New BlackBerry Passport video shows off touch sensitive keyboard and new style Active Frames

By Bla1ze on 30 Jul 2014 11:41 am EDT

Looks like the folks over at Phone Arena scored a little bit of hands-on with the BlackBerry Passport, though it seems as maybe they weren't supposed to as of yet. The article they had up that went along with the video has since been removed but the video remains posted to their YouTube channel for everyone to see.

In the video, we get a closer look at the Passport's touch sensitive keyboard as well as the new active frames on the device, which thus far have only been seen in images but never running on a real device. Have a look, maybe with the volume off because whoever did the overview well, didn't do such a great job of explaining it all. He was likely caught off guard and pressed for info, but he has a BlackBerry Passport and most of us don't, so he still wins.

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New BlackBerry Passport video shows off touch sensitive keyboard and new style Active Frames



If by "wow" you mean "wow, that guy should have never been allowed in front of the camera" then I agree!

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Did I mention he's terrible and makes the Passport look like a POS?

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Same thought as you.
Its look terrible when he explain the Passport. We need a person like John Chen which have big confidence and proper knowledge to taking a demo.
We need a great hands on video to boost curiosity and marketing buzz

Drooling for BlackBerry Passport!

I agree 100% I saw this a couple of days ago on another site and thats the same impression I got

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

Agreed. It was very painful to watch with volume. It's a much better video on mute. This guy must on a cricket phone, he has never used a real Blackberry before. Come on CrackBerry Team, show him how it's done!

Blackberry keeps Johnson National LLC moving

He didn't really know BB10, otherwise he would have also shown the "swipe left to delete whole word" feature and other nifty stuff that works on the Z series, and has now come to the QWERTY world.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

No question the guy had no clue what or how to demo the device.

But, if it takes none other than John Chen to demo the Passport in an interesting and compelling way, then it is going to fail.

Using the Passport keyboard should not take special talent or training. It will be very difficult for BlackBerry to sell it as anything more than a weird looking phablet if using it is not intuitive and fun.

I am packing ZeeTen goodness...

He's not a great public speaker granted. But I've been waiting for a video like this, to actually see what exactly was touch sensitive, seeing him flick words up from the keyboard was it. So big wow for the Passport keyboard

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BlackBerry needs to quickly replace this vid with something more polished. It totally undersells and undermines the hype for the Passport. Not good!

I think crackberry needs to not gave this on their front page.. But anyways we know from the front page leaks they consider their own fortune over that of blackberry

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He look nervous, can't handle the PR things.
Not well prepared at all!
Thats why engineer keep in their lab, and let spoke person doin his job.

Drooling for BlackBerry Passport!

Honestly, yeah. That was a bad, bad, bad demo. Better that video wasn't on the internet.

BlackBerry should just give the phones to CrackBerry months early... we can do justice showing a beauty like this off in all its Waterloo-given glory!


With employees like this, BlackBerry doesn't even need competitors to hurt them--employees like this guy do a fine job of that all by themselves.

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With that in mind, maybe somebody should contact Blackberry to see if they can take it down? It will honestly do more harm than good.

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Maybe someone can work with the video as is and overlay a new more descriptive sound track narrative.... Not me, but maybe someone with some skill?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I'm up for it!

Hello! I'm on an adventure into the world independent filmmaking. It would be great if you could join me! C00275CD8

Give the guy a break, maybe he only had a few minutes with it. I'm quite happy he showed bits that he did

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No break. Don't know, don't show. He's damaged the brand. I'm a Blackberry fan and I'm feeling turned off by that "preview". It makes the Passport look like a mediocre device. The fool didn't even know how to flick up a word. This is damaging to the brand and the device perception, period.

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A break? Why?? I'd give him a break:

A permanent break from employment with my company.


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I agree, Cage, Blaize rocking the Passport with his flat billed cap would have been a much better presentation...

BTW, did he give you permission to be on here?.... he is after all the Commander in Chief of CrackBerry now...

I'm surprised this isn't already the case. Crackberry should get first leaks and devices. Only normal to feed your core fans and evangelists.

