video I was worried it might be much larger as it takes up the same amount of space in the demonstrator's hand as the PlayBook does in mine.
As if I wasn't already mad for it, this is even better news.
Bring it on BlackBerry

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I am going to get this as soon as it is released. I think it will be a fantastic work device. My only complaint about actually being productive on my z30 is lack of horizontal screen real estate. Can't wait.

Posted via CB 10 on my Z30 (STA100-5) w

Think about size of screen without any keyboard. Personally I would prefer to have 30 apps on one screen. And the ratio would like also.

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I'm still planning on getting one but I am beginning to wonder how much wider it will be with a protective case on it as I get the impression BB10 devices may not be as robust as my Torch which did survive a few caseless drops.

Love it! I want one for sure..... I'm a loyal BB user for many years and BB amazes on who cares what the analysts/critics say. keep up the great work BB...

Loyal BB user!

I would never buy this, looks very uncomfortable to hold and talk on....I do not think one handed would work efficiently, classic maybe?

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I think we can be sure the passport will be solidly built. What premium BlackBerry isn't? The display will be very sharp and brilliant. Many folks have a great appetite for larger 5 inch phones, and that hasn't swayed folks away from these phablets. From what I've seen, this device will do very well
Folks won't have to rotate your phone left and right the screen will always be large, and one does not lose any screen space when typing because of the physical keyboard.

The Passport gets more and more interesting on almost daily basis. I have been a fan of the 1:1 screen ratio since day one. Coupled with double the resolution plus such a large screen seems to be a winning combination in my eyes.

The new keyboard seems to need quite some getting used to, especially to longtime BlackBerry users. However I think this is a real opportunity here. When both the Q10 and Q5 got released, some people complained, at least on their initial launch software, how the keyboard wasn't really utilized by BB10. It felt like BlackBerry just slapped that physical keyboard on there without adjusting the software. With the Passport we seem to have the first device featuring a truely next-gen hardware keyboard. Room-saving, touchsensitive, dynamic and integrated to work with the touchscreen.

I am looking forward to it. Giving up the one handed use which was convenient on smaller devices like the Bold 9900 or of course the Q10 is a bummer. However many modern phones are getting larger and larger, my Lumia 1020 with a 4.5" screen already isn't really made for one-handed use.

Double-typed and posted with a BlackBerry Q10.

It's so wide we might need righty and lefty versions due to button placement and phablet size. Shut up, I'm kidding...sort of.

What I love about the Passport is its Trackpad Keyboard! Passport has the most innovative keyboard of all..

Posted from my Z10

Very useful comparisons, reinforces that it'd be far too wide for my hands and my pockets. My Z10 in an Otterbox case is as big a thing as I'm willing to carry around with me all day.

For people who wear suits every day and have those inside-jacket pockets (and larger hands), this might be just the ticket.

This really belped as it's.hard to. compare size in separate photos or in a store. One of us needs a large screen so the Passport looks very encouraging, and if it's heavy that's a plus for reduced typos. The black keys are easier to see. Thanks for this video!!