Where is that Vivek guy when you need him? He was the best at demoing new BlackBerry products and software.... this guy was a real stiff.

Not a good representation at all.... keep this guy quiet... "wow" is right...

Is it me only that noticed his keyboard gestures didn't work when typing?? Why does this always happen when BlackBerry demos something. F@(/0

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We need that Jezebel guy back from N4 BB to do the official CrackBerry demonstration of the Passport... no Blaize in his flat bill, no Cage Michaels in his lululemons, no Adam with his monotone... we need Jezebel back.

Commander in Chief, Blaize, can you make that happen?

Jubei left CB for N4BB and now he apparently doesn't even write for N4BB, so I doubt he's coming back here. Sorry, Freddy. You'll have to deal with me....and my hat. :P

I like the end:
"... there is really not much more that I can show you".

.. and with that, every iP and Andy owner will go out to buy the PPort

"kids" know
broccoli = health food
McD food = processed who knows what.

The PPort is not for kids anywho.
All reviewers call the PPort a professional device.

Ugh.. Well that was ugh... Exciting.. Sort of... Ugh let's see... Ugh... I think thats all this phone does. Ughhh.. I'm so used to my iPhone I don't know ugh how to use this thing

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Crazy! I was thinking the exact same thing. Imo nobody has done a better job presenting BlackBerry products with more knowledge, passion or confidence than Vivek.

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Vivek brought a touch of class to the nerd fest stage presence of BlackBerry. Miss his act.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10


Vivek is an amazing presenter. They should hire him back just for contract demo work!!

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Passport may or may not succeed but at least BlackBerry is getting some attention for doing something unique.

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I doubt it. Sure the guy didn't know much about the Passport, but he knew enough to show us how the keyboard, which was the whole point of the video.

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The point of the first internet video of an unreleased device should be to gain momentum and excitement. That video had BLAH written all over it...

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According to their plan.
Passport and BBOS 10.3 launch in London around September.
Classic and 10.3.1 in November

Drooling for BlackBerry Passport!

3 months wait for the 10.3.1 !!! Such a long wait... Can we have some leaks till then please?
But honestly, the video showcased and cooled my eyes for a better glimpse of the passport. Man it is a beautiful looking device.

I agree. What is Blackberry doing with this in front of the camera in pre release form? This should be done on a stage when they are ready to take it to market.

I think this video offers zero value

Actually its not official demo. The guy actually not well prepared to demonstrate the Passport. Its a little dissapointment indeed.
I wish no more mistake in the future.
BlackBerry need to train employee in all levels, also how to face the press. Once we lost momentum, its never gonna back.

Drooling for BlackBerry Passport!

I love using keyboard as track pad to scroll up and down. This is a heck a lot better than Samsung eyes scrolling useless.

No iris scan for me, thanks ... or Facebook's mood recognition.

Keep my human dignity, keep using BlackBerry...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

This. Just wait for Facebook to slip those iris scanners and brainreaders into Oculus! O__x (Aligning lead helmet.)

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Looks great!

I'm curious about the typing experience on the Passport.. I didn't really like the Q10 keyboard all that much. The keyboard on the Passport looks a little awkward to use being so low down on the device. Will it be top heavy while typing?

(gotta try it, but still likely going to get one!)

BRON: a cron-like scheduler for BlackBerry 10.

If they hold a "launch" event.... will anyone show up? By the time September gets here there won't be anything left to see.

I think the guy is here to do something else, but he gets caught by the reporters want him to do a quick demo. If he is here to do the demo, he probably practice, practice and practice.

And yet another botched release from BlackBerry where all the thunder of an otherwise super cool and innovative product will resonate like a wet fart after having it's parade rained on for months before release and where hype will have been diluted in such crappy release over 3 months.

Then Chen goes on stage and everyone goes "yeah bro cool feature....matches the shitty YouTube vid we saw last july...anything else?"

Z30 Vivo Brasil

Give it a rest. It is just a guy showing a few features to a small tech site guy. Nice to see the keyboard in action and that is about it. The passport design is revolutionary and it will natural meet with resistance given the slavish belief that a slab phone is ideal for everyone (wrong of course). The slow drip release is purposeful as it diffuses away the reactionary negativity that arises when you do something new. l

I think his complaint is mainly the massive delay between announcement and actual phones being released. Thus, every single small tech site will get some coverage on it because they have 3+ months to wait around for the damn thing so they're bored with it and there's no press when it does actually get released. I'm all for companies showing off what they've got so friar but BB needs to totally revamp their strategy around that.

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He don't know what he talking about. Clearly he is not prepared to taking a demo. What a shame

Drooling for BlackBerry Passport!

Because they are saving a few features for launch? Seems pretty straightforward to me.

I was hoping for changing the keyboard mode through down swipes, rather than the trackpad ability. But I'll happily soak up every video I can watch, as unrehearsed as they may be.

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Maybe we get the option...

How cool would it be if the whole thing was fully customizable !

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

He clearly does not use a Blackberry 10 device in his day to day either...

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The guy in the video looked Iike most sales people in phone stores when it comes to a blackberry......clueless!!!

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I just watched the video with the volume didn't really hear what he had to say, lol. all I got to say is I want a passport real bad!

Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 10

Tech guys suck in front of the camera. I could of killed that promo... give me a passport, I'll put up a promo blackberry could be proud of

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^^^^^^^^ no shite.... I could have rocked that mo fo to the point that people would be "pre ordering" today without even knowing when the Passport is coming out...

We are now all stupid for listening to this individual. Please, someone tell me that he is not with BlackBerry!!!

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How the heck did he get his hands on one is what I want to know. If an employee, hmmmm, some performance review may be in order. Obviously he received it under certain conditions which hopefully for his case included showing it off. If so, wouldn't that include know key features? Just odd.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

The little details can kill you. That person has no business demo ing a new product... shows mediocrity...

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^^^^^^^^^ what's funny is that the other video leaked of the Passport had a guy from Taipei, or something like that, who did not speak a word of english or know what he was doing, either, on the Passport... remember that one?

Maybe the Passport is only for intelligent people who understand BB10... unfortunately, not too many on the planet, currently.

It's the device to separate the boys from the men, the noobs from the savvy, and the plebs from the pros!

No offense, ... :-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Spot on, Brother Prem....that's why "Club Z30" is so have to be able to handle an operating system in a mobile device that is more sophisticated than the one grade school children all over North America are using.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Where is that dude that hates his blackberry Z10 and his Z30. I want to see how much he hates the Passport gosh darn it

I want a Z50

He's gonna "hate" it so much, he's guaranteed to smash it in the first two minutes...


Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Of course we would all have preferred a well prepared video. However, this is not an official BlackBerry video. When the Passport does finally launch we may see an official release video by BlackBerry. I think we can all rest assured that someone on the Crackberry team will do a hands on video for us as they've done in the past with other devices.
I also feel that the innovative capacitive keyboard works in BlackBerry's favor. Although the Passport looks promising, they do need to get their marketing right for this launch.

Great looking device but the guy presenting wasn't well versed in the capabilities of the phone. I could have done better and I've never used one before. Lol

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

He could also be hesitant as to what he is allowed to show. So he kind of tiptoes around a lot of things.

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Well then have an idea ahead of time of what to show or decline to present when you obviously know you are being filmed. What were the conditions or guidelines under which he was given this device I wonder.
"Comes with Amazon app store pre installed but not set up right now...then why mention. Sheesh , what a buzz kill.
I wanna give this guy a break, but oh so hard. Perhaps stage fright is the best I can do at the moment.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

So I didn't really talk before about how ingenious the keyboard is, in that it acts like a trackpad.

I now realize just how amazing it will be to do a one hand swipe where the thumb can start at the base of a larger phone for the yup swipe...and not midway-top of phone.

Demonstrators just don't get it is all about the thumb swipe, not moving four fingers across it. If this works seamlessly, it will be the single most important feature. I mean they made a physical keyboard with a large screen and allowed the utilization of a full touch screen (even if it does pertain to just scrolling).
I'm more than a little sad that this won't be my next phone nor could I afford two. (I have the Mac, and the icloud connectivity really pays off). I blame pc for crap comps.

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Using the keyboard as a touch pad is a very good feature! But this guy did not do his jobs.

Come on people. This is clearly not an official BlackBerry demo video so stop slamming BlackBerry. It is by Phone Arena. Clearly says so at the beginning and end of the video.

For those who don't know, Phone Arena posts video reviews of all types of phones on YouTube. This guy obviously wasn't prepared and shouldn't have bothered.

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Anyone that is swiping with anything but their thumb is failing. You look like a tween who just got handed a phone. This is a BlackBerry not an iphone/ kid's toy.

The only time I use anything but the thumb is when the "touch" has problems opening an icon/action that takes more precision than is necessary. I imagine the larger screen will solve this.

Ps, have we talked about selecting text and selecting the cursor within written text? There is def room for improvement, this coming from a q10er. The circle is handy, but it should be selected and moved around without actually covering the "circle". It's not bad and I know it does this already. But I have bigger thumbs and I wish there was an option to select the cursor/circle and move it within text with a completely free view of the direction/spot you are going for.

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That was truly a terrible demonstration. So frustrating listening to him say "uh".
He sounded like an iPhone user or something.

This video actually makes the Passport look BAD.

Def agree Cab64. But if there is a leaked demo (this), the next thing to do is "leak" another demo with someone that is clearly familiar with BlackBerry 10.

I nominate me. Chen, give me this beast and I will rip it up.

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BlackBerry need to keep all prototype phones in their r&d office and not allow any to be taken out till launch. Restrict this kind of stuff.

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I'm sorry that was a horrible presentation of the phone. Ugh.........we need a proper teaser or review of it....this guy should not be allowed to use that phone...

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I love BB, I do love my Z10, but I do suffer from watching so poor BB PR&Marketing.
It seems like too old people run these dept. They'd better pour they money into fresh creative people rather than into famous brands around BB.

And now I am going to lay down and cry all night long after watching the video. I feel deeply hurt ...... Ouch.

The marketing campaign started the minute JC showed us the units.
He is running the most cost effective marketing campaign right now.
People are talking about the PassPort, some love it, others hate it...and some even cry about the thing., but as you noted... once it's official then you start with the expensive marketing, because people are already talking about it, and if not Hopefully they someone who does know and can light their fire.
The fact we are emotionally invested in something we have hardly even seen, speaks volumes on this approach and the passion the Passport seems to manifest.

But it must... must... must be Sept. 2014. Cannot be later or we will lose the steam.
Good luck to us.

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Don't lose your steam. I am with you with all my heart.
To light people's fire about a product, to make them yearn to have it, an expensive marketing campaign is not needed. You can make an 100% effective campaign by making a lot of people emotionally involved in a future purchase. People buy because of "why" is a product done and why it makes a life safer, easier, healthier, etc. Not because of 'famous people/brand using it alredy' or famous people standing behind of a product.
There are more people having a bike than a mercedes and if you make them want to buy BB - you will win. And if you make them feel that having the BB device will help them to get a 'mercedes' in future, you will win twice:)
Make people feel that having and using a BB device is a passport to a better life:)

Good luck:)

Going to buy the passport for sure, look so good in that video. Good thing I watched it on mute the first time. ;)

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They guy who presents is really awful ! The worst is that we don't see exactly the swiping of the words suggested ! Besides this the feature looks really interesting !

Posted via CB10

Someone more professional should be presenting these videos. Can't wait for the device to launch however

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More worrying part for me is, if this is a BlackBerry dude giving an instant demo to a tech guy, and after showing the swipe and track pad features of the kn, he says I don't know what else to show you? Than what on earth the salespeople at different carrier and partner stores are going to say to sell it?? Really worried I am!!!
Otherwise the device looks unique!!

Beware - MAJ on Z10 !!!

The article they posted is available directly below the YouTube video in the description via a link.

Posted via CB10

Wow that video was weaksauce... specifically the speaker... um.. ahh..uhhh.. um... ya... uhh... *pause*... I don't know... uhhh, that's all I can show you... uhh..umm.. ya..

Posted via CB10

Uh oh I'm starting to get that feeling.... of being knocked off the fence to the Passport side of the yard (smile) I like the idea of the keyboard being a trackpad too. Less finger prints on the screen.

Still not impressed at all. The battery and key killed my interest. I will look at M8 HTC unless BlackBerry upgrade Z10 or Z30

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Yes! They finally listened to what I suggested. Make the space key functions like a trackpad.!!!!

I mentioned this to CB awhile ago.. Told you so.

Great Job Blackberry..

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Why post a video where nothing happens but talk? The guy talked a lot, scrolled back and forth a few times, talked some more, it was over. I think I want the Passport, but nothing here was particularly useful. None of the vids I've seen anywhere were much to look at.

Appalling video. It was like a car accident I couldn't look away from. How does a hack like that get his hands on that magnificent device? Agreed, this video could do more harm than good for the masses that don't know all the other fantastic things about this device like regular forum readers. Get this taken down!

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I wondered about the use of the trackpad keyboard and predictive text. I like the way you can flick up the words. I wonder if the Classic will have something similar. I'm not a fan of the Passport, but the more I see it in action the more interesting and attractive it looks. I think it will be popular.

If you turn the volume off it was a decent demo. Got to see keyboard scrolling at least.

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Omg this cb crowd. The guy did a quick not too great demo showing a little of the "Keyboard" function and yall start whining like babies. Obviously everyone can see he was nervous and was caught on the spot. I don't think he is even supposed to show it like that. I clearly hear him say that's all he is allowed to show so yall just behave. And stop whining already.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

BlackBerry has to stop with these mediocre demos with incomplete software running on these new devices. Especially when you have a person that seems to have no clue on what else he can show us. We already know what the press can do to tarnish a brand.

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This guy doesn't hold enough weight to ruin the brand. Do you know how many review of this device there will be when more people get there hands on it. Don't over react on one person with no credibility. From what I SAW the Passport looks cool!

Posted via CB10

Remove it quickly and don't let this guy have any communication other than a monitor that is not online. Better yet give him a great letter of recommendation and send him over to apple.

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I'm going to buy this device just due to its speedy processor and high res display. Most importantly I'm going to purchase this device because it looks completely different than any other phone out there. The fewer people purchase it, that much more special it will feel every time I pull it out of my holster. Shut up and take my damn money. Just take it, I'm throwing it at you. I'm making it rain...

Posted via my awesome Z30

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Checked phone stores at my local mall yesterday.

Now even Telstra have removed BlackBerry from their display. I was a bit sad, but then thought, we're gonna be one exclusive bunch out there. You've got the stage all for yourself if you pull that thingy out. iPhone was yesterday... (so 2010)

A phone that nobody in the whole city of 150,000 will have anytime soon, and nobody 1000km north of me in the whole of Cape York / Queensland ...

... unless more gov't dept.s get them instead of Z30s.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Correct, exclusivity is what sells. Everyone wants a Ferrari or a Lambo, even though the car drives like dog crap in daily driving.

This My last BlackBerry Q10 phone I do not like the BlackBerry passport I'm not interested I will not go back to BlackBerry I'm Pissed off Over the years I have a lot of BlackBerry it was mostly keyboards I have the BlackBerry Pearl Can't remember the model number ihave the BlackBerry Curve and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Probably moving off to the iPhone6 But for now I will keep my BlackBerry Q10

Posted via CB10

What u goin' on 'bout?

It's your choice, stay or leave, or get both. If you like to get another phone, fine. Enjoy! :-)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Don't care for the guy, I have seen what I wanted to learn about the sensitive touch screen keyboard.
I will go DEFINITIVELY For this device!!!

Sent from my Z 30

And also on the camera on my BlackBerry Q10 It changes colors for some reason. It go's to red It's having trouble focusing on Certain things

Posted via CB10

Device sells itself but this guy does a great job of trying to turn you off to it. It WILL BE my fourth BB10 and i WILL love it even more everyday, just like my Z's and Q.

Now I am sure my red Z10 is my last BlackBerry . Not going back to those awkward qwerty phones , think i'm rocking a fulltouch flagship from the competition soon. BlackBerry not wants my 600-700 $ :(

RedBerry Z10 #00167

Yeah, its not the best demo I've ever seen. Between the handler's fumbling and the filmer's constant moving yet never seeming to focus on what's really happening its an exercise in frustration, but I still can't get enough Passport video! Demo'ing off the cuff is its own artform. You want to be facile and fluid but not condescending or overly carnival-barkerish. There's too much movement in this video and not enough familiarity with the device's capabilities. By now BB should have some ideas as to what functions would show the differentiating capabilities of the Passport to the best effect. Something other than what we ordinarily do and see on our Z30's.

You can't make a brick of gold pass for a brick of $h!t. If you got that impression, maybe you're partial. If this isn't available when the 4th Generation Note (a #Beast of a phone) is released, then my mind is already made. As much as I love a physical keyboard and the BlackBerry OS, I'll be switching back to a full touch Android. The Passport is too little too late IMO.

Posted via CB10

Go for it... just don't load any third party Android apps on your Android phone.... it's totally insecure.

Is it possible that there were no negative comments under the PhoneArena's article where this video was published? :) Hmmm, strange. Looks like people likes this design...

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I really hope that guy doesn't work for BlackBerry. If he does, please demote him to the mailroom. Awful presenter. But I still want that device!! It will be like my 4th return to BB.

With the "touch" keyboard the trackpad vs sunlight issue immediately comes to mind. If the keys are translucent and it uses motion sensing like the old trackpad, then I suspect the Passport will have issues in bright light environments.

Everyone will be glad to know that Canada will have its demo program again with reps across the nation going to carrier stores to show off the passport!

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NDA, I bet he got kicked in the butt for it. Loool

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

What was that camera guy doing? The guy talking was awful, but that camera guy made it even worse. He was all over the place. Or maybe it was a she. At any rate, just awful. My dog works a camera better than that. Sheesh.

I recall since Foxconn will be the manufacturer it would bring the cost of handsets down. I can't see them charging less than the predecessor Q10, but I'm not paying more than $400 for the Passport so they better bring the current prices down before it's release or I will wait.

Presentation wasn't very well done. Nice try. Hope better videos will supersede this one quickly

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

The passport seems to be a great device but it looks awkward in hand looks like the first lg phablet that failed...hopefully we will see a flag ship all touch phone soon...more choices is a good thing...

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That video did not so the Passport any justice. No wonder the article was taken down. If the article was the same caliber as the video I would want it taken down too

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I saw this for what it was and I only want the phone more. Yes the guy showing it off was not at all polished, but it eased some of my initial concerns.

Seeing the hardware keyboard do "Z" tricks is enough for me to get a passport! Guess I'm going back to a hardware keyboard! Can't wait!!!

Posted via CB10

Screen looks a bit weak on black levels and view angle. Hope it shows better in other vids

Posted via CB10

This guy needs a Passport back to retardville...give him his iPhone back so he can return to the flock.

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy

What the French toast was that? Was that his first time reviewing a phone if any kind let alone a blackberry. My gawd.

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This video should be removed from Internet, a great device such passport is, in his hands looks like..........


Pathetic. I hope, really hope this will be a huge success for BlackBerry, but again and again, people have rejected physical keyboards!!!!

This might prove to be a great product for business pros, but for consumers, the curiosity factor will take this device only so far. The specs and prohibitive price this device will sport, will prove to be barriers for the average consumer...

I would have understood if the Passport had been primarily marketed as a "prosumer" device. Other than that it has a limited shelf life!

Will BlackBerry still listen to its non-enterprise consumers at all, who have repeatedly asked for the next gen of all touch replacement devices for the Z10 and Z30?!

Only time will tell, but in BlackBerry's case, time is not on its side!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

The phone is in line with the strategy.
Why let language limit potential customers.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I think it's great that they showing little glimpse of the passport... that I hoping have a few surprises that we don't know yet.

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Pure fail! Wow .
Black berry had better do a Class launch for the Passport or it could end up like Cough * windows phone * Cough ,total misunderstood and sidelined . I'm hoping for the official roll out which should be lots better.

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A the passport looks nice but I still like my z10 Cus full on screen but I wouldn't mind getting me the passport

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